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Sequel to Day of Ending is the Day of Beginning- The Day Before the Battle.

                                  Day Before the Battle:
           Sequel to The Day of Ending is the Day of Beginning.
                                     Chapter 1. Izzy
            “Wake up Izzy.” Kolby said as he shook my shoulder. “If you faint again I’m not going to carry you.” I looked at him in amazement. “What?” He looked at me suspiciously.
            “I never knew someone could be so stupid.” Then I smacked him. “Now tell me everything.” He didn’t speak. “Kolby now!”
            “Okay okay don’t kill me lady.” He rolled his eyes and then he started getting into details. “When you were born your mother wanted me to marry you when you became 16 which you are now.” He pointed out. “Your father wanted you to stay single forever. Classic dad if you know what I mean.” He laughed a little then looked at me weirdly. “I have heard stories that you are a leader of a wolf pack. Which I might add is awesome!” He cleared his throat. “Sorry anyway I am 18 years old, I hope you at least be friends with me I don’t expect you to marry me.”
            I started blushing really bad. “I will be your friend. If you don’t bring up my mom or marrying you again.”
            He held out his hand to shake. “Deal.” I shook his hand.
            “So can you help me take back my kingdom?” I looked at him questionably.
            “I know my way around I can help you and your wolf pack around. Speaking of them where are they?” He looked around.
            “I left them so they won’t get hurt.” He looked at me in shock.
            “You just left them?!” He yelled at me. Then he roughly grabbed my arms and shook me. “How could you be so stupid?”
            “Me stupid? More like you Kolby! Don’t call me stupid! You are the one who didn’t come to look for me! When you became age you could have came and found me Kolby!” I started to cry. “You call me stupid! It’s not my fault my brother Jonathan was murdered in his sleep! It’s not my fault I lost everything at a young age!” I pushed him away when he tried to touch my arm. “Don’t touch me.” I said quietly.
            “Izzy I’m sorry I didn’t know Jonathan was killed please don’t hate me.” He looked down. “I know we just met but I want you in my life forever.” I started blushing and I gently made him look at me.
            “Kolby you are the weirdest person ever.” I said giggling through my tears. He wiped one away from my cheek.
            He just smiled at me. “My friends call me Mr. Weird.” He laughed and hugged me. “I’m sorry for yelling at you Izzy.”
            I hugged him back. “I’m sorry too. I guess I just got really upset.” I backed away from him and he looked at me worried.
            “What’s wrong Izzy?” I took another step back and laughed a little.
            “There now I won’t do anything I regret.” He smiled. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”
            “No reason.” He walked over to the door and opened it then walked out closing the door behind him. I looked at the door for a minute and then I started walking around the room.
            “Where am I?” I said to myself then the door opened again. Kolby walked in with a middle aged man and a woman with white hair.
                                                Chapter 2. Kolby
            As soon as I walked in the door I saw Izzy looking at me with a guilty face. I knew I shouldn’t have brought in my dad and nana. All I could think was I hope they like her. Wait why am I so worried about this? I hope she will like me soon. Shut up Kolby she’s never going to fall you an idiot like you.
            “You are Lizzy?” Nana had spoken first.
            “Actually my name is Izzy,” she held out her hand and nana shook it, “I want to ask you a question in a bit Kolby.”
            “Um okay?” I looked at her. She looked me in the eyes and smiled, it was an evil yet beautiful smile. I caught myself staring and quickly looked away.  “Izzy this is my father Christopher. Dad this is Izzy.”
            “It’s a pleasure to meet you Izzy.” He held out his hand and she shook it.
            “The pleasure is mine.” She smiled. “Could I talk to Kolby alone for a minute?” I looked at them worried and gave nana the face that says. “Don’t leave me alone with her.” Nana smiled and lead dad out of the room.
            “I’ll get you back, just wait and see.” I whispered to myself. She looked at me and smiled. “What?” I looked at her curiously.
            “I think we should talk about something.” She talked slowly but she gave me a stern look.
            “What is it?” Are we going to date? I thought to myself smiling. I would love to date you. You are an amazing young lady who…
            “Kolby!” She interrupted my thoughts. “Stop staring at me you creep!”
            “Oh um I’m sorry.” I said looking down. “What is it you want to talk about?”
            “I was going to ask if you wanted to go on a small date!” I gasped “What I know you like me don’t deny it. Boys these days.” She rolled her eyes. “So Kolby is it a yes or is it a no?”
            “I uh,” I started to stutter, “I uh yeah.” I tried to smiled but I couldn’t manage I just stood there blushing staring at her.
            “You’re weird Kolby.” She said then walked over to a cupboard and opened it. “Is there any food in here?” She said as she dug through the cupboard.
            “No we don’t have any food Izzy I’m sorry.”
            She glared at me then closed the cupboard door. “Am I supposed to starve?”
            Nana walked in right as the last word left her mouth. “Kolby don’t starve the poor girl. Just because you like her doesn’t mean anything.”
            “Nana! Don’t say that in front of her!” I yelled then ran out of the room in embarrassment.

                                                            To be continued…

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