Friday, April 15, 2016

Those Final Seconds- April PPOW

Those Final Seconds
*View of the Mother*
As I sit on the couch, all I can wish for is the safety of my precious daughter and her friends. I look down at my phone to see she had read my message two minutes ago, but she hadn’t replied. I started to get nervous, but I brushed it off knowing she was smart enough to have her friend text back. I turn on the tv and watch my soap opera, about 15 minutes in the unthinkable happens.
*View of the Daughter*
I wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. I look at my calendar on the wall next to me, the day says in sharpie “18 years today.” I throw off the covers and put my hair on top of my head. I waddle down the stairs where my mom is making coffee. She turns around and runs towards me with her arms open.
I feel her put her arms around me and I tear up. She has spent the last 7 years raising me by herself. Dad left when I was 11, and mom has busted her butt to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. I sit down and quickly eat breakfast, my mom asks what I plan on doing today.
I tell her that I plan on getting my 18 year old license then meeting up with the girls for lunch. I finish my food and go upstairs to the bathroom. I start the water and turned on Pandora. I looked in the mirror and compared myself to that little 11 year old learning how to live without a father.
I threw on a face of makeup and found my new dress. I grabbed a sweater and walked into the living room. My mom told me she had a surprise. She made me close my eyes and she guided me outside. Sitting next to the curb was a brand new Ford Fusion. It had been a dream to one day own one. I hugged my mom and ran over to it. She tossed me the keys and I got in.
I drove to the closest DOT license location and got my 18 year old license. When I got it back it had the normal features. My horrible photo we weren’t allowed to smile in making you look like a prisoner getting a mugshot. Also that horrific signature that I always seem to murder when I write it.  I walked back to my car and checked my phone, the girls had texted so I drove to where I was told.
The girls decided we would eat at Blue’s Sushi for lunch. They all brought small gifts and we had a great time. After lunch the girls and I decided to go shopping. We made a trip to the mall where I bought my first ever pair of Jordan Eclipses and some bath bombs from Lush! After the mall we all piled in my car to go do something fun.
We thought it would be a good idea to go get our nails done. We sat and gossiped for a good two hours. Afterwards we decided to go to a movie. We got to the movie theater and grabbed soda and popcorn. We sat down and watched the movie. When It got over we got in my car to go to the mall, so the girls could get their vehicles.
*View of the Mother*
After Paislee left I ran a few errands including; buying shower curtains, supplies to redo Paislee’s room and a few groceries. After I put all of the stuff away I sat down on the couch to watch tv. I started to get queasy because I haven’t gotten a text from Paislee lately, so I grabbed my phone. I asked her where she was and how everything went.
I got a reply pretty quickly saying, good on our way back to mall to get other vehicles.
I responded “Good, love you.”
I turned on my Soap Opera and started watching, I got caught up and lost track of time. I checked my phone and realized she had read my message but hadn’t replied. I didn't think anything of it, until about 15 minutes into my show an incoming report from the local news came on.
*View of the Daughter*
I look at my phone as it buzzes, my mom texted. I reply as normal paying attention to the road and my phone. I turned up the music and kept driving. I got to a red light and felt my phone buzz, it was my mom saying I love you. I started to respond “I love you” when my friends yelled to go. I started to drive not paying attention when my life changed in only seconds. A car sped through an intersection right as it turned red, I hit the gas at the green light and we collided.
*View of the Mother*
My heart dropped as I watched the broadcast. A car crash had happened at an intersection. It was told to be a Ford Fusion and a Chevy Traverse. I grabbed my phone and saw that Paislee still hadn’t replied. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. I drove to the accident so fast I saw what I never wanted too. It was my daughter ejected out of the car lying in the middle of the intersection. The EMT was doing CPR and trying to find a pulse, but she was gone. I dropped to my knees crying, the police officer grabbed me and held me tight as they pronounced my baby girl and her best friends dead.
*View of the Daughter*
As I sit here in Heaven I think about that mistake I made. If I would have waited to check my phone or had my friend do it I would still be here. I wouldn’t be looking down at my mother and my little brother Ruger as they cry, staring at a stone saying “In Loving Memory of Paislee Jenkins, Lydia Kane, Journey Mikaelson, and Jayden Thompson.  As they put our bodies in the ground I think about the choices I made on my 18th birthday. The ones that impacted my life in a good way and the ones that changed my life forever. Never ever text and drive, not only do you put yourself at risk, but others. One less text can save one more life.

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