Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Opinions

            These paragraphs are about articles and my opinion about them. They are all from Newsela.
            The first article I read was about how some schools are trying new desks to help students focus better and not have to sit. There are things like an elliptical, a desk that you stand up at, a stationary bike, an ergo chair, etc. They have tested having these at the schools, and some kids say that it helped them focus. The teachers also noticed that they seemed more focused.
            I think that this is a good idea for things like this to be in schools because I think that it will help students be more comfortable and not so antsy. There will have to be restrictions about how much you can use them, and what times you can use them, or people will fight over them. Even if it does cause some problems, I think it will help with other things. Other than that, it may help people be more focused. Maybe it will keep people from wondering and messing around.
            The next article was about using computers and phones to have doctor checkups. It talked about how there is telemedicine that you can have to be able to connect with a doctor. You have a video chat with a specialist who helps you if you are sick, or just need to talk to a doctor. It is the same price or lower as going to the doctor in person. It has already helped lots of people, and there have not been as many people going to the doctor and the ER. They seemed to be able to understand and have more control over their illness. They are trying to get Medicare to pay for it. Medicare only pays for it in rural areas, but it doesn’t pay for it all of the time.
            This new way of connecting with doctors is very interesting to me. I think it could help a lot of people and could save a lot of money. I also think you should still go to the doctor in person. You can’t do everything by just seeing it through a camera. It could also help people who can’t get to the doctor, or that don’t have one close to have medical help. Overall, it can probably do more good than harm, so I think it is a good idea.
            Mattel just released a line of “Fashionista” Barbies. They can now not just wear heels but also flats, and they have other characteristics. They now have eight skin tones, fourteen face shapes, twenty-two hairdos, twenty-three hair colors, and eighteen eye colors. The Barbie Fashionistas are supposed to represent more of what girls see in the world. You can change their shoes from flats to heels if you want to, so you aren’t stuck with only one kind of shoe. There are already different Barbies for sale on the Mattel website.
            The new line of Barbies seems to be a really good idea for girls to see. It gives more of a variety to pick from too, so they all don’t look the same. I also like how they can now wear flats, and how their foot isn’t stuck in one position to wear heels. I still like heels, but I think it is a good change and can help girls see that you don’t have to look one way. I wish they made these kinds of Barbies when I used to have Barbies.
            As you probably know, Oreos now have a thin cookie, and they also have lots of other flavors. As you may not know, every one out of five dollars spent on cookies are Oreos. Oreo is responsible for roughly five percent of cookie sales in the world. One of the reasons they are so popular is because they aren’t just ate by themselves. They are put in ice cream, milkshakes, fried in dough, sprinkled on sweets, and made into pie crusts. They also have made different kinds of Oreos like Golden Oreos. I think we can all agree that some of the different kinds of Oreos they have come out with haven’t been the best.
            Oreos are one of my favorite cookies. I take the cookies apart, and I eat the side without the filling first and then eat the side with the filling, but if there is milk, then I dip it in the milk and eat the cookie together. I agree that Oreo is the favorite cookie of pretty much everyone. It is not surprising that it is the number one cookie. It just goes well with almost everything that is a dessert. I don’t think I have ever met a person that doesn’t like plain Oreos or any of the other kinds of Oreos.
            Farmers are using drones to look at their crops instead of having to do it by foot. They use the drones to see if there is anything wrong with their crops; for example, if the crops need water in a certain place, or if the crops have plant disease. If you do it on foot, it could take an hour to look at the field, and you could miss something, but with a drone it would only take minutes. There are obviously problems with the drones not being able to be seen by planes and privacy, but regulations are being made be the FFA to protect people. Once they see it from the drone they can look further into it on foot to direct supplies to that area to save crops, and use supplies wisely to help the environment.

            This has given the farmers a good advantage to farming. It can even help the environment, so they don’t have to use any extra chemicals or water that they don’t need to use. It could also cause problems for planes and people’s privacy until they have rules set. It also makes it more enjoyable for the farmers, so that makes it better. This could help a lot with a wide variety of things, and it wouldn’t do too much harm.

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