Friday, April 15, 2016

Crazy Businesses

            In this PPOW I will be discussing some crazy businesses that you never knew existed. Who knows? You might just want to use one of them now.
Cuddle Party-
            If you like to cuddle but don’t have anyone to cuddle with, this is something that could help you. Cuddle Party is an organization that hosts events for people to cuddle at. I know it sounds really weird for adult strangers to go and cuddle. You can go to the events that there is a bunch of people at. You can meet new people and talk with them, and of course you can cuddle. They have a mission to teach boundaries, consent, affection, communication, and non-sexual touch. They have events in the U.S. and Canada, so if you enjoy cuddling you can find an event near you!
My Friend Smells-
            If you ever thought that one of your friends smelled? Here is your solution! My Friend Smells lets you send a cologne wipe and a note to whomever you want anonymously. It costs $1.99 for one wipe and $4.99 for four wipes. You put your credit or debit card information to pay for it. You can put a note with it also that is not mean and contains no profanity. There is no way for them to link the package back to you. You can send them to a boss, co-workers (these two might not be the best), classmates, siblings, friends, and other people. So if you know someone that might need a little freshening up, just go to
Booster Fuels-
            It may be a hassle for some people to go to the gas station to fill up their car. This is the perfect company for those people. Booster Fuels can come to you and fill up your gas tank. You have to park and leave the gas cap open when you contact them to come to you on your phone. They work with large businesses to offer the on-demand service. The app lets you know the delivery time and allows you to pay. How much gas you need will change the cost. It is mostly offered in Texas right now where it started. If your ever in Texas and need gas, just get the Booster Fuel app.
Something Store-
            Have you ever had some money that you wanted to buy something with, but you didn’t know what? Go to the Something Store! You can get something cool for cheap. You pay $10, and they will send you something cool. It could be shiny gadget, rare book, party game, handmade necklace, reverse clock, box of gourmet chocolates, portable table tennis set, pashmina scarf, set of kitchen knives, pair of handmade earrings, garden tool, kitchen appliance, electronic equipment, fine crafting tool or an office supply item. You don’t even have to pay shipping! Even if you just like surprises, go to the Something Store, and you can have a surprise come to your door.
            Do you like romance novels and have that special someone in your life? You can go to and you two can have your own story. You pick what book you want and give them some information about yourself. Then they will insert you in your own novel. You can also put a picture on the front of you two if you want. Husband-and-wife writers, Kathy Newbern and J.S. Fletcher, created it. They were talking about Newbern’s upcoming romance book when one of their friends wondered how it would be if you read a book with your name in it. That’s how they came up with the idea. Paperback books are $49.95 and $74.95 with your picture on it. It is $94.95 for hardback and $119.95 for one with your picture on it. I would only recommend for you to buy this if you are married.
Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel-
            Do you love dogs and sledding? You can take a dog sled ride in Jefferson, New Hampshire all year round. You can take a 20-minute trip or an overnight voyage through the mountains. They have over 100 sled dogs including Alaskan Huskies, Siberians, and Malamutes. They let you interact with the dogs, and you can learn about the culture. They offer clinics if you want to become a musher (the person that guides the dogs). A four-hour class costs $525 for a couple. It costs $745 for an eight-hour tour per couple. So go to New Hampshire if you ever want to go dog sledding.
Superfan Suits-
            Are you really enthusiastic about cheering on your sports team? At Superfan Suits you can get spandex suits in your favorite teams colors. There are different patterns of the suits that you can get. There are suits to make it look like you have actual clothes on, open faced suits, and there is accessories to go with the suits. They cover your whole body from your head to toe. The suits cost from $30-$60. Go get yourself a Superfan suit even if it isn’t for a sport.
Fantasy Dating Company-
            If you’re interested in dating and are competitive, you can go to the Fantasy Dating Company. It is kind of like a fantasy football league. You get points for flirting with guys, slipping them your number, and going on actual dates. The site is to empower women to take charge of their life and gain confidence. So go out there and start getting your points today!

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