Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Old and Abandoned

Old and Abandoned
There is this old and abandoned house. It lives up on a hill. It is gray, torn down, falling apart, over 100 years old, and no one lives there anymore. There is a rumor about that house. Everyone says it is haunted because the person who lived there died. His name was Newton White. He was only thirty-six when his house began to fall apart. He went to the attic to fix the roof when all of a sudden BAM! Newton’s body was found a week later. He fell through the floor and broke open his head. They say he haunts the house to this day.
The house hasn’t changed much since it fell down. Although, it really isn’t broken down completely. It stills stands up, and you can still go inside of it. The house has most of the paint gone now, but it has a few places where there is still paint. There are a few scraps on the outside from the roof falling down. There also is a tree that scraped the side of the house.
We are a bunch of teenagers, and of course we want to know if that rumor is real. There is Emily, Autumn, Emma, Allison, Grace, Nora and I. My name is Kylynn, but I like to go by Ky. Emily likes to go by Em, Autumn likes to go by Fall not because she is clumsy, but because Fall is another name for Autumn. Emma likes to go by Emma because she doesn’t really like nicknames. Allison likes to go by Allie, and Grace likes to go by Grace, but Allie calls her Gracie. Nora doesn’t like nicknames either.
We always hang out during the summer because there is no school. Everyday we walk past that creepy house. We stop and look at it to see if we can see anything. We stare at the house until our eyes hurt. We never see anything move. We were walking by it yesterday and didn’t bother to look at it until someone said something.
“Ky, did you see that?” Em asked.
“I saw it,” said Nora.
“Same,” Grace nodded.
“Well I didn’t see it. What was it?” I asked confused.
“The lamp that is still there for some odd reason moved from this window to that window,” Allie pointed.
We walked to the park that just finished being built. We all got on the swings and talked about what we are going to do the next. Allie and Grace came up with the idea to explore the house. I thought about us exploring it tomorrow.
As the dark sky turned to dawn, I was up and ready. I started by waking everyone up. First I woke up Nora, then it was Allie, and Grace. Nora woke up Em, and Fall. Fall awoke with  a startle. She was about to scream at us because she was having the best dream ever. Allie rolled her eyes.
We went downstairs, and my mom was awake. She was painting the kitchen a teal color. It used to be a maroon color.
“What are you doing?” I seemed to have startled my mom.
“Oh my goodness! What are you doing up so early?” My mom got off her ladder.
“Well we were going to um…” Grace trailed off.
“What?” My mom got a stern face.
“Mom, we are going to explore the house and see if it is haunted?” I rolled my eyes and put quotations around the word haunted.
My mom walked over the the kitchen sink.
“Hey Gracie, I was thinking about the house,” Allie looked at Grace.
“You are thinking that it is haunted, and the trespassing on private property,” she looked at the floor.
“It probably isn’t haunted, and it isn’t private property anymore. Let’s go!” I shouted and ran out the door.
We ran out the door and started to head south. The house was up on the hill south of my house. You know that one friend that always trips over everything? I am that one friend. As we are running down the hill to get to the other hill, I trip. I stood up, and everyone was staring at me.
“What? I’m fine,” I laughed and started walking again.
“Sure you are,” Em grabbed my hand.
“Don’t trip at the house. I hear it is very delicate,”  whistled a voice.
Everyone turned around to see if anyone was there. There was no one in sight. We turned to the other side and there was the girl sitting on her porch.
“Syd, I didn’t know you would be up so late,” I walked over to her.
“I woke up because my dogs were barking.”
“Want to join us?” Nora asked.
“Sure. What are you guys doing?” Syd asked puzzled.
“Exploring the house up on the hill,” Grace pointed out.
Syd’s real name is Sydney. We started walking again. We stopped at the park bench to eat a little snack. I picked out the strawberries. Em and Allie also ate the strawberries while everyone else ate raspberries and some pineapple. After everyone was done eating, we went over to take a break and talked about what we might see.
After we were done we started to head to the house. We started to walk up the rose filled path. The roses now had weeds in them for not be tended to. As we reached the door, there was a loud creaking noise. Emma jumped back. We turned around and looked at her. She shrugged and walked back up by us. We stepped inside and the floors creaked with every step.
After ten minutes, Emma started to think that it was haunted for sure. Did I forget to mention that there is a rumor for people who trespass will disappear. Apparently there was this kid named Jenna, and she disappeared after her brother dared to sit inside the house for over a hour.
