Friday, April 15, 2016

The Dead Walking

The Dead Walking
It was a regular day, I was sitting in my room. I heard four gunshots and ran down my stairs to see if everything was okay. I saw my older brother holding a gun in his hand. Someone was laying on the white and blue tiles, dead. I saw blood everywhere. That's when we found out about the outbreak. I looked at him with a surprising look, he had just gotten home from his time in the military.
“Are you okay? What happened down here, I thought you weren’t getting back to town until tomorrow?” I yelled at Jack as my younger brother walked into the house. He looked down on the floor and started to scream.
I was the middle child with two brothers. Jack, the oldest, had been in the military, he was eighteen. I had been a sophmore in high school at fifteen. My brother, Jake, was my twin. Our Mother and Father were always on vacations without us. They were in Florida when Jack told them he was coming home, that was almost one week ago.
“We can't wait for Mom and Dad to come home. Get in the Jeep right now, we’re leaving.” I got up from looking at the body as Jack started to yell louder.
“Juliet just listen to him and go pack your clothes, I will come upstairs with you.” Jake said as he walked me up the stairs and took me to my room. I got in my room and grabbed my phone off of my desk.
“You need to come over to my house, Jack is freaking out and telling us we have to leave.” I texted my best friend, Scarlett. She told me that she was on her way.
*Ten minutes later*
I heard Scarlett pull up into the driveway. We had our bags full of food, clothes and anything my brother thought we needed.
“I need to tell you why I did that, you all need to sit so I can tell you. Just tell you and we can get out of this city.” Jack said as he grabbed his gun from his holster. He looked at the ground depressingly. “Something happened at one of the CDC labs, there was a virus that broke out. The general called me into his office and told me that there were people who got infected. The people who got infected had died, well not completely. After a few hours they came back, they couldn't be killed when we tried to shoot them.”
“Haha, you're joking, right Jack? This sounds like something from a video game that we used to play, now I know you're joking.” He sadly looked up at Jack, I’ve never seen either of them have a more disappointing look on their faces.
I looked up at the sky and I noticed dark clouds forming. “Jake, listen too him. We need to leave right now. Go inside and grab the dog then were leaving. You aren't in charge anymore, we’re going to go to Flordia and get Mom and Dad. Scarlett get in the Jeep and tell your parents were going on a little trip.” I finished talking and got into the passenger seat.
*The night before*
“The game is tied, you need to get down here before half!” I yelled at Scarlett over the phone. I looked back up at the scoreboard and got excited, it was the last game of the regular season. I got back up with the other cheerleaders, we started cheering. After halftime Jake’s best friend, the quarterback got hit. He was knocked out cold, nobody knew what was happening. We called the ambulance and I had to leave.
“Scarlett grab your stuff, we’re going into the school.” She looked at me confused and I told her what happened. “Can you just go back to your sister and get your stuff?” I asked as politely as I could being disappointed. We told my brother to grab his stuff and get in the Jeep. I pulled up to the hospital parking lot and Jake got out and ran into the hospital.
“Where is Noah Parker’s room?” Jake said as he looked around the room. The nurse pointed towards the closest room. The three of us walked into the room, Noah was laying on the bed. Noah’s crashed in the room, his doctors and nurses ran into the room.
“Charge to-” I heard a faint yell from the nurse as I fell to the floor. I woke up in a hospital room with an IV on my arm. I looked up and saw Jake sitting there with tears streaming down his face. I was worried, all I could think of was the game.
“Jake, what happened? Is everything okay? Did Noah get through it?” I couldn't stop myself from asking questions. We had to leave the hospital and get some sleep. We were in the car and Jake started to talk again.
“H-H-He’s going to get the plug pulled if he doesn't wake up by tomorrow morning.” I pulled into the driveway and thought to myself that it was all just a dream, until I woke up and heard gunshots.
*Present Day*
“We’re going to the hospital before we leave!” I shouted without thinking. “Jake and I need to go into the hospital and make sure that Noah is okay.” I said as Jack started to pull out of our driveway. Jake and I got out of the Jeep. We went into the hospital and walked into his room.
“Isn’t this Noah Parker’s room?” I asked and she looked away. She pointed towards the stairs to the morgue. I walked down and saw Noah standing up. He was looking down at someone, I looked down at the ground and saw a pool of blood.
“Noah, are you okay?” Jake said as Noah turned around. He had blood all over his face. Jake tried walking towards him and Noah’s arms and legs were dripping with blood.
“Jake move away from him,” I stopped talking and heard Jack running down the stairs. He pulled his  gun out and shot Noah in the head.
“This is what we were going to talk about,” Jack started yelling. I sat down on a chair and noticed blood on my arm. I rolled up my sleeve and saw a bite on my forearm. “What is that?” Jack asked while walking towards me.
“It’s a bite, it’s probably just from the dog. I think I opened it back up when I hit Noah.” I looked up at my brother and he had a gun pointed towards my head. I started crying and didn't know what to do. He told me he loved me and he was sorry. He pulled the trigger and the last thing I heard was a was a cry from Jake.

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