Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Shocking Surprise

A Shocking Surprise
Kelly stood at the front desk motionless. She had just named a puppy that might not live. Or that might already be dead. Kelly sat down though, on the awful waiting room chairs. Then she waited, she waited for three grueling hours.
“Kelly?” a nurse came out, looking around for Kelly.
“That would be me, I am Kelly.” Kelly stood up, and dried her eyes.
“Ok, let's take a set,” the nurse was talking in her soft talking to a child like voice again. Kelly knew that it wasn't good. “So this is what is going on. Blu has a infection that is spreading to his heart. But it has taken over his leg and we are going to have to amputate it,” the nurse paused.
“So you need to take him  back into surgery?” Kelly questioned.
“Yes, but I need you to fill up forms, and it can be risky. Are you willing to take care of the puppy through his recovery? It’s going to be very difficult, it will lots of time and money,” the nurse said in a
“Yes, I will take care of him. No matter what the cost is.”
Then the nurse walked away, leaving Kelly in a state of shock she had never experienced. Then something brought her back to reality, her phone. Kelly picked it up, it was her best friend Hope.
“Hello. Hello. Kelly, where are you? What are you doing?” Hope kept talking.
“What? What do you want?” Kelly snapped back into the phone.
“I wanted to know if you were still coming to the party. You know the one you planned, for Jessie’s birthday? You don’t sound okay, what’s  wrong?” Hope was starting to get concerned.
Kelly had completely forgotten about it the party, she had planned every detail of the event and now she wasn’t there.  
“I am sorry, I won’t make it. Everything is at my house, you can go set up. Wish her happy birthday.”
Kelly hung up the phone, and then continued to sit in the waiting room. Waiting, waiting for Blu.
Hours passed until finally, the nurse came out, Kelly sighed for it seemed like her presence alway came with bad news. However this time it didn’t .
“Blu is doing okay,but you can't take him home for a while,” then she trailed off, “He is still asleep, but I think that you can see him. Do you want to see him.”
“Yes, I want to see him” Kelly replied.
“Okay, my name is Clara by the way” the nurse said in he “I am speaking to child very softly voice”
Clara then led her down a hallway to the back. Kelly nervously bit her lip the entire way. Then she was the door that had Blu written on it, Clara opened the door and they both walked in.
Poor Blu had been mostly shaved so only his head was covered with fluffy with fur. There was also many tubes pumping, and draining various liquids from him. It looked like something from a horror movie. She walked over to the table where Blu laid. Then she saw the stump, the little stump that was left of Blu’s leg. The sight came to such a shock that Kelly instantly started crying. She wasn’t just crying for Blu though she was crying for missing the party, and for being so reckless. All of a sudden Blu opened his eyes just a little bit so that you could see the blue. He looked at Kelly for just a couple seconds. She wiped her tears quickly, and started to pet his head. He closed them again slowly falling back asleep. That is all Kelly needed to see, that glimmer of hope from the little puppy. Just that little moment to hold on to.
Then the moment was over when Clara started to pet Kelly’s shoulder, and telling her it was time to leave. Kelly then walked back to the hallway, and back to her car. She checked all her mirrors almost twenty times before before backing out of the parking lot, and heading home. When she got got home went directly to bed.
Kelly woke up the next morning, to her alarm going off, and a pounding headache. She turned off the annoyingly cheerful alarm. There was a saw a missed call from the animal hospital. She knew that it was almost definitely going to be sad news, but she hope fully dialed the number anyway. While the phone rang she walked to towards the kitchen for some ibuprofen, and some coffee. However within seconds Clara was at the other, and perky than she had ever been.
“Good Morning, We are calling to tell you that your dog Blu is doing very well however he still needs to be monitored for the next three days. After three days he may be able to go home, but he has to rest for awhile,” Clara then started to talk about money and what the cost would be to have him stay. “Okay, that's everything the total cost coming to $2,300.”
“What?” Kelly was definitely wide awake now. She started to run through all the money she had saved. She wasn’t sure if it would be enough.
“$2,300 is the total bill for all Blu care. Do I need to run through it one more time for you?” Clara said in her soft voice.
“It’s just a little shocking, but it doesn’t really compare to the last 24 hours, I will figure it out.” Kelly replied
“Well okay then. We will call you if anything changes of happens. Bye,” Then Clara hung up, and Kelly sat down in the living room. As soon as she started to calm herself down her boss called. She answered, but he just ranted about if she was going to be gone she had to call before seven. She finally just hung up, and started to get ready. Then she went to work, but the day never seemed to be over. For the next three days she felt like that, like everyday would never end. When three days was over she called the hospital.
“Hello, this is Kelly. I am Blu’s owner”
“I am sorry we don’t have any animals under that name.” the voice was definitely Clara’s and she had the right number.
“I am Kelly, I brought in the white dog. He had surgery and then you let me see him.”
“Nope. I am sorry, but there is another person calling bye” then the phone went to a dead tone.
What had just happened? What was going on? Kelly started to panic, but instead of crying she headed to the animal hospital.

To be continued again

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