Tuesday, January 19, 2016


In this P.P.O.W I am going to talk about the two days my power went out. it started flickering but then it stayed off. It stayed off for about an hour and and half. Their was a lot of interesting this that went on that day. Ok the first this we did when the power started to flicker is got some candles out. we just left them where we wanted them to be if the power went out. as it flickers we start to light the candles. it ficker and  stays off for about one minute then it came back on. I texted my friends and said “ Hey is your power going out to?” most of them said no. but marshall said
“Yes and it sucks we have nothing to do and my phone is about dead.”
I replied with “Yes this means i am not the only one.” I was really enthused that I wasn't the only one with the power out. Jarret was a little late with his response but he mention that his power was flickering. as soon as the power was on it was on just long enough for Joe to run down stairs and get right about to shut off the xbox. Joe was really mad because he didn't get the xbox shut off and he stubbed his toe on the way up the stairs.
After that my brother and my mom’s boyfriend’s kid named Lane played this game, it was like tic tac toe but you shot the marker that held your spot they played one round of it and it took about 10 minutes. When they finished with one round the power was back on. again the power was only on for two minutes. Joe once again went down stairs and turned off the xbox and about to walk up the stairs and tripped and he yelled “Gosh dangit why does this happen to me?”
Sam, Ben and I all replied with “Because you're stupid.” He came up and punched Ben and I in the arms while we were laughing. Joe and Sam started to play a game called yugioh. Which only made Joe even more mad because he lost to same a lot I mean a lot.
Joe said “I let you win.” We all know this was a lie because he got really mad. He got as mad as a grandpa playing cards and loses. At least my Grandpa when my grandpa plays card and loses. he get mad
Sam told Joe “you are the one that wanted to play yugioh!”
My cousin texted saying “Hey your power is out so I thought you might be bored and so am I, I am in the heading to grandma’s.” She  was right I was bored.
I said “ Cool it's going to be so fun to see you again the last time we saw each other was at christmas.” So my cousin and I talked until she got to grandmas. I got really bored so I started watching a movie called Eragon. I watched It and the power was still flickering.
Suddenly Ben said “hey the lights aren't turning on.” we started to laughed I laughed so hard I couldn't breath.
Then Joe said “Who’s stupid now?”
Ben said “Both of us.” Joe started to fake cry. Then out of nowhere the power came on. we were so happy we watched a netflix movie as a family. Then we went to bed and my bed was cold. I went to sleep and woke up Sam and I got ready to stay the night at our grandmas to see and play with the cousins we haven't seen in little under a year.
We walked in and they were playing cards everybody else went black friday shopping. We walked in and Kelly my cousins, who is a girl but acts like a guy, clinched on to our necks and squeezed. I taped out and so did Sam. After that Sam and Christine went black friday shopping as well. So Keely and I had this big house to ourselves. I asked “Who is watching you?” She said “Grandpa and my dad were supposed to watch us but grandpa had to go fix something and my dad is down at the store helping uncle alan.”
I said “Ok, what do you want to do then?”
She asked “Do you want to play rummy?”
I replied with “Sure” we started to play we got through one game and then the power went out. It was early in the morning so we waited five minutes and it was bright enough to play again.
Kelly asked “Do you want a rematch?”
I said “Only if you want to lose.” Ya she ended up winning. and then grandpa came in and he sat down and started to play with us.
Kelly and I started beating grandpa so bad he started saying “Gosh dangit stupid son of a Buck's.” So grandpa left and got on his computer while kelly and I kept playing. Half way through a round and we hear grandpa again saying the exact same things as he said to us because the power was out and we wanted to play his computer card game. We know he would do this because he loves game and likes to plays it everyday. We kept playing till noon when the power turned on again. We told grandpa that the power was on and so he started to play his game on the computer.
kelly and I didn't know what to do we went down stairs and saw this foam ball and through it at the wall and the other person had to hit it. we did this for about 10 minutes. After that most of the family was back. kelly and I started asking around if their was anyone who wanted to play crazy rummy. Their was about five people and that was enough so we played two games which took and hour each before grandma quit to make lunch. we played cards most of the day but we stayed the night we left the next day right before their thanksgiving. we went and started to head off to go roller skating. I wasn't very good at it but my family was. We went to grandma’s one last time the next day to say goodbye and see you at christmas its December 1 and they are coming back in three weeks.


  1. You had some good details in this story. You did a great job at describing everything. I think it was a good story.

  2. This was a well written PPow, you had some spacing mistakes but other than then that it was good,you put a lot of detail into this story,good job will

  3. This was a well written PPow, you had some spacing mistakes but other than then that it was good,you put a lot of detail into this story,good job will

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  5. This was a well written PPow, you had some spacing mistakes but other than then that, it was good,you put a lot of detail into this story,good job will