Friday, April 15, 2016

The Stone

Since they were all wide awake now they went to the nearby gas station called “ Fill Up.” As they were walking, Erin saw something shiny. When she bent down to pick it up, it started to glow. All the girls, now fascinated by the object, started to pass it around.When Sarah grabbed it she felt a small shock, then all she could see was blackness.
Sarah woke up the sound of people yelling. She sat up and looked around she was in a hospital. The floors and walls were all pristine white. There was a small window and a table with presents on it. Sarah was getting up and felt a pain in her arm. She looked down and found she was hooked up to a machine. She sat back down and took a deep breath.  She felt fine and didn’t know why she was at the hospital. After waiting about 30 seconds she screamed as loud as she could. Just like that her mother and the Dr. Bane came running in. Her mother was a lot like her; they both had a temper and were stubborn. Her mom looked a bit like her, too, other than her mom was really tall and didn’t need heels. Her mother had a panicked face on, and the Dr. had a face that looked like a worried one but it could have been because now her mother was shaking her. Once her mother calmed done sarah asked
“ What was all that yelling?”
“That was your entire class and all of your friends trying to get in here.” Her mother said a little to happy.
“What happened, is everything alright?” Sarah asked looking a little worried.
“Everything is fine now that you are ok. You were out with your friends and you fainted. Do you remember anything?”
Sarah shook her head
“How long was I out?” She asked
“ About 2 weeks everyone has been so worried.”
Right when sarah was about to say something there was a loud pound on the door and the handle was shaking. Dr.Bane walked over to the door and opened it. Right when he turned the handle Erin, Clary, and Mary came pouring in. When they saw Sarah awake they all ran over to her. After what felt like the world's longest group hug they all broke apart laughing and Clary was crying. Once everyone calmed down they all started asking questions. Are you ok? Do you remember anything? How are you feeling? After Sarah told them everything, which wasn’t much they all hugged again. Sarah was told that all of her vitals were in check and she look ok to go to school tomorrow. When Sarah heard the word school she gave out a horrible moan then started to make a overly dramatic scene. Her mom and Dr. Bane came running over and her friends started to laugh after a few moments of confusion the mom and Dr. Bane started to laugh too.
Once Sarah got home and unloaded all of her presents to her room she took a long nap.  She woke to the sound of quacking ducks then looked at her phone and realized that her morning alarm was going off. She got up and took a shower, when she was drying off she noticed a small line on the back of her wrist. She tried to rub it off, and when that didn’t work she decided to leave it alone. When she got back to her room she put on a pair of leather metallic silver pants and a loose black shirt. She grabbed her book bag and phone then slipped into her favorite studded heels. She had got into her cherry red Alfa Romeo 4c then drove off to school. She parked in her parking spot and was greeted by half of her class cheering and congratulating her for not dying. She also got several we're sorry for you pats on her back because she had missed two weeks of school and now had to do homework and makeup classes.Once she found Clary, Erin, and Mary. They started to walk to class. Clary handed Sarah a packet with a note that said.
Here are all the assignments. I did them for you. Good luck.
Sarah looked in the package and found two weeks of completed homework. Sarah smiled at Clary and gave her a big hug. They all had the first class together so they went to there seats and Ms.Hangover started to teach. Ms. Hangover was the best teacher not just because she didn’t care what you did, but she would tell you everything you needed to know and have done then let you work while she would take selfies. At the end of class they had to split up and go to different classes. When they met up again at lunch Sarah noticed it was ice cream day and ran to the line. When it was their turn to get ice cream they only had mint which was sarah’s least favorite. She took it anyway then looked around the lunchroom. She spotted her friends and sat down they all had chocolate ice cream, but had already started eating it so she didn’t bother asking them for it. She scanned the room and saw Jace and his friends at the table next to them. She gave an evil and sad smile to her friends then nodded towards Jace and his friends. They all knew what she wanted and nodded back. First Clary want up and asked them if she could have their ice cream and then said please which made T.J. give up his. Clary walked back and gave Sarah the ice cream then Mary walked over to there table and faced Chad then asked for his ice cream when he said no Mary got into an argument with him  and walked back over with a ice cream in her hand and a happy smile on her face.
When Erin  walked over she sat down and started to talk to Alex. She batted her eyes and without a word Alex gave her his ice cream; she said thanks to him and walked back to Sarah giving her the ice cream. Alex had a huge crush on Erin and would do whatever she wanted. Sarah looked at her table she had three chocolate ice creams and one mint. She was so happy After eating all of that ice cream. She only had the mint left and was refusing to eat it so she walked away and tried to trade it. She had a problem though either everyone had eaten or didn’t have any to trade. She did one last scan of the room and saw Jace. She looked at her friends then Jace then back to her friends they were all mouthing the word NO, but she ignored them and walked over. She stood right in front of Jace and set her cup of ice cream in front of him. He looked up at her and smiled and said no. Sarah was about to talk when the bell went off Jace smiled and she returned a sarcastic smile and grabbed his ice cream when he wasn’t looking then ran to her friend then opened the ice cream and started to eat it. After class Jace was waiting right outside the classroom door with a mint ice cream in his hand. When he saw Sarah she gave him a big smile and when she walked out he went up to her.
“I want my Ice Cream now.” He said a little annoyed
“ Well I want you to go away, so I guess we are both out of luck.” She said with a smile.
“ No we aren't because next time there is Ice Cream you are going to buy me two.”
“In what universe? I know not this one.” She said, her voice getting very annoyed.
Jace was getting mad now and was about to say something when the bell to get to the next  rang. Sarah smiled and walked to her next class. At the end of school when she was walking to her car and there was a burning pain on her arm. She looked down and there was another black line on her arm attached to the other one. They looked a little like a crooked L. She drove home and went to her room then when to her presents and started to open them. Most of them were candy and the rest was jewelry. There was one locket that had a little latch that could hold something instead of a picture.
Later that night her friends came over and they went to “Fill Up”. As they were walking Sarah felt a sting in her arm she looked down and there was a third line now it looked like the scar on from harry potter, but this time it was glowing purple. She saw something else glowing in the grass and walked over to it. It was the stone.
Her arm started to burn and she felt a pull or urge to go to the stone. She was standing right by the 

stone and was snapped back to reality. Her friends were running over and right when she picked up 

the stone she felt a shock. She dropped the stone and took a few steps back then the glowing in her 

arm stopped. She looked down and the stone was gone. Her friends ran up and asked what was 

wrong. Sarah told them about the line and drawing on her arm then they want to her mother. The 

drawing on her arm was now black like she had drawn it with a sharpie. Her mom didn’t know what 

to do so she took her to Dr. Bane. When Dr. Bane heard the symptoms he sounded like he knew what 

is was and told her to come to the hospital right away. When they got there Sarah was rushed to a 

bright white room with a bed and a small with weird tools on it. Dr. Bane came rushing in with 

something in his hand that looked like a book, but was really really really old. The spine was broken 

and it had lating writing on the side of it. Dr. Bane held the book out to Sarah and when she looked 

and the drawing and latin words her head started to pound and she fainted.

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