Friday, April 15, 2016


I am going to tell you all my baseball excipients in my life. Baseball the definition in my words is a game in which you get pitch the ball by the defence then hit the ball to score. The is a catcher to catch the ball if the batter doesn’t swing. Then there is a umpire behind the catcher decide if the pitch was a ball or a strike. A strike is a pitch that is in between your knees and your belly botton.
I have played baseball since I was 5. It is my favorite sport of all time. My favorite team is the Cubs. My coach for 1-3rd grade was Allen Cordes, Nick's dad. Then when one of my best friends Joel Sampson came to Avoca. Then his dad became our coach. Rob Sampson He coached us till 8th grade. He was the greatest coach of all time. He was a fun coach and a serious coach. He is my favorite coach.
The Cubs are doing great this season so far. In little league T-Ball I played for the Angels. That's really the only reason I like them. T- Ball is baseball but when you set the ball on a stand called a tee and hit the ball. The pitcher is still there but doesn’t pitch. Then it goes coach pitch where the coach pitches it to the kids and the pitcher on the team stands next to the coach. Then it goes good old fashioned baseball.
I am now in high school baseball and I play first base. Real practices haven’t started yet. All we have right now is open gym. It’s optional so you go whenever you can or want too. I like to go whenever I can so I can get ready and more practice for the season. I pitch just not a lot. All of our pitchers are Lucas, Joey, Clayton, Joel, And I.
I just started wrestling last season and it was great I went 15-7. Coach Sampson is the one that kept trying to get me out for like 2-3 years. Then I finally just said “SKO”. I went out and loved it. My wrestling buddy/ partner was mostly leland. My other partner was Brady. He has been wrestling for 10 years. Rob Sampson is also my wrestling coach.
My first match I won against a pud. My second match I faced an experienced wrestler that Brady lost to every year until last year. I ended up loosing. I felt good that meet. I was 1-1 my first ever meet. I was proud and it gave me a big confidence boost. Every Time somebody got pinned we had to run one hallway sprint there and back at the old Walnut school. Also if someone got a detention it would be 10 for every 1 after school detention. We ran a lot because of these rules but it brought us as a team.
After that meet we went to Pizza Hut and I got the Spicy Asian wings. Which are the best wings i've ever had. That is my second favorite place to eat pizza. The first place is the harlan Bowling Alley. I go there for my birthday with my family. This and last year. My brother birthday is tomorrow April 14, 2016. We will probably go there for his birthday.
My football career was great. My first year was with Jean Pauley. He was a hard but good coach. He lead us to the bowl game. Then we got there and got slayed by some Omaha team. We lost but still got trophies it was a good season. We had a football party. It was at the Avoca Bowling Alley. It was fun we bowled raced in the arcade. After we got done inside we went outside and played a game of football. It was fun the team consists of the freshman this year 2016 Also us 8th graders.
Then the next year I didn’t go out for football. The reason is because the practices took up a lot of time away from my mom and dad. The games were on the weekends so my dad barely got to see me. I definitely missed it.
Then junior high came and we played 7th grade football. I played linebacker. I also played Defensive end. It was a good year. We had to adapt to a new offence and defence. We didn’t do to good. Ethan was our QB. Jackson was our running QB; he was a man. Ethan was our passing QB. We went about 4-7 I can't fully remember because it was a year ago. I had a good year that year.
Then 8th grade came and it was go time. We were the bigger kids. Mr. Maze became the head coach. The 7th graders were stupid and made us run. A LOT!! Especially Jacob Roush. He got detentions and that made us run all the time. For every 1 detention was like 5 gassers. It kept the team in a line. Everyone hated Roush though. He was the one that always got us in trouble.

Mr. Maze was a good coach. He was especially good at defence. He made our defence good. The offencive coach was Mr. Mosher or coach moasher. He was the fun coach. They had like a little good cop bad cop thing going. I liked Coach Mosher. He is jacked out of his mind his calves are the size of my head.

