Friday, April 15, 2016

After the Forest

On this day April 15, 2034 President Caleb Savage swaggers the 3rd announced that the manned mission to Mars has finally landed on the Planet. There are 35 people up on the ship. The first thing they plan to do is to get to building shelter for the whole crew. The person who will be in charge of the building will be Leroy Jenkins. In order to protect the crew Sargent Gavyn Roasts alot the 4th and his team Wilhelm Mario, Luigi Mario, Ethan Hopner Lucas Song and me. We are called the Reapers! The most dangerous Team in the country.
I was 14 when I knew I wanted to join the Marines because I was in Canada to go to a hockey game and when entering Canada our Bus was attacked by Russia and during escape two marines helped most of my friends and I. We lost two of them that week in the forest they were Jaedan and Michael they were my best friends after that week the rest of us were on T.V. and the news for almost 4 months.
Gavyn and I wanted to join the military after high school but we waited till after college  so if we didn't make it. I went to college and I was studying Earth science and space travel in Iowa University. Gavyn went to Oregon for college he went out for football and was a running back and a Middle linebacker he was really good but after college we still wanted to join the military So we went to training and we graduated from that and we joined the Reapers at first we were just part of the jarheads. Delivering Supplies to outposts in the desert. But one day our convoy was ambushed. The humvee in front was hit with a IED and flew in the air Gavyn and I jumped out and took cover behind some rocks Stan was in the second humvee on the mounted gun the truck turned around and raced back to base to save the supplies so it was Gavyn, Stan, Jake, John and I. The first thing We did was take cover Stan was on the gun and Jake was heading to see if Ethan and Carl were still alive.
Jake couldn't get the door open so Gavyn ran over there and helped get the door off. As that was happening I was taking cover and putting cover fire for Gavyn and Jake. Stan was getting out of the humvee when it was hit with an RPG. I ran over there to see if he was ok. I shouted for John he ran over and carried Stan to safety. Gavyn got the door open and he grabbed Ethan then when Jake was getting Carl out he was shot in the leg.
Carl slowly crawled out of the humvee and to cover he was pretty messed up Jake sat up beside the humvee. I ran to go get him when they shot and RPG at the humvee I was thrown back then blacked out. I woke up in a hospital and Stan was in a bed beside me. That’s all I see before I black out again. When I wake up again Stan is gone and I am the only person in the room. I push a button and a nurse came in and I asked where was I. She said I was in a hospital and that I had a few visitors when I was asleep. It was from stan and he left a Poem called A brave soldier.

I lay in a pool of blood,
Waiting for that white light to come.
It is dark and cold,
But still I wait here for death to come .

I hear guns fire,
And bombs go boom.
But then I felt  you Grab me,
you picked me up and took me to safety.

That's when that light came,
When a dear friend carried me to a rocky mountain
Almost there but then I hear a clear,
And sit right up and Walk into battle again.
It was a nice thing for him to do that I just wish I could thank him myself. So we're on are way to base camp again when I see smoke in the area of the camp. The camp was under attack and on fire. Men driving turn around and drove off, back to base I knew we would not make it so I told them to turn around and head back to camp and that we wouldn’t make it back to camp we would run out of gas. So we turned around and headed into the soup of it when we pulled in. The passenger was calling in Backup as The driver and I went in we went in the front gate and ran to the guards post when in there a man was shot we moved past to the mess hall and there was a five guys in there they had Gavyn, and Lucas and someone not from my team.
We hold there and then I was told to go left and he would go right I grab the man closet to where the should have been, the door was blown clear to the other side of the room. I then knocked him out and took his gun at the same time the guys saw me and went started talking about where the armory is and when the driver grabbed the guy closest to him and grabbed his gun I opened fired. So did the driver I hit the guy right in the chest and so did the driver but the third guy must have saw us before we fired because grabbed Lucas and held a gun to his head, we didn't want him to grab his radio so we ran to the front of the table. Gavyn and the other guy that I have never seen grab guns and holds them up to the attackers he was shouting at us in some weird language. He started to get really jumpy when I said we won't hurt you if he let our friend go he almost pulled the trigger.  He starts yelling again and then he said in Eglash that we will not get him alive and he pushed Lucas at us and I jump to grab him but then I hear gun shots.

To Be Continued  

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