Thursday, March 31, 2016

Church Lock-In

Church Lock-in

It was a Friday, and we didn’t have school the day before. I went to bed earlier the night before, so I woke up early. Jackson was suppose to come over that day, but he had to do some chores before dark hit. I just chilled out all day and I didn’t do anything too exciting. Then evening came around, and Leland showed up.
Leroy and I didn’t do a whole lot before the lock-in. We just kinda hung out at my house, and we went to Casey's for a little bit. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the night before. After school on Thursday, Jackson came over for the third day in a row. We went over to Madison Thornton's house to hang with some of our other friends. The people that were there were Grace, Emma, Emma, Saige, Baylee, Kinsey, and Madison. It was fun because Lane, Madison’s little brother was there. Jackson and I wrestled and Lane wrestled with us.
After leaving Madison Jackson and I went home with Baylee and Saige to Baylee’s house. We played some football, and it was pretty fun. The girls were the quarterbacks, and the boys were the wide receivers, so it made it a little harder.  After that Jackson went home, and I went to my room and played Call of Duty the rest of the night. Later that night I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, my day began. That was my flashback. Now we are where the story starts. Like I said, Jackson couldn’t come over so, it was a pretty boring day.
Then Leland came around, I went and got him, and we hung out for quite a long time. Then we went to the church. There were not very many people there, just Madison and Baylee.
Later on everyone started to show up. The people that were there were Madison, Bailey, Jackson, Brittany, Massen, Adrianna, Leland, Kyle, and myself. Before we started, we circled around, and Shari had us do this bonding thing, and it was alright, I guess. After that we went straight to GaGa ball, and we played that for a while. Of course Jackson and I teamed up on everyone, even Leland.
We did that for a solid 30 minutes then we played some other games. We played this one game where you had a potato, and you carried it through your legs and dropped it into a bucket. It was easy, but it wasn't. I am saying I sucked at it. Then we played four square for a little bit but not for that long. When that was all done we were sitting at like 9:30, which was when we ate. Another good thing about the lock-in was that there was unlimited food. Even though there were piles and piles of food I barely ate any of it because I was ready to play some more games.
We were hitting about 10:00 now, and we started to make these care package like baggies for the truckers at Wings. What was inside was a water bottle, one piece of fruit, a hygiene item, and a couple pieces of candy. We made like 100 of these bags, and we stapled a prayer to the bag.
We did that for a good 30 minutes, and then we played Pew Battleship. Wasjust like it sounds we're just using pews. That took like 45 minutes, then we took a little break. After that we played hide-and-go seek. The game everyone looked forward to. I don’t think it was as fun as it was last year. We started, and I made a little team. It was a good team, and we strategized the whole thing, just kidding we just ran around everywhere and hopefully we didn’t get caught. Which we didn’t.
When we were in Caraway Street, which we weren’t suppose to be. We just snuck around up stairs and hid in the closet. The first person that was it was Jackson so it wasn’t going to be easy. Jackson found us and I was bolting out of there, he ended up getting Madison and she was it. She had a hard time getting everyone. I never got it because I know the church like the back of my hand. I know almost every hiding spot there is, some smaller than others.
About an hour flew by and Shari said it was time to go to bed and so we did. We all went upstairs and went to bed, well some of them did some of us screwed around for like 30 minutes then we adventually fell asleep. That morning we woke up around 7:30 a.m. When we all woke up we just started to walk out the door one by one. There wasn’t a proper sending we all just left.
When everyone was leaving, I asked for a candy bar then, I got one too because there were a lot when I asked. When I left I had to take Leland to Seth's house for some odd reason. I went home and slept until 2:00 p.m. It was great and I felt amazing. After that I went to my cousin Holly’s house to ride my dirtbike.
It was fun and we had lots of fun together, but it all ended when the bearings to my back wheel fell off when we going to the gravel road. My chain fell off as well, my dad came and we had to pick up the bike. We ordered the parts and then we went out to eat for my sister's birthday. We ended up going to Hu Hot. It was really good and fun to watch them flip around our food.
When I got home I went straight to my room and played Call of Duty. I had to get up early that morning though because I had to go to church. After Church I went to Holly’s again and we got in lots of trouble, I fell in the creek to. We messed around with the chickens for a little bit, and I also drove to the grocery store. Which is where we had to go in twice because she wrote the wrong check. That was my experience over the past couple of day.
         Leland Barr
`          3-2-16
        English 7-8
`       March PPow
                             The funnest sport to watch.
        The funnest sport to play.
                If you want to tackle, you need to grapple the player.
                        If you can't hit, you should try baseball.
If you can’t crawl you shouldn't play football.

