Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March PPOW

Michael Jordan
He’s always taking flight.
People always trying to put on the clamps,
But they can’t because he’s the champ.
Lebron thinks he’s better,
But he’s too busy getting leg cramps.
I ain’t out here always roasting.
I am just here speaking my mind.
Better get out some paper
and a pen
Because this is not a joke.
You need to take some notes.
Mr. Ross
We call him Ross Boss.
He doesn’t know how to play lacrosse,
But yet we still call him Ross Boss.
He teaches english.
He’s a pretty good teacher.
He preaches out lessons.
He’s sending a message,
But it’s kinda depressing.
No offense Mr. Ross
I just state facts.
Mr. Renberg
We call him Renny.
You could by his truck for a penny.
He hasn’t told us if he has girlfriend or not,
But I think her name is Jenny.
He coaches basketball.
He’s like Chris Paul.
Rise above all.
He might of even played baseball.
It’s kinda my life.
Ball is life.
You better treat it right
Because you gotta shine bright.
Start balling like Dwight.
You gotta take flight.
Dreaming wasn’t enough,
So you gotta chase it.
Gotta commit to the game.
Put the defender to shame.
Just play the ball game.
The right way
You better not disobey
Make people
Remember your name.
Get into the hall of fame.
Jarret Freeman
We call him tweety bird.
He is a turd,
But he is really funny.
He is my buddy.
He might be a dummy.
No offense Jarret.
Were still buds.
He’s one funny dude.
He likes food.
Brady Canada
Good ole Canada.
He’s balla.
Well sorta.
He wrestles
Which is dumb.
No offense Brady
If he had some common sense,
He would be baller,
But that’s alright we’re still buds.
He’s about as fast as a slug.
This poem sounds kinda mean,
But we’re still friends
I hope.
Big Mike
We call him Big Mike
Because he takes flight.
We yell at each other in science class,
And at Mrs. Dahir because
she doesn’t let us sit by eachother.
Mean ole Mrs. Dahir,
But she still doesn’t care.
Her lessons are about as slow
as Tortoise and the Hare.
Mrs. Dahir
She is a pretty good teacher.
She’s pretty good at giving lunch detentions,
So you better pay attention
Otherwise you will face the consequences.
Take lessons from Michael and I in her class.
Her class can be a blast,
But her lessons are not fast.
I probably would have time
to check the weather forecast.

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