Fall couldn’t stand to be in the house anymore, so she left and went home. Emma tried talking us out of figuring this out. We kept telling her she will be fine. It has been half an hour, and nothing looks different than usual. Emma started to shake. She looked like she was about to scream.
“I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore,” Emma ran out the door.
Grace ran after her to try and stop her. It was just Allie, Nora, Em, Fall, Syd, and me left. Allie started to wonder what was causing Emma to run. She started to search the room Emma was in. She found this secret hidden door that laid behind the curtains. She didn’t want to know what was behind the door, so she left the room.
A couple minutes later, there was a loud bang. It was just the lamp, but the lamp was thrown across the room. This place was starting to get scary. Allie decided it was time to leave. The house was definitely haunted. I don’t think it was just Newton. Fall couldn’t stand to be in the house anymore, so she left and went home. Everyone else stayed outside to wait for us.
After another ten minutes, it was just Syd, Nora, and me left. Em couldn’t stand the smell of the house. She said it smelt like someone died in here which someone did. Nora and I went to another room and found the door. We didn’t bother to open it either. We decided that since we explored the whole house, we should leave. Syd didn’t want to leave the house until she felt like it.
We all sat down in the grass looking at the door waiting for her. The door was left open incase anyone wanted to go back in. Of course, no one felt the need to head back into the house. Sydney appeared in the doorway and started to head back out. We glanced away for a second and looked back. She was gone. She was there then she wasn’t.
“I’m going back to look for her,” I said.
“Ky, I wouldn’t she disappeared. Doesn’t that mean you might?” Grace asked.
Everyone looked at me.
“I don’t care. We need to find her.”
“Fine. I’ll go,” Nora said.
“Same,” Allie and Grace said at the same time.
“Gracie, we said that at the same time,” Allie looked at Grace.
“Em, Emma, you guys gonna stay and watch to see if we make it out?” I asked.
“Emma, I think we should,” Em said staring at the house.
We heard someone say something. Then there was nothing. We walked into the house, and Allie lead us to the door she found.
“I think this could lead somewhere,” Allie started to look like she was about to kick the door open.
“Nora and I saw this earlier. I wanted to walk away quickly because I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw that it wasn’t Nora’s,” I sighed.
Allie ignored my comment and opened the door. It was dark, but I always have a flashlight. We crawled through the door one at a time. There was nothing in sight. It was really quiet until Nora screamed.
“What was that for?” yelled Allie. “It was right in my ear.
“Well Allison, I stepped on something,” Nora gave Allie a sarcastic look.
Allie looked down at her foot. “Nora, don’t freak out, but you just stepped on a bone of some sort.”
Nora ran out of the little room screaming. She ran right out of the house and straight into Emily’s arms.We kept walking until one of us ran into a wall. All we could hear was the sound of us breathing. It was dead silent for a second. I felt a door knob and shook it open. Everyone followed me through the door, and it led to another room. Then there was a spiral staircase.
“What are we waiting for? Let’s go save Sydney,” Grace yelled walking down the staircase.
Everyone followed her. The staircases looked like it was new. There was a lot of dust though. There was a creaky noise every time someone took a step. At the end of the staircase, we found what we were looking for. The truth and Sydney. It turns out that the house was haunted, and the ghost would take people to a hidden place for them to rot.
A month later, we heard on the news that the creepy was burnt down. The news didn’t have any pictures because the house was old, and no one wanted to go near it. We decided to go check it out. I gathered everything and everyone up again. We started to head to the house when we see something appear. This time Fall didn’t show. She didn’t even answer. The thing that appeared was her cell phone. It was broken in half, and the glass was shattered.
We walked up to the burnt down house, and all that was left was the spiral staircase. There was a rope hanging from the staircase. The rope looked like someone was struggling to tie it, and they scratched part of the rope. We walked closer, and we saw something hanging from the rope. They was something spray painted in red on the staircase. It said, I told you to stay away.
Autumn was staring at the rope. The rope had a lamp hanging from it. This was starting to get weird. We took pictures and then ran off. We went to the police and showed them the pictures. The pictures didn’t turn out like we thought they did because there was nothing there. It was just a picture of the house. We continued to explain that there was a rope hanging there. The rope looked like it was old and had a couple strands of string tied around it. Then there was the lamp hanging from it. The lamp was covered in dust, but you could tell that it was the color burgandy.
It had a few rips in the shade, but it was in good shape other than that. It had the cord hanging off of it. It was unplugged, but yet it was still somehow lit up. The police laughed and said we were just seeing things. They told us to go home and get some rest. We wanted to get to the bottom of this.

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