Friday, April 15, 2016


Random Poetry

I like to play sports.
I don’t dribble up and down courts.
I don’t race on a horse.
I don’t drive around a golf course.
I wrestle on mats and run over people on a football field.
School is boring,
even though the class is always roaring.
Some people are even snoring.
I hate it when it is pouring.
We have class in a trailer park.
That leaves me with a big question-mark.
No one knows when history started.
It has never been charted.
If you ask Albert Einstein ,
he probably knows.
Humans made lots of foes.
One day the foes, froze.
All the foes went extinct.
Scientists call this the Ice Age.
I like football.
It is basically one big brawl.
It’s a game about who’s toughest of them all.
One of the toughest people is JJ Watt.
He is rich enough to own a yacht.
It ain’t about the money.
It’s all about the game
It’s all about remembering the name.
This year I signed up for track.
It really kills my back.
I would rather go on a football field and get a sack.
When I run a 1600,
I about get a heart attack.
I didn’t do well at our first meet.
At our next one,
it’s all about the payback.
It is the 4th quarter of the school year.
It’s time to cheer.
Summer is almost here.
School stress will finally disappear.
It’s time to go to the pool.
The most important thing about summer is…
no more school.
I was told to do a poem about a cat.
so here I go.
They all are so fat.
They act like a big brat.
They like to kill a rat.
Some people hate them so much,
they go at them with a baseball bat
I really bacon.
I am not fakin.
I also like the movie Taken.
I do not know how to speak Jamaican.
I just need some privacy.
So please get away from me.
I’m gonna start my own dynasty.
I’m gonna make it very silently.
When I’m done we will act violently.
It will be the start of a new society.
Ending Poem
This is the last poem in my PPOW,
so please, take a bow.
I probably won’t write a poem again.
Now that I think about it,
I should have done a poem about a hen,
or about a pitcher,
in the bullpen.
Well now, it is time for me to say,

The End.

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