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A New World Part 3

A New World

“We got you now, Destroya,” the Shadow said, then put a cloth over my mouth with chloroform on it. I looked up to the sky, it became blurry, then before everything went black, I heard a girl's scream. Starr….
I woke up in a cage, a very small cage, the cage could only fit one person. I tried to move around to get a little more room, but I was stuck. Suddenly, I heard a male’s scream. I heard a conversation going, but it was too quiet.
“Destroya,” I heard, the voice was sharp and deep, “we have your cousin, and guess what? You are going to join him.” The deep voice came from Korse. He opened the old cage and dragged me to the room. He opened the heavy steel door to reveal Evan, rocking in the corner. He had gashes, bruises and cuts everywhere; I started to hear mumbling.
“I am never getting out of here, Timmy. I am just going to have to live off of dust and tears…” Evan whispered crazily.
“Evan?...” I asked worriedly just to see if he still knew who I was.
“Timmy? Timmy is that you?” he said, looking around. I heard the steel door slam shut. I inched closer to him.
“No, Evan, I am not Timmy. I am Autumn, your cousin.” I said. He looked at me, and I saw, in his eyes a hint of happiness. It told me that he did remember me.
“I knew that you would come!” He screamed, running up and hugging me. I didn’t realize that he had a device in his hand. “Now, I can get revenge.” I let out a blood curdling scream as the device followed the path of my spine.
“What did I do to you?!” I asked in pain, falling to the floor. He shook his head in disgust.
“You left me. I could have died, and you just left me. You didn’t fight for me, you just walked away.” He said, his voice getting more and more sinister as he spoke. I knew there was something different about Evan, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. His eyes, they had a certain darkness to it, a darkness that reeked psychopath.
“Well, Evan,” I heard the familiar voice say, it was Control. He walked around to the other side of Evan. “Now, Evan… I need you to do a favor.” I looked as Control whispered something in Evan’s ear. A wicked grin formed on Evan’s face. I knew that the person that was standing in front of me was no longer Evan. This person was someone you would only see in movies.
Control walked over to me and got out these restraints and restrained me to the table. Evan inched closer and closer, the smile getting more and more wicked. I tried to escape from the restrains, but failed trying. Evan started his work: stabbing, scratching, burning, piercing, doing anything to hurt me. My vision started to burr as he kept torturing me.

