Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The House

The House
There once was a myth about family that used to live in this house, but they don’t really know who their names are. All the town of Avoca, Iowa, knows there is some spooky stuff that goes on. This house is just outside of town out in the country. Nobody dares to even step foot on that property. There’s a lot of stories about this place. One family said that they knew a family’s kid went there, and they never came back. Another creepy part is it’s right by the spooky woods. Nobody ever dares to go there because people say the family that used to live there got killed, and they haunt the house now.
Nobody ever wants to go find out what’s there. I myself, Jerell, attend AHSTW Junior High. It’s Friday, October 31, 1992. It’s halloween today, and it’a just a different feeling to the day. We get through the day and Terrell, Shaquan, Tyrone, and I all stay at Odell’s house after school. Usually we watch scary movies, but not today. Shaquan is like, we should go visit the house. Tyrone says, “nah man we shouldn’t go it’s dangerous.”
Terrell comes in and says,  “No we shouldn’t go.” I decide that yes we should go be the first ones to visit. It’s about 10 o’clock and we’re going to go.  
There’s is a creepy feeling going there, but we think can do it. We finally get to the house and there is a hair-raising gate at the front, and it just make the hairs stand up and goosebumps all over are arms. We climb over it, and were surrounded by the woods and then a house in the middle. It took 45 minutes to walk here; no turning back now. The house was perfectly fine, just creepy. Nobody had the guts to visit this place, so no windows are broken out of it or anything. We get up to the porch, and we see a rocking chair, and we hear an old lady sat laughing in direction of the rocking chair. We just think it’s in our heads, and we were just thinking that we are hearing things, or we’re just crazy going here!
We creep up to the door and go in side. We hear a radio what seems to be in the kitchen and it sounds like a old violin. We go to the kitchen and there is no radio and the sound stops. Suddenly, we hear a deep voice that’s yelling get out of here. We run out of the kitchen into the living the room the kitchen door slams shut behind us, we run upstairs into some bedroom. Shaquan says” Why the heck did we come here”. Jerome says” were not gonna back out from this”.
This place is seriously creepiest place ever. I locked the the door in this bedroom. We can’t unlock the door. We can’t get out of this room. Next thing you know we hear something from the closet and the closet door opens slowly, a little girl pops out and says “you wanna play.”Great, were all locked in a this room scared to death and no way out. Time to come up with a plan, Shaquan says” no reason for a plan he kicks the door open and we get out.
We sprint down the stairs and run out the door. We are running for our lives we get through the gate. We have to get through the woods  and then were in town. Were walking through the woods and the it’s foggy, we hear a creepy laugh and then Sinister is chasing us. He’s like come here little boy. Odell is like how about no, we are running for our lives out here. Tyrone gets caught and taken away. The rest of us got out and got away we don’t know what happened to Tyrone. We run to Taco Bell, get us some food and go home. Odell’s dad is on the front porch at three o’clock in the morning and is like what could you guys be possibly doing at this time. Please tell me you guys didn’t get any trouble. Well I say well we went to the house and we lossed Tyrone. Sinister got him. Odell says” we gotta go back and find Tyrone dad. We get Odell’s dad, he went back there to find Tyrone.
Odell’s dad used to be a marine, he’s retired. That’s why we went back because he could give us some help. So here we are going back there just why is Tyrone so slow. Were hearing noises in the woods and screaming. We all split into different directions of the woods and try to get em to safety. We finally capture Tyrone and he is all safe and sound. There is a gonna be a story about the house of terrors. This house was so scary and many stories to tell for years to come.
We all carry on with our lives and we all decide to never go back there again. That has to be the creepiest places ever. It was a great time though. We couldn’t really figure out was in the woods it was like a sinister character.  Who knows but I don’t wanna find out. Experts don’t even wanna go there. Now it’s ruled the number one scariest place on earth. It’s funny that a bunch of kids go there but experts don’t go. My advice is just never go there. We honestly made a mistake going there.
Well everything’s going good in Avoca we are carrying on with our lives. Odell is getting football scholarships as a eighth grader. My other friends are doing pretty good though. Avoca is going good.
Grades going good. Everything is going great. All my friends doing good. My life is going good. Won myself a PS4 at taco bell. Took me about month to finally win one. That’s the story of my life.

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