Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Grown up 2

Grown Up 2
Joey comes out of the bathroom but what he sees blows his mind. Jackson has his arm around Claire so he rages, and we have to break up the fight. Finally the last person to show up to the funeral was Sydney she just came back from the hospital because of her broken hand and two black eyes. She walked in, and we made fun of Sydney like normal, and then she told us Ari is paralyzed from the waist down.  After the funeral Joel and I go to the Lucas’s grave and see a picture of Kobe dunking on Tim Duncan on his headstone. We shed a few tears and then get back in the car and head back to Chicago. We see there is a UFC fight in Springfield, Illinois. We stop there on are way home and sit down.
The guy comes over the microphone and says “AND NOW GAVYN FISCHER.”  Joel and I stand up and yell his name. The fight start and Gavyn gets a few hits in but the he gets one huge blow to the face and stumbles back. Then  gets back and knocks out Nick Haness with one super man punch. We go meet Gavyn out back and we tell him we're proud of him and he did it for Lucas. I gave him tickets to my next game then left.
Joel and I finally make it home and we decide to go to the Kevin Gates Jr. concert. When we get there he pulls a girl on stage and we noticed this girl from somewhere. Joel yells at me and says “No way thats Emma Murray.” Then out of nowhere she tries to Kiss Kevin Gates Jr. Security comes and pulls her off stage. As soon as we left Joel sees Grace making out with some Asian kid.
We hop in my Lamborghini and I drop Joel off at his house.  Joel walks in and stumbles back. To his surprise Ivee is standing in his living room. He yells out the door “Dude get in here.” I told him that I couldn't because I had to get home. I head home and go to bed.
I wake up to three texts one from Joel and two from Joey. Joel was just saying how fun the concert was and Joey said he got over Claire he went on a date with a girl named Payton. I had to go to the gym and workout for a little bit with the team. The MLB draft is in a couple of days.
I put my suit and tie on and head to Joel’s. When I get to Joel’s we fly his private jet to New Jersey for the MLB draft. We get there and the commissioner says and with the first pick the Indians select Gavin Heim. He goes to the the microphone and says “well i’m the best to ever plain and simple. Next the commissioner say and with the second pick the Cubs select Brody Langer. I go up to the commissioner and shake his hand and grab my jersey. I go to my press conference to answer some questions. I say “Hey you in the red.”
The girl in the red says “I'm Kylynn Helig from channel 17-38 are you going to make are Cubs suck even more?”
I tell her “Yo Kylynn I remember you, actually i’m planning on turning this team around.”
I leave the press conference and check my phone ESPN breaking news cop on bicycle catches Brock robbing the nearest KFC the warriors just cut him from the team last week. The cop; Emily Roskens says “he tried to run, wait did I mention I love cats never mind so yeah he tried to run I turned on my siren and petaled towards him.”  
I had to buffalo wild wings to grab a burger. I look up and see two TVs on one is CNN news with Marshall as the reporter and ESPN talking about Clayton's 75 point game. I go home and grab my book called Get some sleep by Evan and fall asleep.
I woke up and went to the gym and when I got done I checked my phone and it said I had one email. When I checked the email it was from Allison and it was seeing how many people wanted to have a High school reunion. I replied that I would go then hopped back on the plane to head home. I get home and grab the paper off the front porch and lay down.
I get an email back that says the reunion will be at Madison's in Kansas. We get on Joel’s jet and head to Kansas. We land in an airport close to Madison's so we call uber to pick us up. Uber comes and takes us to Madison’s and the party starts. When we get there instantly Ari sees Joel with Ivee and begins to rage a fight breaks out then Ari yells “at least I still have Seth” she wheels herself  over to Seth and starts to make out with him. Sydney sees this and yelled at her “See what happened last time you tried something like that” Sydney runs over and knocks her off her wheelchair. Grace steps in to stop the fight but she slips so Ethan Becker goes to help her up but while he's picking her up Dakota Southworth punches him in the face. Caleb finally shows up and notices Seth kissing Tristin Caleb freaks and another fight breaks out then in the middle of the fight Nick steps and now there are three fighting like back in junior high. Fights just kept breaking out like another one, and another one. Joel and I sat back and watch it all go down with a cigar and are white vans. We definitely grew up.


  1. It was entertaining, but who goes to Buffalo Wild Wings to get a Burger?

  2. It was really interesting and I love the end I think you should do more like this.

  3. It was really interesting and I love the end I think you should do more like this.

  4. It was hilarious, do more like this.

  5. I thought this was really funny and interesting, I think you should make another one.