Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Room Down Under

The Room Down Under
It started out all black then, I saw a bright light in the distance. I decided to go to it, since there was nowhere else for me to go. The closer I got to it, the warmer I felt. About five feet away from the light, I tripped. I started to fall, fall down a deep endless hole…
“- Adam, Adam wake up!” I hear as I woke up in a cold sweat. “Adam, were you having that dream again,” I hear my younger sister say.
“Yes, but this time, I didn’t reach the light, I started to fall,” My sister looked at me with a worried expression.
“You know how our dreams sometimes come real, right?”
“Yes… Nichelle, where are you going with this?”
“I’m just saying,” she said, “you better watch you back today or something might happen.” I looked at her.
“Yes and if I don’t I will die,” I said sarcastically; I stood up. “Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go to school, okay. Some people don’t have the day off like you,” I said staring at her.
“Well, if you weren’t a high schooler, you could’ve,” I walked away.
After I got ready, I went downstairs where my mom was, cooking breakfast. I got to the kitchen and put my bag down.
“Why do I have to share a room with my sister?” I said as I went in the cupboard to grab a plate.
“Adam don’t start this with me again,” she looked up from cooking, “ and don’t think you’re wearing that to school.” What I had on was my favorite pair of black ripped skinny jeans, a Queen shirt, with a leather vest-type thing and my favorite pair of black shoes with spikes (the vest had spikes and chains too).
“What!? Why can’t I wear this. Is it too gaudy for you?” I said madly. She gave me the evil glare.
“Yes, it is. Go upstairs, and change into to something more sophisticated.”
“Mom, I can wear whatever I want.”
“Oh really,” she said, furious now, “not when you are in this house, you aren’t; and just wait until your father hears about this young man you are going to be- ” In the middle of what she was saying, I took my stuff and ran out of the house.I put my headphones in and walked to the bus stop.
The school bus came around 8:01; it was later than usual, but I got on anyway. I sat by my best friend, Ru. He was asleep until I plopped down next to him.
“Jeez, break the seat, will you,” Ru said.
“Okay.” I said then acted like I was going to do it again.
“NO! I didn’t mean it seriously. You take things too seriously,” he said. I glared at him.
The bus ride was a long ride, seen as I was the third stop. Ru and I put our headphones in and fell asleep. I started to dream after a while, but it wasn’t a pleasant dream. I dreamt that I was at school and this interviewer came.
“Sir, may I talk to you for a second?” the strange man said. I looked at him.
“Ya, let my grab me things,” I replied. I followed the man down some hallways and stairs. We came to the abandoned boiler room.
“Just in here,” the man said. I was iffy about going in the room, but I did. I got in the room, when the door slammed shut.
“Sorry, it’s hard to shut. Now, let's get on with the interview. Do you have any siblings?” the interviewer asked.
“Yes, I have a younger brother.” I replied.
“ Ok… do you believe in magic?” I looked at him.
“Are you kidding me, magic? Do you think I am a fool?! No, I do NOT believe in magic!” I said a little frustrated.
“Oh, really…” he said. Then, it went black.
“ADAM! Wake up!” I heard, I woke to see Ru looking at me with a worried expression.
“Are you okay?” Ru questioned, “You were tossing and turn and talking to someone.” I looked at him. I started to feel like I was going to pass out.
“Oh my gosh! He’s bleeding!” I hear someone exclaim. I look to see who was bleeding, but I couldn’t see anyone bleeding. All I saw was a pool of blood right next to me.
“Who’s bleeding?” I asked Ru. He looked at me in horror.
“You are!” he answered worriedly. I looked at myself, but saw no open cuts or gashes. I looked at him.
“No I am not. I have no open cuts or gashes anywhere,” I replied, puzzled. He gave a look.
“Oh really, what about his cut down your spine,” he said and put his hand on my back. Then, let me look at it; it was covered blood. After, I saw the hand, I fainted.

I woke up in a bright room. It was bright white, like everything was sterilized to perfection. When my eyes adjusted to the light; I realized that it was a hospital room. I looked around the room to see if anyone was around. There was no one. I tried to reach the call button but it was too far away. I saw a figure. He had a mask on.
“Who are you?” I asked, voice still shaky.
“I… am… the… Society,” the man answered.
“NOOO!!!” I yelled. I heard all about these people. They take you to this town to save you, but they actually brainwash you. They make you eat pills and that’s all you get. You have to work and work all day until dusk. Then, go into this room where they MAKE you sleep. Then, you wake up and do it all over again. No fun, no party, no colors; all the colors you get and black, white, tan, and gray.
“You will never take me!” I yelled. I start freaking out. I tried to get the restraints off, but they were too tight.
“I am so sorry,” the man said sarcastically, “I should’ve asked you.” I glared at him.
“You think you are all that don’t you,” I said, trying to figure out his plan. “You think you can just take me away, like the few people you do and make me into one of your zombies. Well, no! I will NOT go to your madhouse and I will NEVER become one OF YOUR ZOMBIES!!” I started tossing and turning and yelling, hoping that someone will hear me. All of a sudden, I feel a sharp pain in my chest, and a voice whispered.
“See you in the ‘Hospital’ Adam….”

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