Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The House

The House
There once was a myth about family that used to live in this house, but they don’t really know who their names are. All the town of Avoca, Iowa, knows there is some spooky stuff that goes on. This house is just outside of town out in the country. Nobody dares to even step foot on that property. There’s a lot of stories about this place. One family said that they knew a family’s kid went there, and they never came back. Another creepy part is it’s right by the spooky woods. Nobody ever dares to go there because people say the family that used to live there got killed, and they haunt the house now.
Nobody ever wants to go find out what’s there. I myself, Jerell, attend AHSTW Junior High. It’s Friday, October 31, 1992. It’s halloween today, and it’a just a different feeling to the day. We get through the day and Terrell, Shaquan, Tyrone, and I all stay at Odell’s house after school. Usually we watch scary movies, but not today. Shaquan is like, we should go visit the house. Tyrone says, “nah man we shouldn’t go it’s dangerous.”
Terrell comes in and says,  “No we shouldn’t go.” I decide that yes we should go be the first ones to visit. It’s about 10 o’clock and we’re going to go.  
There’s is a creepy feeling going there, but we think can do it. We finally get to the house and there is a hair-raising gate at the front, and it just make the hairs stand up and goosebumps all over are arms. We climb over it, and were surrounded by the woods and then a house in the middle. It took 45 minutes to walk here; no turning back now. The house was perfectly fine, just creepy. Nobody had the guts to visit this place, so no windows are broken out of it or anything. We get up to the porch, and we see a rocking chair, and we hear an old lady sat laughing in direction of the rocking chair. We just think it’s in our heads, and we were just thinking that we are hearing things, or we’re just crazy going here!
We creep up to the door and go in side. We hear a radio what seems to be in the kitchen and it sounds like a old violin. We go to the kitchen and there is no radio and the sound stops. Suddenly, we hear a deep voice that’s yelling get out of here. We run out of the kitchen into the living the room the kitchen door slams shut behind us, we run upstairs into some bedroom. Shaquan says” Why the heck did we come here”. Jerome says” were not gonna back out from this”.
This place is seriously creepiest place ever. I locked the the door in this bedroom. We can’t unlock the door. We can’t get out of this room. Next thing you know we hear something from the closet and the closet door opens slowly, a little girl pops out and says “you wanna play.”Great, were all locked in a this room scared to death and no way out. Time to come up with a plan, Shaquan says” no reason for a plan he kicks the door open and we get out.
We sprint down the stairs and run out the door. We are running for our lives we get through the gate. We have to get through the woods  and then were in town. Were walking through the woods and the it’s foggy, we hear a creepy laugh and then Sinister is chasing us. He’s like come here little boy. Odell is like how about no, we are running for our lives out here. Tyrone gets caught and taken away. The rest of us got out and got away we don’t know what happened to Tyrone. We run to Taco Bell, get us some food and go home. Odell’s dad is on the front porch at three o’clock in the morning and is like what could you guys be possibly doing at this time. Please tell me you guys didn’t get any trouble. Well I say well we went to the house and we lossed Tyrone. Sinister got him. Odell says” we gotta go back and find Tyrone dad. We get Odell’s dad, he went back there to find Tyrone.
Odell’s dad used to be a marine, he’s retired. That’s why we went back because he could give us some help. So here we are going back there just why is Tyrone so slow. Were hearing noises in the woods and screaming. We all split into different directions of the woods and try to get em to safety. We finally capture Tyrone and he is all safe and sound. There is a gonna be a story about the house of terrors. This house was so scary and many stories to tell for years to come.
We all carry on with our lives and we all decide to never go back there again. That has to be the creepiest places ever. It was a great time though. We couldn’t really figure out was in the woods it was like a sinister character.  Who knows but I don’t wanna find out. Experts don’t even wanna go there. Now it’s ruled the number one scariest place on earth. It’s funny that a bunch of kids go there but experts don’t go. My advice is just never go there. We honestly made a mistake going there.
Well everything’s going good in Avoca we are carrying on with our lives. Odell is getting football scholarships as a eighth grader. My other friends are doing pretty good though. Avoca is going good.
Grades going good. Everything is going great. All my friends doing good. My life is going good. Won myself a PS4 at taco bell. Took me about month to finally win one. That’s the story of my life.