   Wrestling is the best thing.
 Wrestling to me is a blessing.
Wrestling does not involve whistling.
       When you have meet you need to eat.
    After practice you feel like you want to eat a cactus.
     Wrestling has nothing to do with resting.
       Wrestling is a lifestyle not a sport.


             Come off trees easy as can be.
  Paper cut slices throw a layer of skin.
                 Paper is what makes a great scraper.
Paper is not as big as a skyscraper.
               It's a lot different from sandpaper.
Paper turns into water Vapor.
    And makes like Greater.

      Dogs think of phones like bones.
Making the Phone blowing in the ear.
Phone always need to be in the zone.
Phone dont taste like scones.
   Can't have your phone around Yellowstone.


If you want to ball, you need to get involved.
        Don't be stallin in ballin
                Really ballers and lady killers.
     Baske’t ball player are like racquetball player; they both are slow.
        Ballin is like school it's only fun when you're with your friends.
        Falling is not as fun as balling.
             When you fall it's ok to crawl.
      Try not to fall when you ball.
                           I've drawn a picture of me falling.
    Falling is about as much fun as when the computers are staling.
         Coats keep you warm.
  Coats are there when you need them the most.
         Sometimes it's cold on a boat so get a coat.
    Coats and honey oats remind me of winter.
I'm pretty sure coats don't float but that might be a joke.
        Sometimes coast can be provocated.
        I sit in the classroom writing my notes
       Notes have nothing to do with Votes.
      In my notes have a quote about wild oats.
           One time a goat ate my notes.
       Mr.\ Man tells me to close my notes.
     My notes are closed with my votes.
   I have to go my mom is cooking a goat.

            Trash Cans causes Crashes.
Trash is one of the biggest  Bashs in Garbage.
               Clap When the Trash man is coming down the Road.
                   He pick the trash up as fast as a whip lash.
             Crash Goes the trash falling into the Truck once again.
                 Smash goes the trash never to be seen again.





Hills, hills, hills
What would we do without hills.
How could we pay our bills.
That’s why I love hills.
They help pay my bills.
My bag reminds me of an old rag
That has been dragged a half mile
on the back of a cab.
Friends are people who are there for you.
They are people who you're always with.
People who are a big part of your life.
Their people who back you up.
People who are a big role in your life.
People you laugh with.
People you smile with.
School stinks.
I would rather be playing pool instead of school,
I would actually rather be at the pool.
Family is the kind of people you act like you hate
But you really don’t.
There the people who get you through life.
Sometimes friends are even consider family.
They consider them family because they are just like them and are top of the line friends.
Life is when you are born.
life is also like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're gonna get.
Money is something everybody wants.
I find it kind of funny that money is so valuable.
Only to some people though.
I mean like bro how could you not want some more dough.
Everybody has a phone.
They’re used for communication,
like messaging or calling
some phones have app that you can have fun on.
They have evolved so fast.
COD is lyfe it’s one of the best games.
I love it so much I play almost every day.
We even made a squad so we can play together.
We play objective games.
Most of our team is made up of slayers.
But I like playing the objective.
In the virtual game of minecraft you use your imagination.
You could built houses.
You could make farms.
You could make mine.
I hate the bus.
it smells like gus’s butt.
People hate the bus.
Maybe because they cuss
on the bus

That’s why I hate the bus.