Tuesday, January 19, 2016

God Of War Part 2

The God of War (Part 2)

Almost undershooting the Island, Kratos throwing his blades into the bottom of the land that the floating temple was on, Kratos started to fling himself up onto the Island until he reached the land. Once reaching the land he immediately started to go through the temple eventually meeting Theseus. Theseus was the gatekeeper of the temple so nobody could get to the fates. After the meeting Theseus wanted to confront Kratos and so he did. Not only trying to beat him Theseus wanted to ensure his victory by having a wave of cyclops’ and centaurs to help him. That plan sadly didn’t work. Kratos in his violent nature started to beat up Theseus with his bare hands. Kratos ended the fight by a brutal multiple kicks to the face. Taking the key from the Theseus’ waist, then opened the the door. Not expecting this, soon after opening and going in the temple, Kratos was greeted by the titan Kronos. Kronos also hating the gods, gave Kratos a power that would send out orbs. Kratos would use that power to clear the enemies that led to the golden fleece. The fleece (if used correctly) can deflect or absorb any attack and use it to his advantage. Allowing Kratos to further advance his “quest” to end the gods! Hours later Kratos encountered a familiar and formidable foe. Ares, this version of Ares was not a form of a god, but a form of the undead.
Ares escaped the underworld and hid away in the forest from everyone so he wouldn’t get captured. Coincidentally he found Kratos. In Ares mind he wanted his revenge. So he tried. He sent minions at Kratos. After triumphing over the souls of the undead Ares noticed his power and ran. Kratos wouldn’t let that happen. He jumped on the horse that Ares was on and was being dragged. After Kratos killed the horse he went ran towards Ares to kill him again. After the battle Kratos killed Ares for the second time.
Kratos had noticed Ares hammer which he used to summon those foul beings. Kratos took it. Another item to further him in his quest to kill the Zeus. Soon after Kratos encountered a lunatic, crazy, dastardly thing called Icarus. He is the son of Daedalus the creator of the labyrinth. Icarus noticed Kratos and thought he was an enemy, just like everyone else he saw. Icarus lunged at Kratos. Kratos overpowered against Icarus, through him down to the ground and ripped of the wings he had been born with. Leaving Icarus to bleed to death.
Kratos now having the ability to fly allowed him to even further his quest. Kratos almost out of this unholy forest encountered Euryale the gorgon queen (The  predecessor of Medusa after her death). Kratos knowing what Medusa had done before easily defeated Euryale collecting her head and using it the same way he used Medusa’s. So far Kratos has greatly increased his progress to defeat and kill the god Zeus.
After leaving Kratos finds the titan Atlas. Atlas has been punished by Zeus to carry the of the world. At first Atlas wanted nothing to do with Kratos. Then when Kratos explained what he was out to do Atlas wanted to join. Atlas pleased by being a hand in killing Zeus, gave Kratos the power known as the Atlas quake. Using this power to get back to where he needed to go. Another step to killing Zeus. Unexpectedly Kratos was faced against The Kraken ( A giant squid like beast of myth). The Kraken attacked Kratos with its slime that it shot from its mouth damaging him with little to none effect. The spit wasn’t for damaging, it was for tiring Kratos. Once Kratos was tired the Kraken grabbed and squeezed Kratos. Near death Kratos remembered what Gaia had said to him. Allowing Kratos to use the rage of the Titans. Kratos busting free and impaling one of the Kraken’s tentacles into the wall. Allowing Kratos to run up the arm and throw the head of the Kraken impaling it into the mouth of a draw bridge.
To Kratos’ surprise he somehow awakens the Phoenix. Kratos takes control of the Phoenix and flies to the temple of the fates. Kratos, came back to the temple to find at least one of the fates. He finally encountered Lakhesis. After a long fought and hard battle Kratos comes up the victor. After witnessing her sister’s death Atropos, the second sister. Finds nothing but hatred for Kratos. Kratos forcefully asked Atropos to take back to his embarrassing fight with Zeus. Atropos (Still having her hatred) tries to take him back in time. Not to the right one though. All the way back to when he killed Ares the first time. Kratos not fully going, kills Atropos. Bringing himself back to the present. After defeating two of the three sisters, Clotho the third comes to confront Kratos. Clotho who fully controls and defends the life of every mortal and god is defeated by Kratos.
Sending himself to the battle with Zeus. An extremely long battle. Leaving both men weary. Zeus with the upper hand stuns Kratos. Kratos surrenders. As Zeus goes in for the final blow. Kratos blocks it and pins Zeus’ hands into the rocks with his blades. Kratos grabbing the Blade of Olympus, almost delivers the final blow. Then Athena jumps between them. Zeus trying to escape does. Kratos accidentally killed Athena. Kratos gravely mourning over the slowly dying body of Athena. Before her death she uttered the words “You d-d-d-did this t-tt-t-to me.”. Staining him for however long he lives. Further increasing his vengeance to kill ZEUS!   TO BE CONTINUED….

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