Like the glistening snow,

Everyone’s hearts are aglow.

This means Christmas,

Everyone’s jolly.

Lots of noises,

Ripping of presents,

Laughing of kids,

And the crackling of fire,

Which makes your cold house warm.

Christmas Day comes,

All the kids cheer,

You go outside and see animal prints,

They must be from deer!

After that, you have a snowball fight with your family,

Your little brother wins.

After that you go inside,

And have hot chocolate.

You watch movies all day,

And hear the fire crackling,

Continuously, keeping you warm.

The day passes,

Time to go to sleep.

After that,

It comes to an end,

Time for Spring to begin.

Drip drop drip drop,
Talks the rain.

Flowers are blooming,
Growing. Sprouting.

All of them,

So gorgeous,

So beautiful.

I pick some,

And take them inside.

Everyday is full of rain.

Pitter patter, pitter patter,

Then finally,

It stops.

The weather gets hot,

Now I begin to spot,

That Summer is about to begin.

Hot sun, cold pools.

Vacations to unknown places.

Days are hot,

Nights are not.

You go to the pool,

To escape the hot weather.

Time with friends at night now,

Because school is out.

Everyone’s happy, grass is green.

Games, hearing the crack of a bat at a game,

Another win for our team.

Sleeping in the next day,

Bonfires at night.

Slowly, it gets colder,

Leaves begin to fall.

Smell the fall air.

See the leaves fall,

Hear everyone raking leaves,

See kids jumping in piles,

You join them.

Thanksgiving comes,

Big meals, family time.

Good scented candles,

Fill your house.

After Thanksgiving,

We go Black Friday shopping.

People shuffling,

Stores are buzzing,

You can’t wait for Christmas now.

You love warm weather again,

Sadly it comes to an end.

You can’t wait for next year.

You put everything away,

Get ready for Christmas.

Suddenly you see,

The first snowfall.


Light, soft steps,

I take as I gently glide across the stage.

At the end,

Everyone applauds, and I bow.

As I walk off,

I receive flowers,

“Good jobs” ,

And more applauding.

I get to my dressing room,

And get ready for awards.

I walk out on stage,

Waiting for my name to be called,

Patiently waiting.

I finally hear it,

I get more applauding,

More flowers.

After it’s over,

I go home,

And add these to my collection.

I add on another year,

A successful year.

I can’t wait for it to start again.

More light, soft steps.

Gliding gently across the stage,

And finally,

More applauding.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Triangle Trip

