Thursday, March 31, 2016

Poetry do not read btw

Gavyn Fischer
March 2 2016
English 8-7
March PPOW
    Friendship is endless
    You may feel friendless sometimes.
    Some of your friends may be kinship.
    Some friends will get scholarships.
     Some may be censorship.
   I have many people in my neighborhood.
   Such as to the right I have Kinnaird.
    Then to the left I have Madison Simmons.
    A couple houses to the left Mckinzy Whyte.
    Couple to the left Evan Pattee.
    Three houses to the left Is Jase Rose.
    That is my neighborhood.
The Imaginary City
    The clouds are made of cotton candy.
    The streets are all smooth.
     Everyone there are nice and friendly
     Everything is free there is no money at all
     The city is very clean
Everything sparkles even the people
There are no criminals.
Every year we go camping at Botna Bend Park
We have people over at our campsite
Our parents go out we mess around all night
My step brothers mom comes with us
We have a blast.
When I
When I hear a voice I turn
When I see someone I say hello
When I eat I make a mess
When I am in a sport I practice
When I practice I try
When I try at practice I get better
When I get better I/ my team  starts winning.
After I
When I wake up I drag my feet
to get in  the shower
After I get out of the shower
I get dressed
After I get dressed
I go to school
After school
I go home and workout
After I workout
I go to baseball practice.
After I get done with baseball practice
I go do my homework
After I do my homework.
I set my alarm to get up.
After I set my alarm.
I go to bed.
Lake Okoboji
Before I went to Lake Okoboji.
I thought it would be a decent size lake.
With the barefoot bar by it.
I thought the barefoot bar would be a bar inside a building.
When I went to Lake Okoboji.
It was a huge lake.
The barefoot bar was on the shoar of the lake.
The barefoot bar is a outside bar.
The ocean
The ocean is a place with a lot of water.
There are many beautiful plants and animals in the ocean.
The ocean has five different mammals.
Scientist say we know more about space than the the ocean.
There are over one million known plants and animals.
Night time
It is very dark at night.
It is lunch time for predators.
But for prey it is nightmare time.
The predator may be a owl.
The prey may be a mouse.
Sometimes you hate them.
They may drive you crazy.
The older ones pick on you.
But the younger one is a brat that gets you in trouble.
But you know you will always love them.
Your family is always there for you when others are not.
No one loves you more than your family.
You can always count on your family.

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