Evan’s POV

I don’t know what came over me. I think revenge finally caught up to me. I went insane, and went after my own cousin. I wasn’t in control of my body, all I was was a ghost of my own body.
Her screams ached my very core. I never heard her scream like that, like she was frightened to her very soul. Each stab, burn, gash I made, another blood curdling scream she gave. I finished when she didn’t moved. Her face went ghostly white compared to the blood surrounding her. That is when it finally hit me; I think I killed Autumn, my cousin, friend.
“Autumn!” I yelled, kneeling before her, checking to see if she was still alive. She was, but not for very long. I started to panic, until I heard a laugh.
“Ha ha ha ha… Oh little Evan, if you only knew what great good you gave to us, and we won’t be to blame.” Control amusedly said, walking around Autumn and me. I took her belt and made a tourniquet. He walked out of the room.
She started to moved, but still remained ghostly white. I started to pace the room quickly, trying to calm down.
“E-evan, w-why did you d-do that?” She asked with a tear running down her cheek, her breath shaky.
“It wasn’t me, you have to realize this it wasn’t me. Something happened and I couldn’t control myself.” I was pleading with her forgiveness. She just turned her head, without a single word. I knew what I had done wrong. I just walked over to the other side of the room and sat down.
After what felt like a few hours, a man came into the room. He picked Autumn up aggressively and pushed her out of the room. I was left here with my thoughts again, with a mind that was so deadly. I looked at all the torture devices, then a thought occurred to me, Autumn and I could try to escape. If I save her from this deadly place, she will forgive me, or at least I hope she does… I have to try.
I grabbed one of the more menacing devices and tried to hide it behind me. A man walked in a few minutes later.
I ran up towards him yelling, “This is for my friend!!!!!!!” I stabbed him right in the eye, then sprinted out the door. I looked down the scary, mildew smelling hallway. I tip-toed down it so no one would hear me. In one of the rooms I looked in, I saw Jarret, lying in one of the cages.
“Hey, Jarret,” I whispered, he looked up with a tired look.
“Evan? Is that really you?” He questioned, not believing that I was really here.
“Yes, or what is left of me.” I replied, then looked around the room I was in, trying to find a set of keys. I had no luck. I went over a metal cabinet and tried to open it. After a little trouble, I finally got it open. Inside, there were tasers, knives, and pepper spray. I took one of the smallest knifes and went over to try to pry the cage so Jarret could escape.
“What you going to do with that rusty knife?” Jarret said. I glared at him. I put the knife in between the lock and the cage. I used all my might to try to break it. Instead of breaking the lock; I broke the knife.
“Crap, I broke the knife.” I told Jarret. He shook his head at me. I started to hear footsteps behind the room’s door. I ran behind Jarret’s cage to try and hide.
The door opened to reveal a girl. She was tall, skinny Asian looking. Her hair was straight and jet black, like her eyes. She had a lab coat and on her belt was a key ring with ten keys on it.
She walked over to the opposite side of the room that we were on, and disappeared out of view. Then, I heard a click, as if someone unlocked something. I also heard a girl crying. The lady in the lab coat, came back into view, dragging a girl behind her.
“I know that girl,” Jarret said. “I think it is Allie.” I gasped at his statement, and took a closer look at the girl. It was Allie! The lady set the key ring on a little table that I never noticed before. She went back into the shadows to get another person. I thought that this would be the only chance I will have to get the keys.
I crawled to the table, quietly grabbed the keys, and looked to see if there was a cage key. Sure enough, there was a key that’s top looked like a bird cage, so I figured that was the key. I took it off the ring, and set the ring back on the table. In the distance, I heard a noise. It sounded like a taser. I retreated back to the cage, and unlocked the lock with a click.
I carefully opened the cage and signaled Jarret to come out. We crawled over to Allie, she looked terrible compared to us.
“Hey Allie, we are going to escape.” she nodded, and we crawled out of the door. When we were about out the door, we heard a person yell at us. We scrambled up, and barely ran away. We went down this endless hallway until, we heard a low pitch scream. I knew exactly who that low scream could belong to… Autumn.

Autumn’s POV

I screamed, hoping that someone would hear me. I strapped down to a chair, an electric chair to be exact. I felt the fear boil up inside of me. Control was right next to the switches, turning them on one by one, making me more nervous the closer he got to the on lever. He started laughing evilly.
“Oh Autumn, you crack me up. First, you seemed so strong, afraid of nothing. Now, so weak, fragile, like a little kid against an army. You know, I would rather have the wonderful pleasure of killing you myself, but I am going to let my friend, Korse, do it. He hasn’t been able to kill anyone. I think he has a soft spot for humans a caring nature.” Control said, slowly turning his head to the shadows as Korse walks out.
“But Control, you are the one that should do it. It was your plan to kill her,” Korse protested. Control shook his head without a word. Korse inched closer to the switch. He laid his hand on it and started to pull down, then the unexpected happened.

