Wednesday, March 30, 2016

8th Grade boys Basketball Team

Our 8th grade boys basketball team was quite talented. The players were Joey, Clayton, Ethan, Brody, Lucas, Evan, Dakota, Christian, Brock, and I. We went 9-1 that season which was good. The only team we lost to was Treynor, which is a very good team.
During the season we had a great time, we had some wins that we should’ve had last season, like Underwood. Last year we lost to Underwood in the last few seconds due to fouls. Some teams we still beat like Riverside and Tri-Center. Tri-Center was a better team than they were last year, and we had competition that game. Other teams were normal, and we won.
Though our team is good we still need to improve a lot. One thing that we need to majorly increase in has to be defense, our defense isn’t very good against teams that are better, like Treynor. If we had a solid defense we would be a great team. Little things like putting your hands up and stealing could change the game. We also could work on shooting and looking for open people more often. Our shooting is pretty good, but a team that can’t miss would be amazing.
We practiced every day and did drills and plays to try to make us better. The plays were pretty simple and worked sometimes. When the plays didn’t work we would just wing it and do what we can to get someone open to score. The drills that we did were one on one and some more like passing drills, dribbling drills, and things like that.
Another thing is practicing outside of school, which most of us did. Practicing dribbling and shooting outside of school can help a lot. It can make you better overall. I would highly suggest this for all sports if possible. Practice makes perfect. If you don’t practice then you probably won’t be as good as someone who does practice.
Some of the boys on the Basketball team play on an express team also they are Joey, Clayton, Ethan, Lucas, Brody, Blake Holst, and I. Our express team goes around the area and plays better teams. Some of the teams have beat us and we have beat some of them. In a recent tournament we got second place. We have played in Omaha, Tri-Center, and other places around the area.
The express teams we face are a lot more of a challenge because they are select teams from around the area (Teams pick up random players that look good from around the area). Our team is just our basketball team instead of a select team. We try our hardest to win those games because it is a challenge that we want to win, which will make us a better team.
One thing about our express team is that we don’t have very many players which means we have more playing time, but also means that we only have two backups. If we were to have two people hurt or sick then we would have no backups. Though we are a small team we still have enough players to win, and we enjoy how much playing time we get.
We have a tournament coming up on the 12th in Underwood in which we hope to win and get the 1st place medal. This is the last tournament for our express team, so we want to make it a good one. Our express team has been on this year for a few months so we’ve been getting better as a team and have had some good moments.
Back to school basketball, in high school we plan on being a great team and beating Treynor. We want to beat all the teams in our area and go undefeated in high school. We’ll have some good coaches and good players with some of the drills that they do in high school. The practices are a lot more intense and can improve a player more on the spots that he is weak in. I’m ready for high school because of the new experiences and sports that are coming.
Thinking about where are basketball team can go is quite the distance. We are a great team and I think we could be a great team in high school. The only thing I’m worried about is high school itself because it’s a lot more challenging.
I’m not sure if we are going to have an express team in 9th grade but if we do I’m most likely gonna go out for it if I can. If we don’t then all I’m gonna do is play school basketball in high school. If we were to have express I’m not really sure how it would work because Track is basically right after high school basketball.
Even though high school is still coming I enjoyed junior high basketball a lot. I enjoyed some fun activities at practice and some of the things we did at the games. There was a lot of fun and I hope more and more fun happens.
All I hope is that high school basketball is fun and we win. If we win and do good throughout high school then I think it would be a good 4 years of basketball upcoming. I also hope to start in high school and be a good player. I want to keep improving and becoming a better player so I can maybe get to college and maybe even the pros one day. My dream is to be in the NBA and if I practice a ton that might come true.
Hopefully high school basketball can take me somewhere, if not hopefully education can get me a good life. I hope basketball will be fun for me and everybody else on the team because we all really enjoy the sport and want to get somewhere with basketball.

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