Friday, April 15, 2016

April PPOW

July 24
This is it; today is the day we will say “I do.”  I have been planning this wedding for years, and this day has finally came.  All six of my bridesmaids are here helping me get ready. They make me look the best that I possibly can on my big day. I already have my hair and makeup all done, all that is left is to put on my dress.  My dress is a giant, white, poofy ballgown style.  I picked it out with my sister and my mom.  I couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle as the most beautiful girl.
January 4
Today, I found out I am expecting.  My due date is October 24, and couldn’t be more excited.  Adam and I have started planning for our baby’s room and we cannot wait to find out the gender.  The room is right down the hall from ours.   We also made sure everyone was aware.
June 4
Today marks five months since I found out I was expecting, and today, I find out what the gender is. Adam and I are headed there when a strange older man walks out in front of our house. I try to ignore and go on with my day.  As we pull up, I hop out and get in.  We waited in the waiting room for about ten minutes. IT’S A BOY!!!
October 14
It’s five in the morning, and I have started to have contractions.  Adam and I grab our clothes along with the baby’s.  We are on the way, and the strange man that I crossed paths earlier, goes by again.   
“Right now is not greatest time to talk or worry about it!” Adam exclaims.
Ethan Madison Dale was born on October 14 at one in the afternoon.  
December 25
Today is Ethan’s first Christmas with all of his loved ones, well most of them  We will celebrate at home first and then head to Grandma’s.  Adam went out last night with a couple of his “friends”, and he got home late last night.  This morning he didn’t join Ethan and I for our Christmas.  I went up and told him that we were going to start getting ready for my mom’s Christmas.  I got myself ready and then Ethan.  Adam never got up and he never joined us for anything that day.  
January 1
It’s a new year.  Tonight, I stayed home. Adam hasn’t been home very much lately.  He never comes home after work, and leaves early.  He doesn’t ever want to spend time with Ethan.  Today, I went to work and then picked up Ethan at daycare, just like every other day.  I felt the need to call Adam and figure out what was going on, and I wanted to ask him why he hasn’t came home in a while.  There was no response.  
June 20
Tonight, I am going out for the first time since I had Ethan.  My best friend Mandee asked me to go with her along with a couple of her friends.  I took Ethan to my mom's house for the night.  We started out the night by going out to eat and then headed to the concert.  One of Mandee’s friends knew Adam, and apparently they talked frequently.  Her name was Katie, and she was a very pretty, young lady.  She approached me in the middle of a song, and asked if she could talk to me.  I thought it was an odd time, but of course out of curiosity, I got up and followed her.  We walked towards the bathroom and then turned back around.  She was to worried to tell me.  She didn’t want to be the one to tell me. The next morning while Mandee and I were eating breakfast I told her about Katie. I asked her if she knew.  On this day, at ten in the  morning, I found out Adam was having an affair.  
October 14
Today is Ethan’s first birthday, and we are celebrating it alone. We are getting family pictures done, and then we are going to my mom’s to celebrate Ethan’s one year.  I haven’t heard from Adam in a while, and I didn’t really want to.  When I got home that night, Adam was laying on my couch. The whole time all I could think about was what I was going to do to get him out of my house.  I told him to leave, or I was calling the cops.  If he came again, there would be a consequence. I filed for a divorce today.
January 1

Today marks another year with Ethan, and today was the first day he asked about his father.  It broke my heart to tell him. I stayed home with Ethan tonight and we watched the ball drop. Ever since Adam moved out, I let Ethan sleep in my bed.  I woke up in the middle of the night to a sound downstairs.  Being a single mother in our house alone there wasn’t normally these types of noises.  I walk downstairs and turn on every light on my way down.  As I come into my living room, I see Adam standing in my kitchen, obviously drunk. He passes out on the couch before I could even say anything.  I leave him there. It’s now eight in the morning, and Adam hasn’t moved. I grabbed a hammer…….

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