Thursday, March 31, 2016

Birthday Party

Birthday Party
I had been waiting for my seventeenth birthday for what seemed like forever. I had the best time, until I got arrested. I was partying with friends and got into a lot of trouble. I don't regret anything, even though I had gotten grounded for six months by my parents. It was amazing and terrifying.
I walked up my seventeen stairs, slowly getting ready to be scared out of my mind. My little sister, Hailey had been scaring me since we were kids. I got to the top of the stairs and called for my dog.
“Laila, come here.” I yelled as she came out of my room. She normally stops if Hailey is there, but she didn't stop today. It was nearly one in the morning, and I had just gotten home from a party. My room was in the attic; I had the biggest and best room in the house. It took us three years to get it insulated and finished.
I got to my room, put my phone on the dock, and turned my music up as high as it could go. My mom came up to my room to say goodnight and, then turned around and started walking slowly down the stairs as if she forgot something.
“Oh, and one more thing Maya,” my mother started to say excitedly, “Happy birthday, now get some sleep please. I don't need you anymore crabby than you’ll already be.” She left my room and went to sleep. I turned my music down, put it on a timer, and slowly fell asleep.
*The next morning*
“Come on Maya, you need to get up. Your sister’s meet starts in one hour!” My mom yelled. I rushed down my stairs and got my purse off the hook. My mom laid a gift on my kitchen counter.
“Here you go, it may not be the best. You may be getting another present after the meet though.” My mom said questioningly. I opened up the present and it was and envelope and a jewelry box. I got over two hundred dollars and another pair of diamond earrings because I had lost mine. I walked over to my mom and gave her a hug.
“Hailey, let's go. You're riding with me to the meet!” I yelled at my sister so she would hurry out of the bathroom.
“No, all you're going to do is ask me about your birthday. You're also going to play the music way too loud!” she snapped back at me as she was trying to get her shoes on. She finally agreed with me and went out to start my moms car, that I was driving. My mom had a Dodge Charger, this was only the second time I drove it.
“Mom! Hurry up, we need to go!” I yelled frantically.
“Don't wreck the car again Maya, we don't need you too get in another accident,” I looked at mom with a disappointing face. “It would be on your birthday again too.”
“Seriously!” I walked out the door and to the driveway. My sister was already in the car and hesitating the ride. I turned my bluetooth on before I got into the car so I could blare my music right when I got in. I got the station on Pandora picked out and started it. As the music turned on, my sister started singing I knew that it was going to be a fun ride.
“Do you even know where my meet is?” My sister turned the music down and stared at me.
“No!” I yelled sarcastically, “Obviously I know where we’re going, who do you think I am?” I looked behind me too see if my mom left and started calling her out on it. I pulled out of the driveway as fast as I could without going into my yard.
“What are you doing-” My sister started to say something but I turned the music back up.
“I have to go into Casey's real quick, give me a minute.” I told my sister, grabbed my keys and wallet, and then unbuckled.
“What do you have to get?” She asked as if she thought I was going to take forever.
“If you really want to know, I’m going in to get some iced coffee and pick someone up.” I answered and got out. She asked who I was getting, and I just winked at her.
“Hey, what took you so long to get here? I thought you had to hurry because your sister?” James asked while he was paying for my iced coffee. We walked out of Casey’s and my sister rolled down the window and and asked what he was doing, I told her to get in the backseat.
“No, no, no. You can not bring him to my meet!” My sister yelled at both of us. “Why, would you do this too me?” My sister about cried and then I finally told her to move. She then moved, but until we got to Council Bluffs she ignored me. We pulled into the parking lot of Target. I told her if she was done ignoring me I would get her Starbucks. We walked in, got starbucks, and went back out to the car. I saw my best friend right by my car. My sister absolutely loved her. Ashley got into the car and we were on the way to the meet. Hailey turned the music back on, she had the aux cord.
“Maya, if I were you, I would turn the music up, right now.” Hailey said as I started to get worried. I turned the music up, and she turned “Fergalicious” on. I loved that song, she knew I did. We were on the road and singing as loud as we could, well except for James.
We were at the meet and Hailey had forty-five minutes to warm up. While she was warming up, we went to McDonalds. We got breakfast and got back just in time for the meet to start. As the meet went on, Hailey kept getting first in her events. I was proud of her, for once. After the meet was done and she was ready to leave, she couldn't find us. We forgot that she had to be picked up at a certain time, we left twenty minutes ago to find a target. We got back after ten minutes.
“Get in the car, we’re going too HuHot.” I looked at her and she opened the door too the passenger seat.
“James, you need to move. I'm not in the mood to fight right now.” She looked at me with a dirty look. He got up and moved to the back with Ashley. We left HuHot and went home, It was time for the decorating. I went up too my room, took a nap and then got ready for my party. I was curling my hair and Ashley came into my room.
“Do you need any help curling your hair?” I looked at her with a surprising look.
“Are you guys done decorating?” I asked Ashley and she quickly answered with a yes, “Then yes, please help.” We got my hair done, I put my skinny jeans, I rolled them up then put my shoes on. I looked for my swim suit but Laila had been laying on it. I rolled her over then put my suit in my bag. I drove to the store to get pop and Doritos.
*The Party*
“Maya, you need to get over here!” James yelled as he was climbing up the ladder to my roof. I started climbing up the ladder and then I saw my sister. I went over to Hailey and she said someone was here with her ex. She started crying and ran into our house. She went up to my room because she always goes up there.
“Maya, you need to go back out there.” I said to her as I closed my door. She got up and walked past me. She started to walk down my stairs and I told her everything would be alright. She just walked past me. I stayed in my room for about fifteen minutes, then Ashley and  James came up.
“You know that party down there is for you, right?” James said as if he were mad at me.
“I know I will go back down in a min-” Someone started yelling outside and I got interrupted. Hailey was running towards her ex with my softball bat. I opened my window and yelled at Hailey.
“What are you doing?” I yelled as loud as I could. I started to run down my stairs. I ran out my porch door and grabbed the bat off the ground after she hit Connor in the legs.
“Im calling the police Maya, why would she do this?” James looked at me and yelled questioningly.
“Um, well I don't know. Maybe it's because of the fact that they just broke up yesterday.” I answered sarcastically. The fire spread as people started to run around. The police showed up and I got pressed with charges for the party being at my house. I had a lot of fun even though there were so many injuries and problems.

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