Friday, April 15, 2016

April Poetry PPOW

Pain is just a test of our mortality.
      It is a reminder of reality.
  Pain is a sign of our humanity.
It twists and bends our morality.
 It searches for our adaptability.
    It reaches for our capability.       
       It invites us to insanity.
Pokemon is an outlet for my hopes and dreams.
      Hours, assembling friends and teams.
         I would always choose a starter.
  They were by my side when things got harder.
I learned to not see everything in Black and White.
       For my friends, I should always fight.
My memories are priceless like Silver and Gold.
 I will always enjoy the games, young and old.
My talents are beautiful like a Diamond and Pearl.
      I should use them to change the world.
        I learned to see everybody’s beauty.
   Like a red, sparkling Ruby
    I learned to be brave, no matter how dire.
I learned to shine like a Sapphire.
It all started with Red and Blue.
         Now, I look to the Sun and Moon.
  I love math.
           It will help me in my career path.
I love school.
       I think that it is cool.
Hoverboards definitely hover.
        I will find a lover.
I don’t like blankets or a cover.
     I don’t like my mother.
        I love my brother.
          I hate to write.
      To me, it is a plight.
     I want to be on a flight.
         I love heights.
    I look good in tights.
       I have no rights.
                             I like being in a forest with no lights.
             I win all the fist fights.
        I always look to please.
            I love cottage cheese.
       Cross country is a breeze.
       My hunger is always appeased.
      I never tease.
       I hate steak.
I wish my legs would break.
                         From my brothers, I never steal or take.
        I like to rake.
       I hate to bake.
         I am fake.
                           I don’t want to go fishing at a lake.
    I hate The Joker.
I want to be a broker.
   I don’t play poker.
       I never fail.
   I hate Undertale.
                        I want to stay in an abandoned jail.
       I like kale.
                      I don’t like getting packages in the mail.
      I am frail.
                                I don’t like telling a tale.
    I don’t mind when baby’s wail.
                              My pencil is a sword.
      Healing spells are charging cords.
            My words a shield.
      My imagination will not yield.
       Blank pages, uncharted maps.
      Writer’s block, dangerous traps.
Erasers, second tries.
        Inspiration, a grand surprise.
   Different mind.
    One of a kind.
A new story, a new quest.

                                   One like none of the rest.

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