Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Epic Poet sesh


Games are sometimes to blame for head pain
People get slain
After playing you feel sorta drained
Your legs get so cramped you may need a cane
Some games require to use your brain
You’re havin’ so much fun you spill your drink and and get a stain
Racing games make you take the fast lane
War games have you go through history
Some of those games about war have a lot of consistency
Some of them are in your face and say, “LISTEN TO ME!”
Then you have education
It can help you get your degree
You celebrate
“Hey Ma, do ya see”
A lot of people say education is key
You got all sorts of games
It is soothing
A calm and moody feeling
Leaving you needing
For more
It leaves you quite queasy
A feeling that is not so easy
No gravitational pull
Air is null and void
It is literally breath-taking
History in the making
Nobody went solo

It could leave you feeling beat
Don’t take a seat in this blistering heat
In the summer it repeats
After the winter season
The people give this heat a pleasin’
Cold as ice
Counters the hot flash
Snow will melt very fast
If surrounded by a “Ring of Fire”
Sung by Johnny Cash
You could bake a cake
Eat it during a picnic at the lake
Be romantic and bring steak
A late night spiel
Over the delicious meal
Rhyme Sesh.
Christian Bale
Monkey tail
You so pale
Now you are in jail
You decide to bail
Ride a sail
You need a coat
No need to gloat
In a swimming pool you should float
People own goats
Super soak
British people call you a bloke
You are broke
Don’t eat so fast you will choke
Don’t be so low
Jet li
Let me see
Yellow bus
Little kids shouldn’t cuss
Or fuss
It is okay to say crap
You may get a slap
Go play baseball and get a bat
Don’t get a splinter from a slat

-Angelo C.

1 comment:

  1. I think your rhyming skills are great. Some of it doesn't really make sense, but I guess that's the point. Some of the shorter poems could have been a little longer since they are so short, but that's just my opinion. Overall I think it was really good though.