Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Sweezy Road Trip Two

Kevin stared at the gravestone numbly. He knew he should feel more than just the cold, but he didn't. His parents were dead. He would soon be off to another city to live with his aunt. He shivered. The priest had a crackle in his voice saying that this was more than a normal service, he’s never done a funeral, with the murder victims before. Kevin started tearing up at the end because the music that was coming out of the speakers was playing when his parent’s danced the first time they met. The day before the funeral was the visitation, it was from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. The cosmetologist tried her best to cover up the bullet wounds but there were so many. Kevin stood there in shock. Two days ago he was playing basketball with his parents, now they’re in two caskets with the obvious bullet wounds in their bodies because the cosmetologist did a terrible job.
He can still feel the wind on his face from the bullets going right past him. He felt the arms grab him ,and in the snap of a finger his vision went black. Eventually, ISIS had brought him to a cargo container. The waves crashing into, what seems like concrete, he knew by now he was somewhere by the ocean. He’s heard this sound before, at least a three years ago. The Santa Cruz beach, where he met the astonishing girl. He could hear the unknown voice of two arabic men speaking. After at least a half hour of arabic voices, he finally heard the two doors close. He took off his one of his shoes, pulled out a wire from his back pocket, and connected them, he called the girl up and asked her if there was any shipyards close to Santa Cruz, she said yes.
Close to ten minutes later, she showed up. She picked the lock, and found him. She brought him KFC from the nearest KFC. She drove Kevin back to Chicago, to his aunt's house. His aunt took care of him like her own son. After a few weeks of missing high school football, he was ready for basketball season. Kevin was the best player on the chicago high school team, he could dunk. He was 6’7 with vertical of 60 inches and could do the 40-yard dash in 3.55 seconds.
His first basketball game was in two days, if he got kidnapped by ISIS again in these two days his basketball career would be ruined.
After Kevin slept on that, he woke up to two ISIS members at his window sill. He grabbed his shoe without alarming the ISIS members, and tased them both without alarming his aunt, he tied them up in his closet so they couldn’t talk. He went to school, and then basketball practice, after practice he went home to a note his aunt left him, “Out for dinner with friends until 11, sleep well, night night, love Aunt Sweezy.”
The note gave Kevin time to find out where the two ISIS members were from, and who sent them, and how they found him. The first guy up had a fluffy beard, and a scar going from his nose to his ear. The first thing he asked him was what his scar was from, he had no reply, Kevin asked him who sent him, he said Barack Obama. Kevin was absolutely shocked that Barack Obama sent two ISIS men after him. After the Arabic man said that, Kevin knew that his president was playing a huge role in the ISIS terrorist squad. Kevin had to tell someone about this.
Kevin interrogated the other ISIS man, he said the same thing, so he knew these ISIS men were not lying to him. Kevin took at least a hundred pictures of the ISIS men tied up, he also took a video of them saying who sent them. He sent the box of information to the FBI.
After a week of waiting for a reply, it finally came. It said, “THIS INFORMATION IS FALSE.” After reading that Kevin was mad, so he went to the gun store and bought all the guns in the store. He hit up his beautiful women and told her his idea, she said she was down with that. She took the closest flight to Chicago and flew to him. They decided to drive with all of their weapons in her mom's suburban. It took them roughly hours to get to Washington D.C. Once they got there, they just blew up the whole white house, but everyone walked out, except the ISIS president. Kevin won the medal of honor for saving the whole planet, ISIS was no longer a thing anymore, and he was now the new president of the world and his beautiful woman was the first lady. Kevin and his wife Emma were the new rulers of the world.


  1. It was a good PPOW, but it wasn't as good as the first one. Also, you can't just end like that. You have to have more detail at the end.

  2. It was a good PPOW, but it wasn't as good as the first one. Also, you can't just end like that. You have to have more detail at the end.