Is This Reality

Step, by step I slowly made my way home from a long day of school. I always took the short way home from school, I had to go through the small woods located behind my house. I took a turn into the woods, and halfway through them I could hear the sound of crunching leaves. I figured it was my own footsteps making the noise, but when I stopped walking the sound continued. My heart rate sped up along with my feet.
I held onto the straps of my book bag and started running as fast as I could. I looked behind my shoulder, and a man dressed in all black from head to toe was rushing towards me. With eagerness I sped up my pace into a full on run, and tried not to look behind me. I could see the back door of my house a few feet away, and started yelling for my parents. I grabbed onto the doorknob and twisted hard.
My parents were at the door with their eyebrows creased together in confusion. I slammed the door behind me, and started panting from all the running.
“Is everything alright, we heard you scream?” My mom asked wiping her hands on a towel.
“There was a man chasing me through the woods I barely got away!” My mom brought her hand to her mouth and tears started welling in her eyes. My dad brought his arms around my mom's waist, and whispered in her ear.

“Whats wrong? Why aren’t you saying anything?” I asked in a rush. My mom opened her arms, and ushered for me to come to her. I wrapped my arms around her skinny torso, and hugged her. Later that day, I was in my room studying for my science quiz when I could see something outside my window. I pushed my blankets out of the way and stood on my feet. I walked to my window, and saw the same man from earlier. Even though I couldn’t see his face I could tell it was expressionless. I quickly ran down the stairs screaming for my parents. I grabbed my dad's’ arm, and pulled him up the stairs with me.
“What’s wrong?” My dad asked.
“He’s there dad, he's outside my window!” I frantically yelled. I pulled him in front of the window, and noticed my mom had joined the room sometime during my rant.
“There's no one out there Kelly,” My dad said bringing me into another hug. I didn’t understand why he was hugging me until I put it all together.
“Wait, you don’t think,” I paused momentarily, and backed out of my dad's hug.
“You don’t think it’s my Schizophrenia do you?” My parents didn’t say a word I knew I was right.
“We don’t know, but we just want the best for you,” my mom said.
“Just get out!” When they didn’t make a move I yelled once more.
“Get out!” This time they left my room, and shut the door behind them. The next day I was walking back home from school, and was very cautious of my surroundings thinking that the  man might be in the woods. Luckily, I made it safely home without seeing him, but when I opened the door my parents were standing inside with worried faces.
“Is something wrong?” I asked.
“Have you been taking your medication?” My mom bluntly asked.
“Yes I have,” I marched up the stairs without another word, and closed my door with a hard slam. I was lying on my bed when I heard someone whispering. I looked around my room, and didn’t see anyone. Suddenly in front of me was the masked man I gasped, and tried scurrying to my feet. Without saying a word he pointed outside my window, and towards the road. I got on my feet, and hurried outside to the road.
The man wasn’t behind me anymore, and I was alone the sun was going down, and I was alone. I didn’t know why I was outside, but for some reason I was. I sat criss cross on the ground, and picked up a sharp object. Suddenly, I could feel a burning sensation in my wrist, and faint sounds of screaming behind me. I seen my mom in front of me with tears streaking down her face, after that I don’t remember what happened.
Then, I woke up in my bed, in my room everything seemed normal besides one thing, my wrists. They were covered in bandages halfway up my arm. I could see a light outline of blood under the white bandages, and didn’t remember what happened. I walked down to the kitchen, and found my parents.
“You need to tell us everything,” my dad said with his coffee in his hand.
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“About the man you say stalks you,” said my mom.
“What man? What are you talking about?” I say nervously.
“We are done with the lies. We want the truth,” my mom demanded.
“What happened? What are you talking about? What man?” My mom sighed and left the room. Today was Monday, a normal day, so I got dressed ready for school. On my walk to school I heard a shuffling noise in the bushes next to me. A man dressed in all black, that I have had recently dreamt of, was in front of me. I started running away, after noticing the knife in his hand. I ran back towards my house, and opened the door I looked at my parents, who were standing inside.
“He’s out there!” I screamed. My dad opened the door, and I prepared myself for the man to come charging in, but nothing happened, he wasn’t there.
“There's no one out there.” My dad said.
“No I’m not he was just there!” My parents gathered me into a hug I didn’t understand why they didn’t believe me he was there. I will prove it to them somehow, someway, and they will know I ‘am right.  



