Friday, April 15, 2016

Birthday Party

My 13th birthday party was fun; Gavyn, Ethan, Dakota, Lucas, Christian, and I were staying at my house. It all started Saturday when Gavyn, Ethan, and Lucas came over and we hung out for about two hours. We went down played some basketball and then we played some Playstation 3. We played NBA and Madden 25.
It was time to go to the Sky Zone. We all got in my dad's car and started playing some music. We were all pumped because the dodgeball at Sky Zone was fun. We hoped there would be people around are age for us to play against. It was never fun when you faced little kids that couldn’t even throw across the half mark. It was about a hour drive to Sky Zone so we all had our phones and were playing on them and stuff.
We were almost there and we were all wondering if we should do dodgeball the whole time or not and we voted to. We got to Sky Zone and we talked to the people at the counter and they had to ask us who we are and check us in. Once they checked us all in and put the things around our wrists we got the socks and put them on. After we put our shoes and our original socks inside a cubby we went out to the dodgeball and got in line. You had certain times you could be there so we stayed there for a hour.
We got inside the dodgeball and were up against quite a lot of people so we weren’t mad. We sometimes split up teams because they were uneven and didn’t look very fun. We would try to have fun with it but sometimes the ref was blind and wouldn’t see something or he would say something that didn’t happen. You had to deal with some things like that but you got over it after a while. You didn’t finish very many games because the ref would usually say jailbreak. Once we got tired of it we would take a minute break and go get a drink.
Once our hour was up we got ready to go and left. My mom was at home with my sister. My mom had some Pizzas ready for us and once we got home Christian, Dakota, and Jaedan came over. We ate and then played some more Basketball. Once we got bored of that we played some tag around my house a bit. We didn’t want to make tag boring because we usually played it when it was really dark out so we only played for a short time.
We played some playstation and screwed around until about 9 o’ clock. We all got our stuff on and went outside and got ready to play tag around the block. The hardest part was seeing who would be it. It ended up being Jaedan because of rock, paper, scissors. Once we all hid Jaedan came out looking for us. We usually all hid in the same spot so when he saw us we all ran and tried not to get tagged. Once you tagged someone they were it with you and had to finish the game with you. Since Jaedan tagged Ethan first he was it first for the next game. Ethan had a harder time tagging us though because we ran around the house in circles. Wherever he went we tried to mirror so we were always laughing. Once we eventually got out of our sight he came behind us and tagged Christian, which they tagged the rest of us.
We did this for a few hours then we went inside. My parents weren't home so we played hide and seek. We always scared each other because we made it pitch black in the house and made noises. The seeker usually was creeped out, and had a flashlight on because he was scared. When I had to seek I tried to scare them because they were all hiding in the same spot and I knew where they were. We also did the for about 2 hours. It was about 1o’ clock in the morning and my parents got home. We started watching scary movies in my living rooms. We watched the Insidious Movies and Sinister. We were all creeped out by it and then we went up stairs and the ones who were still somewhat awake played some playstation.
We screwed with the ones who were asleep. Sometimes we slapped them as hard as we could and sometimes we got like three of us to grab a pillow and hit them on the face. Once we got bored we all got tired and went to bed. When we all woke up some people had to go home. Jaedan, Ethan, and Christian had to go right away but Gavyn and Dakota stood over for a little bit. After a while they went home and I had to spend my day cleaning and eating some leftover Pizza.
The rest of the day I just played some Playstation and shot some hoops which was okay, but not a very fun day. After Sunday we had School which we all hate. We dealt with it and from there on out it was just regular.
It was a really fun Birthday and plan on having another party soon. I probably will not go to Sky Zone though because we have done it two years in a row now and need something else to do. I’m thinking about taking a few people to Scheels or somewhere and maybe buying some stuff. I really don’t mind where we go just having fun with my friends is the best part. I had my first party on my eleventh birthday which I just had friends over but now we get to go places which is great.

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