Tuesday, January 19, 2016


                                                  Machine Gun Kelly
Richard Colson Baker also known as Machine Gun Kelly as his stage name. Kelly was born on April 22,1990. Kelly grew up in Houston, Texas, but after a while Kelly and his parents packed up their things and moved all around the world, they also took up residence abroad from Egypt, Germany, and the United States. Kelly and his family settled in Denver. After Kelly’s mom had left; Kelly and his father moved in with his Aunt. His father came into depression and unemployment.

Kelly suffered from bullying by kids in his neighborhood. In sixth grade Kelly started to listen to rap. 2001 Kelly’s home life was seldom stable; He would fight with his father. After Kelly attended Thomas Jefferson High School, his father moved to Kuwait to work for the army, leaving Kelly with his Aunt. After Kelly’s dad left, Kelly started to experiment with drugs, he also recorded his first amateur demo tape, “Stamp Of Approval”.

Kelly convinced a local t-shirt shop owner to become his manager. Kelly was soon called Machine Gun Kelly due to his rapid-fire delivery; he also released the mixed tape to Stamp Of Approval. Kelly was the first Caucasian rapper to win at the Apollo Theater. Kelly records his music in his home studio, which he calls “Rage Cage”. In 2010 he released a second mix tape “100 Words and Running”, which came to him developing his catch phrase “Lace Up”. Kelly worked at Chipotle to afford rent, soon his father kicked him out after Kelly graduated high school. Kelly also became a father. In May 2010 Kelly made a debut with the single “Alice In Wonderland”, this single earned Kelly the title of the “Best Midwest Artist”.
Kelly was soon interviewed by MTV, he describe why he wrote “A Little More”. Stating in his interview “ People always came up to me after the first album and a lot of my friends back home said ‘we need something for the streets’ and then I did “Till I Die”. Months later, when I look back at the video I was like ‘okay he’s in jail, he’s shot, he’s dead, he snitched’ and just to the point where it’s sad and I wrote the song to describe how I see the world as a much mature person”.
Kelly has a little girl named Casie, she was born in 2008. Kelly openly spoken about his heroin addiction, he made a song referring to his addiction “Lead You On”. Lead You On was one of the most meaningful songs he had written. Kelly is very open about his use with cannabis (also known as marijuana), which he has claimed in many interviews he smokes daily. Kelly says, “Source of happiness and a way people can feel a little more love [in their own right]”.
Kelly also stared in many television shows. WWE Raw, Guy Court, Unsung, Catfish, and Roadies. Kelly currently works with the record label Bad Boy and Interscope. Kelly also worked with many artist such as, Tech N9ne, Diddy, Waka Flocka Flame, Wiz Khalifa, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, French Montana, Kid Rock, Sleeping With Sirens, And Avenge Sevenfold.
Kelly has taught me a lot as I continue to grow up. He has taught me that even though it gets rough and life isn’t how it may seem, that it does get better and life is just a messed up roller coaster. We lose those who are very close to us, we grow stronger each year that passes, we change, some change for the sake of others, others change for themselves. Kelly has also taught me that you shouldn’t care what other people say or do to you because you are important and you do matter. Kelly has made a big impact on my life, he isn’t the type of artist that judges people he puts himself in their shoes. He doesn’t rely on the money he has, he doesn’t care what people say about him.
Kelly puts his life into his music. He cares for his fans. He is the type of artist that you would meet and he wouldn’t forget who you are. He takes the time out of his work to call his fans and talk to them. Kelly may have made bad choices and he may still make them, but he is only human and we all make bad choices. Kelly wants all his fans happy either if it is him or not. He always says to stay true to yourself; don’t let someone push you to the point where you cant even looself because there is always going to be people that will flip your words.

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