It all started the day my friends and I got are waverunner license. Michael, Dakota, and I have been planning this trip for four years now. The trip was about going to the Bermuda Triangle, and make our way across the whole triangle. My friends and I will make our way down to Florida, and from there we will make our way to the Bahamas.
When we got to the Bahamas we all bought some waverunners, and a trailer to haul all three, we also bought a truck to pull the trailer. We all stayed there in the Bahamas for a couple of nights. We ate a big breakfast and headed to the docks to unload the waverunners, After we got them in the water we jumped on and took a cruise around the island. We all filled up with gas and took off, we got to the Bermuda triangle by 11:00 a.m. We drove through slowly, stopping some place to snorkel down and see all the planes and ships. I swam down to a plane and looked in, and there was an electric eel sitting in there. The eel swam out of the plane fast and came up to me and stung me. I swam back to my waverunner, and got on it and laid down on the seat and took a nap. I awoke to a screaming my friends were yelling my name there were two sharks surrounding their waverunners. I got my harpoon gun out and shot a shark right in the back fin. The shark swam off quickly taking my spear guns arrow, I reloaded it and shot the other one in the body. It acted fast and jumped up out of the water and took a chunk out of my waverunner. My waverunner was slower sinking so I had to load up all my gear on my friend’s waverunner. We took as much gas as we could from mine, Then it sank. By the time night was rolling in, there were rough waves, hitting our waverunners making it difficult to stay level. We flipped one of our wave runners and lost some of our gear. We were checking our weather trackers and there was a big storm coming in. We had to make supporters to the sides of the wave runners so we could keep them running without flipping them over.
By the time this storm got to us, we were preparing for it. The waves were rough and it was hard to keep the waverunner steady. I fell off one and was floating around in big waves.  
I yelled, “Help!” to my friends. I was then sucked underwater. I blacked out. I woke to my friends yelling my name.
Michael said, “Dakota flipped his waverunner, and will not run anymore!” We all piled on Michael’s wave runner and were extremely cold. I was checking my weather tracker and their was a hurricane coming. We needed to get somewhere safe quickly. We saw an island in the distance. We decided to try and make it to the island. We were driving fast to the island and the waverunner quit. suddenly. We had to get a life raft out. Luckily, when we pulled the string the on the life rafe, it aired up immediately. We were only a mile out from the island. We were rowing very fast to the island. We hit a reef, and the life raft started sinking. We grabbed our gear and starting swimming. We had many cuts and bruises from the reef and finally made it to the island. The water made us very cold and we used the raft as a blanket.
The next morning we made a fire and dried out our clothes. The rain had stopped and it only sprinkled all day. It was still hard to keep the fire going. We managed to keep the firing going and we made a shelter out of sticks and leaves.
I said, “Michael and Dakota, we need to make a plan to get rescued off the island.”
Michael replied, “Sounds good, but we need resources to make a bigger fire.”
Dakota said, “I agree, I will go get the wood.”
I was looking for supplies when I found footprints from another person. I followed the footprints to a cave. I yelled to Michael and Dakota, “I found something!”
Michael and Dakota came running. Michael asked, “What is it?”
I replied, “Look, it’s a cave! We can use this as a shelter. Also, I found footprints leading to this cave. Do you think someone is here or do you think the footprints have been here a while?”
Dakota replied, “Let’s go inside the cave. If we don’t find anything, we can good we can make it our own shelter.”
Michael exclaimed, “I think that the footprints are very resonate because the rain would have washed them away.”
I went in the cave with them and we saw parts of a plane which had the aviator cap with it. We grabbed leaves and sticks and make a makeshift bed in the cave. We made a fire in the cave. Dakota made a signal on the beach which said SOS out of logs. We were sleeping that night and heard some rustling in the bushes around the cave. We got out and saw an old lady standing their with an aviator suit on.
I asked her, “Who are you?”
She said, “My name is Amelia Earhart.”
We all jumped to our feet and yelled, “Didn’t you die in a plane crash?”
She replied, “I was really injured and lost my arm.”
She brought us back to the hut that she made. She had more of the plane there. We asked her if she wanted us to help her rebuild her plane.
She said, “I have no motor. It is no use.”
We made a signal fire the next day and in one week the helicopter found us and took us home. Amelia had died from infection in her arm.

