Thursday, May 12, 2016

Biography on Kian Robert Lawley

Kian Robert Lawley was born September 2, 1995 in Sioux City, Iowa. Kian’s heritage is Polish, Irish and a little bit German. His height now is 6’13/4. When he was younger he loved to play sports such as football, rugby, basketball and soccer. He grew up with four siblings, two older sisters named Tab and Izzy and two older brothers named Cole and Rio. When he was in elementary he was known for being a troublemaker/class clown.
Kian’s nickname is Kiki. He loves to ride on his penny board named Ghost. He also shows his feelings by drawing. When he was five years old he moved to San Clemente, California. When he turned eight his parents divorced.
He then meet his friend Sam Pottorff and started a youtube channel in 2010. Their channel was called Kiansam13. They had 389,381 subscribers. They uploaded 394 videos on their channel. He made his own channel called SuperKian13 on December 3rd 2010.
Two years later he split up with Sam and he started another youtube channel with Connor Franta, Ricky Dillion, Sam Pottorff, JC Caylen, and Trevor Moran called O2L. O2L stands for Our Second Life. O2L then hit 3 million subscribers on their channel. They started to slow down

on making video’s every week and ended up splitting up, but they decided to still make video’s on their own channels.
Many people were very sad because of their break up.They ended up making 103 videos on O2L. Kian and JC made a channel called Kian & JC. They are now still making videos to this day. They usually upload on Thursdays, but they have been very busy because of tour and making movies.
During the whole 02L drama and Kian and JC channel he was dating Andrea Russet. They had dated for a few years, doing long distance. They decided to break up because of the long distance relationship but there are many other rumors. It was very upsetting for Kian, Andrea and the fans. They dated for a few years. She is now dating another viner/ youtuber to this day.
Kian now as three million subscribers on his own channel. Right now they are getting ready to go on tour. In 2016 kian and JC made a book together named Don’t Try This at Home! They have handwritten this for a long time. They even have pictures in the book describing their childhood and what they have drawn.
On August 6, 2015 Kian had surgery for gynaecomastia.  Gynaecomastia is a male hormone imbalance that causes the male breast to swell. It mostly occurs in one male breast or both but Kian only had it in one. In 2015 he was in the movie “The Chosen.” He is now in two movies coming out soon, called Before I fall and Shovel Buddies.
They are going on tour called Don’t try this at Home. They plan on going to thirty-five places mostly in America. Kian has many tattoos on his arms and some on his hands. They all have many reasons. They were all done by Romeo Lacoste. His most popular merch is a shirt. It says Lawley 95 on the back representing the year he was born.
Over the years he dyed his hair four different colors. He colored his hair teal, blond, blue, and green. Him and JC have a merch on sale. He also has his own merch to buy from. One of his quotes are “It’s ok to be a glowstick; sometimes we need to break to shine.” Kian is very popular on the apps Snapchat, Instagram and Vine. He plans on doing more movies and for now is still making videos with JC Caylen and collabing with other youtubers.

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