Friday, April 15, 2016

Escaping The Kidnaper

As I fumbled with the lock on the door, I could hear footsteps getting closer to the room I was in. There were three ways of getting out. Number one- the window, number two- the first door or number three the door that was in the back. I didn’t feel like using the back door for number of reasons, if you think about it the main reason is because the person that was after me was coming from the back door. I pushed all my thoughts to the side and I finally got the door to open.
I ran down the long and dark hallways. It was like a maze, hard to find your way around my hands were shaking and my body felt like collapsing underneath me. I kept running afraid to stop. I came to a dead end I could hear the person’s footsteps get closer, I looked to my right to see a small door. I got onto my knees and I opened the door as soon as I did rats come scurrying out. I quickly crawled into the small room and shut the door.
I crawled through the small room the only thing I could hear was the person walking through the halls and the rats squeaking. I suddenly stop moving when I hear the person hit the wall, I soon realized that the “small room” was a crawl space in the walls. I continued to crawl through the small passageway. I came to another stop when i could hear people talking. The sounds weren’t coming from inside the house, they were coming from outside on the streets. I quickly crawled towards the sound of the people talking. I came to a small hole I started to crawl up the passageway. I opened the small latch and crawled out, as soon as I knew it I was outside. I quickly closed the small hole and started to run down the road. It all looked so familiar to me, I turned a corner and I noticed it was my street. I heard someone yell “HEY!” I ignored the shout and ran faster the sound of my feet hitting the cement echoed through the street. I could hear the person running after me, I could see my house a couple of houses away.
I ran faster and faster till I reached my house. I ran up to the door and tried opening it, just my luck, no one was home. I looked for the spare key I could hear the person getting closer to my house, just in time I found the key. It took me a little bit to get my hands to stop shaking and get the key into the lock. I unlocked the house and rushed inside, I quickly slammed the door shut and locked it again.
 I ran through the house making sure everything is locked. I checked the upstairs last, as soon as I reached the last room I could hear the person walk up to the door and started knocking. I looked out the window to see if I could see the person’s face, but they were wearing a hood to block their face.
I ran back downstairs and grabbed the house phone, I quickly dialed 911. It was a while before the police got to my house, but the person was already gone. My parents came home after the police got here and saw them asking me questions. My parents were worried if someone broke in or if I was hurt. Everything turned out fine after that.
It was a scary experience but I’m okay and so is my family. The police are doing everything the can to find the “kidnapper” or whatever that person was. They believe after what had happened they left the state or maybe the country. Later that night we went over our new rules, we also went over what to do when we get taken or if something happens when our parents aren’t home. We keep our eyes out for that person, we are always prepared if something happens.
Later that night we all went to bed, nothing happened overnight but we did start hearing noises outside the house. That morning my dad went outside to see if anything was messed with or taken but everything was there and nothing was gone. My dad came up with an idea to get a security system for the house. Later on in the day he had set them up in spots where no one could see them.
It's been two years later. I am 16 now I still get the feeling someone is watching me, but I know nothing is going to happen.We have alarm systems around the house and video cameras so if something did happen the person wouldn't get away.


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