Evan’s POV

We stopped running when we heard the scream. I signed the rest of the group to keep going forward. We continued down the hallway, until I saw another torture room. Inside, was another girl. I went inside and scared her to death. I recognized her from somewhere, I think she was one of Autumn’s friends.
“Hey, I am friend, not foe. Come with us,” I said grabbing a ray gun off the wall. “We will free you from this god-forsaken place.” She looked me in the eye, deciding whether or not to come with us or take her chances here. She got off the table and went with us.
We started running down the halls again until we reached a door marking the ending of it. The door had a tiny, dirt caked, cracked window. I looked through to see if anyone was in it. Inside, Autumn was buckled in an electric chair. Control was talking to her, then Korse emerged from the shadows. He said something and Control shook his head in disapproval. Korse stepped to the lever and that’s when something overcame me. I threw open the door, surprised that it was open and blasted Korse in the head, leaving a gaping hole right in the middle of it, blood splattered the wall behind him. His lifeless body fell to the ground.
I stood there as Allie ran past me. Just then I noticed that the electric chair was turned on. Autumn was jolting all over in the chair. Allie turned the chair off, and Autumn laid still with a little twitch every couple seconds.
“Thanks Allie,” I said, then walked over to Autumn. Footsteps came towards me; I spun around to come face to face with Control, aiming my gun at his head.
“Move any closer and I’ll blow your head off too,” I yelled at him, he stopped. Allie and Jarret picked Autumn up and carried her out of the room. It was me against Control, a one and one gun fight.
“Evan, you foolish person, that little thing isn’t going to kill me. You have to do a lot better than that,” he said, putting his hands behind his back. He paced a little, my gun following every move he made.
“I know why you wanted Autumn. When Easton was controlling me, I figured it out. Good thing she obsessed over MCR, or I wouldn’t have guessed it… She’s a living, ticking time bomb, isn’t she? Only she has the power to defeat you and your stupid corporations, doesn’t she?” I questioned him, still having the gun locked on his head. His head shook in agreement, I grinned at this.
“Yes, she is the only one that can, but she doesn’t know how to use it. She is just a girl learning how to take control of her new body…” he said in deep thought, then paused for a moment. “I know what we can do, we can make a game out of this! I can let you go, give you enough time to build an army, then we can have a battle!” he cheered in excitement, then his voice went back to normal. “I am going to give you seven days. Get as many people you can without getting caught, and then we will fight. If one of your people get caught, I will kill them on the spot.”
“That sounds like a deal,” I agreed and lowered my gun.
“I will show you the way out.”

Autumn’s POV

I awoke from unconsciousness to see Evan sitting in a chair, with his head in his hands. I looked around and suddenly realized that we were back at the diner, in the same room I was before. Party slowly came into the room.
“Well look who’s up, Sleeping Beauty. Glad to see ya,” he said leaning against the wall. Evan looked at me, got up and hugged me.
“I am so sorry. It wasn’t me.” he begged, then I heard another voice, one that I am not familiar with.
“You should forgive him. It wasn’t him, it was his alter ego, Easton. Remember, he would never hurt you on purpose.” I looked around me, but there was no one. Evan let go, he looked at me, confused.
“Are you alright?” he asked in a worry soaked voice.
“Yes, and I do forgive you. I could never hate you forever.” I said.
“You made the right choice, Autumn. Now, you have to know something. You are a time bomb about to blow any minute. You are so powerful, that you are the only thing that can destroy B.L.I. and F.E.A.R.” The voice informed me.
“Evan,” I started to said, choosing my words carefully. “I am a bomb, that can destroy Better Living Industries and F.E.A.R. I think I have to figure out how to blow up.” A tear escaped and rolled down my cheek, I wiped it away. Evan’s head bowed down.
“I know… wait. How did you know?” He questioned.
“Don’t tell him about me. He will think you are crazy, do you want that?” The voice ringed. I ignored it.
“I have a voice in my head. It told me that…” I looked down, ashamed of what I told him.
“Autumn, it’s okay… Hey! Maybe you should name it! Is it a boy voice or a girl voice?”
“A girl voice. I think I am going to name it Alice.”
“I LOVE that name!” Alice said.
“That sounds cool, what did she say?” he said as if he knew she spoke.
“She loved it.” I replied, happy that he didn’t think I was crazy, but I was always crazy. I got up from my bed. “Well, if we want a good army, we are going to have to gather some awesome fighters.” I said, looking at Party. He nodded and walked out the door.
“We don’t need an army, Autumn. You are the only person we need. You have to figure out how to activate the bomb inside of you.” Alice said, if she was a person, she would be grinning from ear to ear.
“I know, but how,” I said out loud, Evan gave me a confused look, then walked out room. I grabbed a few things, then left the room. The living room had the people we saved and others. I noticed that Starr was there. I ran up to her and hugged her tight but not too tight.
“Starr, I am so glad that you are here. Who saved you?” I asked happily. She pointed at Evan. She smiled in return.
“Evan did, even though he didn’t know who I was. I think that was nice of him.” She said with a hint of tiredness in her voice.
“Yeah that was. Okay, now everyone, we have to protect this group,” I stated, everyone agreed. “We are going to have a battle with B.L.I. and F.E.A.R’s group. It isn’t going to be easy, but we can do it. We are the one’s who has the only weapon that can destroy them.”
“Cool, what is it? Can we see it?” Brody exclaimed.
“Well, you are looking at it. I am the weapon; I am basically a living, ticking time bomb. I could go off at any minute, but I don’t know how.” I replied, the group started at me in awe. I paced a little, trying to figure out a plan.
“You guys are going to go out and rescue as many people as you can without getting caught by Control. If you do, you will die. No second chances, like everyone is used to. One chance, if you blow it, you are blown up. Got it?” I said, hoping everyone was listening. I didn’t want to lose anyone this week. We need as many people as we can incase I fail them.
“Yes, ma’am,” The group said in unison.
“Okay let’s get started.”