Paper it comes from trees
Let the trees be free
My church tells me the Apostles Creed.

Basketball is a thriller.
People get pumped up when they see Brad Miller.
If you play for the Heat, you will never get beat.
If you want to play you have to have skill,
so you can fill in for the people who cheat.

Dirt Bikes are fun,
just like guns.
Similar in a way
They can both kill you;
They can also get a thrill in you
When you see mud don’t be a pud
Go through it like when you eat a milkdud.

School is cool,
I’ve learned to like it
Seems weird, but everyone starts to like it.
What’s to hate you get to see your friends
Sad to say
That was all I lie
Now I need some pie.

Video Games
Games, they are kinda like fame.
People start to realize who you are,
You can be recognized
Maybe it’s not your thing.
That’s ok go eat a bing.

Ethan is cool
People never call him a fool.
When they call him names
They get knocked out cold
Just like they were told.

Wrestling is alright
It’s from some not for some
When your friends are wrestlers you kinda have to adapt
I can’t even believe I’m trying to rap.

Snapchat is fun,
This one is nothing like a gun
Or is it?
If you are into drama
Than you know it’s not fun.

Twitter is boring,
Just another app
Where people can tweet about each other
and call people fat.
I know this because a little birdy is a little flirty.

Instagram is like bam
All people do is call each other fam.
I need some pam.
So I can cook on this pan.
The one and only
Never quits
Lady Killer
Awesome just like E-Train
N-Not as good of driver as E-Train


