Friday, April 15, 2016


I am going to tell you all my baseball excipients in my life. Baseball the definition in my words is a game in which you get pitch the ball by the defence then hit the ball to score. The is a catcher to catch the ball if the batter doesn’t swing. Then there is a umpire behind the catcher decide if the pitch was a ball or a strike. A strike is a pitch that is in between your knees and your belly botton.
I have played baseball since I was 5. It is my favorite sport of all time. My favorite team is the Cubs. My coach for 1-3rd grade was Allen Cordes, Nick's dad. Then when one of my best friends Joel Sampson came to Avoca. Then his dad became our coach. Rob Sampson He coached us till 8th grade. He was the greatest coach of all time. He was a fun coach and a serious coach. He is my favorite coach.
The Cubs are doing great this season so far. In little league T-Ball I played for the Angels. That's really the only reason I like them. T- Ball is baseball but when you set the ball on a stand called a tee and hit the ball. The pitcher is still there but doesn’t pitch. Then it goes coach pitch where the coach pitches it to the kids and the pitcher on the team stands next to the coach. Then it goes good old fashioned baseball.
I am now in high school baseball and I play first base. Real practices haven’t started yet. All we have right now is open gym. It’s optional so you go whenever you can or want too. I like to go whenever I can so I can get ready and more practice for the season. I pitch just not a lot. All of our pitchers are Lucas, Joey, Clayton, Joel, And I.
I just started wrestling last season and it was great I went 15-7. Coach Sampson is the one that kept trying to get me out for like 2-3 years. Then I finally just said “SKO”. I went out and loved it. My wrestling buddy/ partner was mostly leland. My other partner was Brady. He has been wrestling for 10 years. Rob Sampson is also my wrestling coach.
My first match I won against a pud. My second match I faced an experienced wrestler that Brady lost to every year until last year. I ended up loosing. I felt good that meet. I was 1-1 my first ever meet. I was proud and it gave me a big confidence boost. Every Time somebody got pinned we had to run one hallway sprint there and back at the old Walnut school. Also if someone got a detention it would be 10 for every 1 after school detention. We ran a lot because of these rules but it brought us as a team.
After that meet we went to Pizza Hut and I got the Spicy Asian wings. Which are the best wings i've ever had. That is my second favorite place to eat pizza. The first place is the harlan Bowling Alley. I go there for my birthday with my family. This and last year. My brother birthday is tomorrow April 14, 2016. We will probably go there for his birthday.
My football career was great. My first year was with Jean Pauley. He was a hard but good coach. He lead us to the bowl game. Then we got there and got slayed by some Omaha team. We lost but still got trophies it was a good season. We had a football party. It was at the Avoca Bowling Alley. It was fun we bowled raced in the arcade. After we got done inside we went outside and played a game of football. It was fun the team consists of the freshman this year 2016 Also us 8th graders.
Then the next year I didn’t go out for football. The reason is because the practices took up a lot of time away from my mom and dad. The games were on the weekends so my dad barely got to see me. I definitely missed it.
Then junior high came and we played 7th grade football. I played linebacker. I also played Defensive end. It was a good year. We had to adapt to a new offence and defence. We didn’t do to good. Ethan was our QB. Jackson was our running QB; he was a man. Ethan was our passing QB. We went about 4-7 I can't fully remember because it was a year ago. I had a good year that year.
Then 8th grade came and it was go time. We were the bigger kids. Mr. Maze became the head coach. The 7th graders were stupid and made us run. A LOT!! Especially Jacob Roush. He got detentions and that made us run all the time. For every 1 detention was like 5 gassers. It kept the team in a line. Everyone hated Roush though. He was the one that always got us in trouble.

Mr. Maze was a good coach. He was especially good at defence. He made our defence good. The offencive coach was Mr. Mosher or coach moasher. He was the fun coach. They had like a little good cop bad cop thing going. I liked Coach Mosher. He is jacked out of his mind his calves are the size of my head.

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