Survival of the Fittest Part 3 of 4

I wake up I see my friends on the ground and the soldiers that stopped were running around yelling and shooting their guns up at the trees I was confused so I just laid there and covered my ears I was there almost and hour when I heard the shooting stopped. I saw that gavyn was awake too. We crawled over the glass to our other friends who were still knocked out. Then we heard footsteps coming from the trees behind them so we crawled to a tree and waited to see what the noise was. it was a man with a gun he looked american but we could not tell until he ran over to the other american who were dead. so we stumbled over to our friends. The soldier heard us and whipped around with his gun aimed at us we stopped then kneed down to make sure our friends were ok. the man then ran over to us and helped pick up our friends and put them beside a wall of sandbags where there were gunshots going through them. Sand is still falling out of the bags because of the battle that had happened. Gavyn and I are still really weak form being thrown out of the bus. So we laid down next to our friends and we tried to stay awake but we are to weak and we start to drift into a sleep. When we woke up again jeadan was looking confused like he didnt know were he was, I remember every that happen. After an hour michael and marshall woke up and when that happened only Jarret was knocked out. The military private was talking to Gavyn and I he said his name was Freddy Jones. Freddy said that he and 2 other guys ran into the woods after the russians. When they ran away Freddy came back to check on the other men. Just before we went to check on Jeadan we heard shooting. Freddy jumped up and said I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!! He threw us a handgun. Gavyn and I looked at each other not knowing what to do. He asked if we have ever shot a gun. Gavyn had shot a pellet gun before but it did not end so well. I said I had shot an AR-15 before. Fredddy thought that was good so he picked up a gun off the ground and said it was a M4 Carbine Rifle. Freddy then handed gavyn a Lebedev PL-14 pistol. he gave Jeadan a mini moose. Then Freddy ran into the woods after his friends. we followed him, freddy was really fast so we started to walk. I think Gavyn  could tell I was worried so he started to talk. It made me less worried. we started to run again when we heard more shooting. we saw some buildings so we went to hide in there. that's when we saw a dead guy in there. he must have died a little bit ago since his gun was still smoking. we moved forward until we saw Freddy. he told us to take cover by the wall. he said that the russians were heading this way. I moved to the side of where they would be running though. gavyn aims his gun at the door where they will be coming from. I sat behind the wall waiting for the first gun shot to be fired. freddy ran over to me to make sure I was ready. I told him i was ready but not really knowing what I was saying. he said we would be the two youngest people fighting for our country. I thought that was pretty cool but before I could say that gavyn was shooting like a madman. freddy looked up to see what had happen. gavyn killed a guy. freddy had started shooting. so I ran over to gavyn to see if he was ok. he was fine just confused on how to reload.  I did it for him. when I did he got up and started shooting at the door again. I got up and started shooting too. in about 10 minutes freddy jumped over his cover and went to the wall. when he did that jeadan came sprinting into the open. freddy looked over his shoulder and a guy shot at Jaedan.  he was shot in the arm. jaedan was blown back onto the ground. freddy pulled out his 45 Gov't m1911 and shot the guy in the head. jaedan was groaning as we ran over to him. as freddy cleared the building we heard a few more shots so we carried jaedan over to a building with only the front and right side walls. we put Jaedan down, he was bleeding super bad. I felt like throwing up but instead I ran to go help Freddy. We left gavyn to help with the blood. When I got into the building I looked around for freddy. When he popped around the corner he hit me in the face with his gun. I was knocked out. When I came to michael had a gun and was walking around with it. Freddy was next to me waiting for me to wake up. I got up slowly and grabbed the canteen that he had. When I was done drinking I got up and walked over to my gun and grabbed it not even knowing what I was doing. I Then walked over to Jeadan to see if he was still ok he they had wrapped his hole left side of his body in bandages. All of a sudden a big explosion happen in the trees where jaedan was shot. We heard people coming out of the forest freddy told us to run into the trees behind us and get far away from this place and to run to the military base 40 miles from here. We grab what we need then rush into the woods. We get maybe run 2 miles before we stop to rest. Then we walk in a few miles we walked maybe 7 to 8 miles then it is dark we camped there for the night then In the morning we get a map out and see how far we had to go. We thought 35 to 40 miles to go we start walking and within a hour Jeadan fell to the ground. We ran over to him he was losing blood Marshall grabbed to First aid box we had and wrapped his shoulder the best we could. Then started walking again gavyn said he would carry him a few miles when we stopped to rest we wrapped him again when we were almost done Marshall said he saw something moving this way from the woods we jumped to the ground gavyn had his gun ready like he's done this before or something. It was a man we thought it was Freddy so we walked up to him asking what took him so long it The man spun around and tried to hit us Michael and Gavyn jumped on him and he hit his head on a rock. They got up and walked over to our group we thought that we had to bring him with us. We couldn’t just leave him here to die so we dragged him with us to the military base where Freddy told us to be after we found that man we wondered how Freddy was doing AS we talked I got worried that he could have died trying to save us.