Last summer, on May 13, 2015, I was spending my night in Oakland, Iowa. Having softball game after softball game was a nightly routine for my family. My sisters and I both had games on the same days, which made things a lot easier for the family and traveling.
The sky looked dark; it had rained all day. I got out of the vehicle and stared at the all of the mud puddles, wondering if my sisters and I would even get the chance to play. The opposing team was warming up on the opposite side of the field, so we assumed that it would be an okay day to play softball.
I sat in the bleachers and chewed on dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds with my friend’s little sister named Alyssa. Alyssa was around the age of four at the time, so she didn’t know to eat the middle part of the sunflower seed, not the shell. She chewed up the whole thing and spit it out. The crunched up seed would land on the seats below us. I always got a good laugh out of it.
With the wind picking up, I ran to my van and picked up my white Under Armour shirt. I changed quickly in the bathroom, I fixed my hair also. When I got out of the bathroom, I saw a few of my teammates. My sister’s game was in the third inning, so we thought that it would be a great time to play some catch and get our arms warmed up before our game.
My friend Sydney and I went behind the concession stands to play catch, and the rest of the team followed us there. We were all bunched together, and none of us seemed to be paying attention. We were laughing and having one heck of a time. Our team bonds more than any other team probably. While looking the other direction, Sydney accidently threw the ball way behind me, so I slowly dragged my feet over to the ball.
As I bent down to pick up the ball, another ball came spiraling in, which hit me in the face. In that split second, I felt like I was in a dream. I thought that none of it had ever occurred, and I prayed that it was all in my head. I tried to stick my tongue out, but before I could do anything, I looked at the blood dripping down my left elbow which was from holding my hand up to my mouth. I felt like vomiting after seeing all of the blood. I screamed and shouted, so Breanna Osbahr took me over to the bathrooms to check my mouth. My teeth were lodged an inch back, and my lip was completely caught in my braces. My mom rushed in, and right after looking at me; we were headed to Jennie Edmundson Hospital in Omaha.
Friends of our family took my bag home with them so it wouldn’t be left in Oakland overnight. We drove around 90 miles per hour to the emergency room. It didn’t seem to frighten me as much as what was going on at the moment. I remember yelling, “Mom, I am going to be so ugly!” I was beyond scared of what would happen. I believed that my teeth would be pulled out, and I would have to have fake teeth. The blood continued gushing out of my mouth. I couldn’t help but cry.
When we arrived at the hospital, I got out and had ahold of a few napkins we found in our van. I also had an ice pack; it wasn’t doing anything to ease my pain. I walked in through the hospital doors, and a lady at the desk was asking for all sorts of information. She asked what my name was, when my birthday was, etc. The lady led us into a room with a nurse who asked for my height and weight and asked a few more questions. I was furious that they weren’t getting me into a room immediately. My teeth were basically dangling in my mouth.
The nurse took us into a room that would soon have a few doctors in it. I lied down on the hospital bed and hoped that they’d be able to fix my teeth. My mom and grandma both held each of my hands; they assured me that I was going to be okay. I was drained from crying and screaming, so instead my legs just shook like crazy.
When the few doctors came in, they handed me a bucket where I could spit some of my blood out. They were nervous of the blood pooling in my stomach and me getting sick. They had me open my mouth and after examining for a couple of minutes, they were unsure of what to do. They ask me if I had been knocked out by the accident, and they were very surprised when I said that I hadn’t. They took a picture of my teeth and sent it to Children’s Hospital in Omaha. They wanted to get the facts straight before they attempted any adjusting.
While they were gone, I got up and went to the bathroom. My mom told me to not open my mouth; she was scared I would panic again or pass out. I walked back into the room and behind me were the doctors. They sat me down, and very calmly they said, “We will have to move those teeth back up without any type of pain medicine. I am sorry, I’ll have to do it, but it is the only way that they have a chance of surviving.” At first I kept yelling and disagreeing with the doctors. My mom snapped at me, and she told me that they knew what was best.
They moved the chair back, and my whole entire body began to shake. One of the doctors covered me in a blanket so that I wouldn’t go into shock. Both my mom and grandma held my hands, and the doctor behind me was getting prepared. He said, “You’ll feel a lot of pain, so just grip onto the hands when it begins to hurt.” He grabbed my teeth from behind and slowly moved my teeth back up. I heard every part of my mouth crunch; it was disgusting. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but my teeth weren’t all the way straight yet. The Jennie Ed doctors weren’t able to do much more because they weren’t dentists, so they sent me to Children’s for final adjustments.
On the way to Children’s, I fell asleep. When I woke up, the bright lights of the hospital had awoken me. My mom carried me out of the van and into the hospital. I finally had awoken when we walked in, so I stepped down and the Children’s doctors led us into the dentistry part of the hospital. My family was not allowed into the room, so I sat down on the chair and they began to ask me questions right away. I could tell that they were trying to comfort me, but I was still so nervous.
They got out a few needles and injected numbing medicine into my gums. I couldn’t feel my teeth at all, and they said it would be like that for awhile. They used their fingers and a popsicle stick to slowly move my teeth back up into place. After they were done moving them into place, they needed to keep them stabilized. They attached two brackets to two of my teeth and then put a wire across. They glued the wire to my teeth to make sure they wouldn’t fall out.
Once they doctors were done, they led me out of the room and told my mom they would have to monitor my teeth for the next five years to make sure the nerves were not dying in my front teeth.
The recovery process was the worst of everything that had happened. I was not able to eat normal, solid foods for awhile. I lived off ramen noodles and mac and cheese for a month or two until they decided that it was time for me to begin using my front teeth again to eat foods. It was very frustrating trying to bite. It hurt my teeth a lot. I got used to it as time went on, and then they put my braces back on.
Currently, I am still going back for check ups every two months. They are planning on my teeth staying alive, and I am able to keep playing sports. If I took anything out of this, it would be to always wear a face mask while playing softball, regardless of what position I am playing.