Evan’s POV

We rescued fifteen people in four days, five of those people got caught and died. Here I am, standing here thinking about how many people we saved, how many that have died because of trying to get more people for the army when I should be helping Autumn figure out how she could explode.
“Autumn, I think we are overthinking this concept way too much.” I pointed out, curious if it was something simple.
“I don’t know maybe, but you have to realize, it’s everyone’s lives on the line. We have no choice but to overthink.” Autumn said, frustrated.
“Here,” I said, picking up an unused match and giving it to her. “Try lighting this and put it near your hair, that could work.” She gave me a weird look and snatched the match from my hand. She lit the match and held it to her hair

Autumn’s POV

I held the lit match to my hair and lit a pair of it. My hair started sparking, so I put it out. I stared at Evan with a blank expression and he returned the look.
“I told you! I told you we were thinking too much!” he gushed after a while. I glared at him, he gave me a silly grin. “It was so simple, how could we miss it!” He said, pacing, putting his hands on his head. I watched him, then he stopped. He turned his head slowly and creepily. I looked at his eyes, they turned red. I knew Easton was back.
“How could you miss it?” Easton said, walking walking towards me. I wanted to walk forward, but something was stopping me. I turned into another me, no wonder we are cousins. I realized, I turned into Alice.
“Are you serious right now?! It wasn’t you who figured it out, it was Evan. Easton, just stop thinking that you do everything, you’re just Evan’s alter ego.” Alice said. Easton went away, and returned to Evan.
“Autumn? Are you okay?” Evan said, his face was covered in worry. I paced then looked into his eyes.
“This is not Autumn, it is Alice. Now, let’s go and tell the Rebel Killjoys that we figured out how to ignite the weapon,” My voice was sharper than it used to be, but I guess it isn’t even my voice.
“Okay, Alice… You aren’t going to kill me are you?” Evan questioned as I walked out the door. I turned around to see he was in the same spot he was before.
“Oh, I’m not gonna kill you. I’m just going hurt you really really bad. That’s only if you betray me…” I said evilly and grinned. I walk out of the room, and looked back to see Evan following me cautiously. I got into the room and told everyone the plan.

“Wake up Autumn! We have to train our soldiers again for tomorrow!” I heard, I mumbled something then sat up. I looked to see it was Evan.
“Good morning to you too,” I sarcastically said. He replied with the same thing, and I was left to get ready. After getting ready, I walked outside to our “battlefield”.
“All right soldiers, tomorrow is the big day. Either we die on the field or we win. This is no laser tag or paintball fight, this is the real deal. Some of you will die, but you will die knowing that you helped save America.” I lectured, even though I did enough of it this week. “We shall win because we have the weapon of all time. If we start shooting, I will do what I can to ignite it before any of you guys die. I don’t know know what will happen after it goes off, but I will be happy that I died saving my friends and family. Alright, Party Poison and Fun Ghoul are going to teach you where to hit for an instant kill. Party, Ghoul, take it away.” I finished then let Party and Ghoul talk.
They finished an hour later, then we trained for the rest of the day. Everyone was pretty good at the end of the day, most hitting all the right places. I had to help a few and some started to panic because they didn’t want to kill a person, so I told them that they weren’t really people, they are zombies. Which it mostly the truth, except they were still human.
We gathered around the campfire and ate our dinners. We reminisced about our childhood days, recalling the good ol’ days when we didn’t have to worry about zombies and people trying to kill us. When we joked around and had fun, when we didn’t have to grow up. But I guess that’s just it, we all have to grow up sometime in your lives whether it is was when you were seven, when you’re fifteen or when you’re twenty. We will lose our loved ones; we will lose our friends, but we will make new ones to replace them. You will think life is testing you at a certain point, but you will make it though. That’s exactly what I thought when we were around the campfire.
“Hey guys, you know this could be the last time we will ever be able to do this. Tomorrow, we all could die, so I think we should have fun tonight, but not enough to make us tired tomorrow. We also should have a toast, a toast to life.” I said standing, raising my glass up. Everyone around the campfire did the same.
“To life!” Evan said.