Camping with my Friends 2

Camping with my Friends 2
Previously on Camping with my Friends….
We went to walk on trails and we just got to the camp site.
“Mom, we’re going to walk on the trails. Is that okay?” I asked my mom.
“Sure, but be back at 7:30” demanded my mom.
“Okay see you then!” I said to my mom.
We went to trial, and decided which one to walk down, and we chose the scariest one, I think. They were walking until it got dark, and it was almost 7. Then we heard a noise in the bushes, and I about jumped into Alexis’ arms. I’m a complete chicken when it comes to scary stuff. In the bush it was only a bunny; yet is scared me half to death. We decided to walk back, ,and when we got back. My mom had hamburgers ,and potatoes chips. We ate ,and then we went down to look at the lake. I almost got pushed in by Alyssa because she’s evil, but I “love” her. We all were putting all our feet in the water. Then, we played dare or double dog dare. We did that because then we had to pick dare no matter what.
“I dare you to jump in the water,” I said to Kelsi.
“No, please don’t make me!” complained Kelsi.
“Fine, but then I get to push you in-” then I was interrupted by Kelsi.
“No way! I will never let you push me in,” said Kelsi.
“Then, jump on in Kelsi!” said Alexis as I agreed.
“FINE!” Kelsi yelled very angry.
Kelsi jumped in the water ,and said it was actually a little bit warm ,and that she dared me to jump in next. I didn’t even put up a fight. I just stood up ,and jumped in. Kelsi was mad because she thought, I would be mad, but I wasn’t. Next up, was Alexis to dare someone. She chose Alyssa.
“Alyssa I dare you to jump in the water with the rest of them,” Alexis said with an evil grin on her face.
“No, Alexis please don’t make me!” said Alyssa.
“No jump in now!” said Alexis.
“Hey, I’m older than you!” complained Alyssa.
“Only by 2 minutes!” said Alexis.
“Still!” yelled Alyssa.
I finally jumped into the conversation. “Hey it’s only a game. We are supposed to be having fun not fighting,” I said kinda sad.
“Yeah guys. You guys should make up ,and how about you both jumping in together?” proposed Kelsi.
“Yeah, I guess I was kind of mean. I’m sorry Alyssa.” said Alexis.
“I’m really sorry too. I was being mean also. I’m sorry,” said Alyssa.
“Okay. Do you want to jump in together?” said Alexis.
“How about Kelsi ,and I get out ,and all jump in together?” I questioned.
“Yeah let’s do that!” said Kelsi.
Kelsi ,and I get out of the water ,and we lined up so we know where to stand. We all jump in. Alexis thought it was cold, but it wasn’t. We went back up to the camp ,and my mom didn’t know why we were all wet. She looked at us like we were crazy.
“Mom, can you drive us up to the bath house thing, place?” I asked my mom.
“Yeah sure, Chloe, get your pj’s and go to the car,” ordered my mom.
We all grabbed our stuff. We headed up to the bath house. When we were done us, girls sat around the fire and made s’mores. Then we decide to go to bed.
The next morning, we wanted to walk on more trails and walk around the lake. We got up, and had cereal and then we packed a bag with some sandwiches and other stuff. We were off with our walk. We started by going down the trail we did last time.
Later that night….
We were back at the camp ,and decide to go swimming again. My mom said that we “had to take Chloe with us”.
“I can’t wait to go swimming!” said Chloe annoyingly.
“Alexis, why did you go all gorilla on Alyssa?” I asked Alexis.
“I don’t know! I just got mad because I thought she would be ok with just jumping in ,but no you had to fight. But, that’s behind us now, so let’s talk about something else. Okay?” exclaimed Alexis.
“Okay! So, what should we talk about?” I asked everyone.

Well, we walked ,and talked about tons of different things. Random thing actually. After that, we went swimming more, rented paddle boats, messed with the fire a little, roasted hot dogs, and told scary ghost stories.We also skipped rocks, my mom rented a boat ,and we went water skiing and tubing. We took lots of pictures, Kelsi ,and I scared Alyssa, and Alexis. Kelsi recorded the whole thing.  That was the weekend camping with my friends!