Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Family, Lamb Love, The Seasons, Dancing, The Zoo, and Sleep

By the sea lived a widow,
She stood everyday by an old creaky, window.
Her hair was the color of  sand,
Her eyes the color of green land.
She was alone and scared,
Scared for the world, thinking we should be prepared,
For the death of loved ones.
That in the long run,
Will tear us apart.
Family and friends thrown away like a dart,
And then bring us closer together than ever before,
Because love is an open door.
For those who have hit the floor.
Lamb Love
The black lamb greeted the woman with the whip of its tail,
The woman huffed as she carried a bale.
She dropped the bale in a trough,
Which made the little boy bound off.
The little ram was playful, the woman could see,
Especially as it stotted away with glee.
The woman was happy as she left the pin,
And came back with a grin.
In her arms was a white ewe,
Smaller than himself times two.
She set the ewe on the ground,
He could see her look around.
Then she noticed him,
And she introduced herself as Kim.
He introduced himself as Gideon,
As something odd shifted within him.
Kim and Gideon stotted away together,
And left the woman there, shivering from the cold weather.
The Seasons
Moving like the waves in the ocean,
The leaves flowed in one solid motion.
Red, orange, and yellow, in hints of green,
Giving of a glowing sheen.
Shining light off the cooling ponds,
The seasons seemed to change with the wave of a wand.
Soon, the pond will be frozen through,
And the trees will be a dead, brown hue.
Then spring will come,
And bring the world back from the glum.
Warmth will fill our bones again,
And rain will bring new life coursing through our veins.
Spring will turn to Summer,
And will bring longer days to discover.
Then Summer will bring us back to Autumn,
All the seasons changing the Earth into something awesome.
We floated around the dance floor,
Making him sweat through the tux that he wore.
The lights were bright,
Making my dress shimmer with the blinding color of white.
Balloons were scattered everywhere,
I was being thrown around going nowhere.
My friends were sitting on the side,
As I did a twirl with a smile on my face that I just couldn’t hide.
Our world was full of no regrets and fun,
And together we had none.
The Zoo
The big cats were pacing their cages,
A sight for all ages.
With the help of my mother,
She lifted me onto her shoulders.
I was enticed,
Wanting to connect to my mother like a splice.
But I wanted to touch the tiger’s fur with my own hand,
I was in my own little land.
The zoo was a big place, full of imagination,
Or, at least I thought so when we walked out the gates with hesitation.
My mother told me we would be back soon,
And with that small croon,
I was out within seconds.
I was being dragged in by the second,
The deep, dark sleep pulled me in quietly.
I was tempted,
The soft lullaby touched my mind lightly,
And I was gone.

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