In the middle of a gun fight, in the center of a restaurant. They say come with your guns raised high…. Those lyrics went through my head as I walked onto the battlefield. Control stood right in front of me, with his menacing army behind him, but we stood tall and proud knowing what we are getting into.
“You gathered a nice army… of outcasted teens.” Control laughed as the army laughed with him.
“Just remember, we have something you don’t have.” I spat to him. His army and he stopped laughing.
“And just what is that thing?” He said, serious now. I looked at the army standing before me, then at ours.
“Faith and hope. I believe that we can win this fight.” I said, our army agreed. He stood there for a moment in silence.
“You know that if you sit in silence for too long, it will eat you up like cancer.” I said, breaking the uneasy silence. His head snapped up, fury in his eyes.
“Then let’s start this fight.” He said, bringing his gun up, aiming at my head, pulling the trigger slightly.

Evan’s POV

“Then, let’s start this fight.” Control said. His gun was aimed at Autumn’s head. Something came over me, and I ran towards her. BAM! I felt the bullet go through my chest, hitting me right by my heart. I fell to the desert ground, blood staining it all around me. I heard multiple shots in the background. I saw Autumn’s face.
“Evan! Why did you do that?” She said, tears running down her cheeks.
“Save us, Autumn. Remember me…” I said, holding a match book in my hand. I took one out and lit it before my vision started to blur. I put the lit match to her hair, setting it on fire. I did a crazy smile that one corner of my mouth went to my ear. She smiled, tears still spilling from her eyes.
“Goodbye, Autumn. See ya soon…” I said as I took my last breathe. The last image I saw was Autumn screaming to the sky. I felt my life leave my body. I was finally free.

Autumn’s POV

I watched my cousin die right in front of me. Most of my hair was burned at this point. I stood up and ran through the crowd to Control.
“YOU KILLED MY FRIEND!!!!!!” I yelled in anger. Control turned around as I tackled him to the floor. I started punching him in the face until blood started pouring from his nose, then the weapon exploded….

Everything went white. I woke up in the middle of nowhere, I got up and walked a few feet. In the distance, I saw a dark spot and curiosity overcame me. I walked to the dark spot. On the way there, I remember everything that happened. I started to think that it was just a dream until I saw Evan’s body laying on the desert ground. I realized that it wasn’t a dream, it was real. I decided to properly dispose of him, I dug a hole with my bare hands and placed his body in the hole. I pushed the loose dirt on top of him, then looked to the sky.
“Hey, what are you looking at?” I heard a voice say. I turned around to see the translucent  ghost of Evan floated right by me.
“Oh my gosh Evan!... You know you’re a ghost, right?” I said, surprised at first. Then thought for a moment.
“No, I didn’t…. Yes, Autumn, I knew. Do you really think I am that stupid?”
“Yea, kinda.” I replied then he tried to hit me, but his hand went through me.
“I AM GOING TO HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!” he said in a creepy voice.
“I kinda figured that,” I said. “Okay, Ghost Evian. Let’s go see if anyone is alive.” I said walking toward where I thought was Route Guano.
“Okay, Adam Bradlee,” he said, “The road is the other way, Autumn.”
“I knew that.”
And with that, we walked towards the city to seek our next adventure.

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