The Dead Walking

The Dead Walking
It was a regular day, I was sitting in my room. I heard four gunshots and ran down my stairs to see if everything was okay. I saw my older brother holding a gun in his hand. Someone was laying on the white and blue tiles, dead. I saw blood everywhere. That's when we found out about the outbreak. I looked at him with a surprising look, he had just gotten home from his time in the military.
“Are you okay? What happened down here, I thought you weren’t getting back to town until tomorrow?” I yelled at Jack as my younger brother walked into the house. He looked down on the floor and started to scream.
I was the middle child with two brothers. Jack, the oldest, had been in the military, he was eighteen. I had been a sophmore in high school at fifteen. My brother, Jake, was my twin. Our Mother and Father were always on vacations without us. They were in Florida when Jack told them he was coming home, that was almost one week ago.
“We can't wait for Mom and Dad to come home. Get in the Jeep right now, we’re leaving.” I got up from looking at the body as Jack started to yell louder.
“Juliet just listen to him and go pack your clothes, I will come upstairs with you.” Jake said as he walked me up the stairs and took me to my room. I got in my room and grabbed my phone off of my desk.
“You need to come over to my house, Jack is freaking out and telling us we have to leave.” I texted my best friend, Scarlett. She told me that she was on her way.
*Ten minutes later*
I heard Scarlett pull up into the driveway. We had our bags full of food, clothes and anything my brother thought we needed.
“I need to tell you why I did that, you all need to sit so I can tell you. Just tell you and we can get out of this city.” Jack said as he grabbed his gun from his holster. He looked at the ground depressingly. “Something happened at one of the CDC labs, there was a virus that broke out. The general called me into his office and told me that there were people who got infected. The people who got infected had died, well not completely. After a few hours they came back, they couldn't be killed when we tried to shoot them.”
“Haha, you're joking, right Jack? This sounds like something from a video game that we used to play, now I know you're joking.” He sadly looked up at Jack, I’ve never seen either of them have a more disappointing look on their faces.
I looked up at the sky and I noticed dark clouds forming. “Jake, listen too him. We need to leave right now. Go inside and grab the dog then were leaving. You aren't in charge anymore, we’re going to go to Flordia and get Mom and Dad. Scarlett get in the Jeep and tell your parents were going on a little trip.” I finished talking and got into the passenger seat.
*The night before*
“The game is tied, you need to get down here before half!” I yelled at Scarlett over the phone. I looked back up at the scoreboard and got excited, it was the last game of the regular season. I got back up with the other cheerleaders, we started cheering. After halftime Jake’s best friend, the quarterback got hit. He was knocked out cold, nobody knew what was happening. We called the ambulance and I had to leave.
“Scarlett grab your stuff, we’re going into the school.” She looked at me confused and I told her what happened. “Can you just go back to your sister and get your stuff?” I asked as politely as I could being disappointed. We told my brother to grab his stuff and get in the Jeep. I pulled up to the hospital parking lot and Jake got out and ran into the hospital.
“Where is Noah Parker’s room?” Jake said as he looked around the room. The nurse pointed towards the closest room. The three of us walked into the room, Noah was laying on the bed. Noah’s crashed in the room, his doctors and nurses ran into the room.
“Charge to-” I heard a faint yell from the nurse as I fell to the floor. I woke up in a hospital room with an IV on my arm. I looked up and saw Jake sitting there with tears streaming down his face. I was worried, all I could think of was the game.
“Jake, what happened? Is everything okay? Did Noah get through it?” I couldn't stop myself from asking questions. We had to leave the hospital and get some sleep. We were in the car and Jake started to talk again.
“H-H-He’s going to get the plug pulled if he doesn't wake up by tomorrow morning.” I pulled into the driveway and thought to myself that it was all just a dream, until I woke up and heard gunshots.
*Present Day*
“We’re going to the hospital before we leave!” I shouted without thinking. “Jake and I need to go into the hospital and make sure that Noah is okay.” I said as Jack started to pull out of our driveway. Jake and I got out of the Jeep. We went into the hospital and walked into his room.
“Isn’t this Noah Parker’s room?” I asked and she looked away. She pointed towards the stairs to the morgue. I walked down and saw Noah standing up. He was looking down at someone, I looked down at the ground and saw a pool of blood.
“Noah, are you okay?” Jake said as Noah turned around. He had blood all over his face. Jake tried walking towards him and Noah’s arms and legs were dripping with blood.
“Jake move away from him,” I stopped talking and heard Jack running down the stairs. He pulled his  gun out and shot Noah in the head.
“This is what we were going to talk about,” Jack started yelling. I sat down on a chair and noticed blood on my arm. I rolled up my sleeve and saw a bite on my forearm. “What is that?” Jack asked while walking towards me.
“It’s a bite, it’s probably just from the dog. I think I opened it back up when I hit Noah.” I looked up at my brother and he had a gun pointed towards my head. I started crying and didn't know what to do. He told me he loved me and he was sorry. He pulled the trigger and the last thing I heard was a was a cry from Jake.