Monday, February 22, 2016

Mysteries at the White House

I loaded the car with the rest of my boxes. Today was moving day, the day where I said my goodbyes to my friends, teachers, and neighbors. The day where I cleaned my room out completely, and hoped for a bigger room in the next house. Moving was a yearly thing for our family. My dad would get a better job each year, so we would move closer to it. I made friends easily which was good, considering I moved a lot.
We were in the car, driving to Washington D.C. where my dad would be working for the president. I was excited for this move because the president was allowing us to live in his house since he had so many guest rooms. It was a long drive there but it was worth the wait. I had been reading the whole way there, it was the only way I got out of playing card games with my little brother, Damian. He was going into the fifth grade this year, and I will be going into the tenth grade. Two more years, and I will be out of the once a year moving trip.
By the time we got there it was 5:33 a.m. and the sun was rising. I have never been up this early as to see the sun rise. I was happy. As soon as my dad parked I grabbed my bag, swung it over my shoulders and headed to the side door, leading to our rooms. There were guards of course, and we had to be identified which took about fifteen minutes. Once it was done I ran up the beautiful grand stairs. They were easy to slide on. They were gold and silver with a little bit of blue. What I noticed right away was that they were hand carved.
“Whoa!” I blurted as my eyes widened. I heard someone approach me so I quickly spun around to face a girl. She was a little bit shorter than me, her hair was golden blonde and super straight. She was wearing a bright pink dress that had flowers around the waist. She waved at me with a smile.
“Hello there, you must be Ainsley?” She spoke softly as she stared at me.
“Indeed I am,” I said as I looked at her, still smiling. “And you are?” I asked, waiting for a response.
“My name is Marilynn, I am well known as the president’s daughter.” She replied with a giggle.
“Are you the only child?” I asked, trying to keep conversation. She shook her head from left to right.
“No, I have an older brother named Micah.” she said, taking a seat on the second step. I sat beside her.
“Where is he at?” I asked, trying to keep conversation. She looked down.
“He is working,” Marilynn said quietly, “Like always.” she mumbled.
“ I better get unpacking,” I blurted as I stood up, turning to walk up the stairs.
“Alrighty, dinner's at seven o’clock sharp, so don’t be late.” She said as simple as possible before skipping down the hall. I shook my head up and down and ran up the stairs, looking in the three bedrooms, hoping it was mine. Once I found my room I threw my bag onto the floor and plopped down onto the bed. Closing my eyes, as I fell into a deep sleep. I was woken up by my brother knocking at my door. I walked slowly towards my door, opening it once I got there.
“Gross! You look like a zombie!” Damian shouted once he saw my face. I face-palmed myself.
“Gee thanks, Damian. Word of advice, don’t ever say that to a girl.” I said as I slammed my door in his face. He knocked again.
“Go away Damian!” I yelled at the door.
“It’s not Damian.” A girl said from the other side of the door.
“Marilynn?” I questioned.
“Yeah, it’s me. Sorry if I woke you.” She apologized. I walked to the door and opened it.
“No you didn’t, Damian already did.” I said, letting her inside my room. She came in, taking a seat on the edge of my bed.
“This has always been my favorite guest room.” Marilynn blurted. I smiled.
“I like it.” I said, then we heard a bang come from outside, a scream following it. I ran to my window, hoping to see something but all there was, was smoke. I ran out of my room and down the stairs. Once I was down there I ran to the main entrance, pushing the doors open.
“What’s going on!” I yelled, trying to see through the smoke. I made it to the play set to see Damian lying there. I wasn’t sure if he was dead or not. I began to cry as I fell to my knees. My father and mother came running towards me. My father yelled something but I couldn’t hear him. Soon enough he was crying with us. I looked around me, I was suddenly surrounded by flashing lights that were red, white, and blue. I turned to look at my brother, when I saw someone take off with him.
I got up off the ground and ran after the person, but they were faster than me. I went as far as I could till I ran out of breath. I fell to my knees and cried. I was confused. Soon enough it was night time and I decided to go back home before my parents worried more.
When I got home the police were there. I snuck past them, up to my room. I shut the door behind me and crawled into bed , thinking to myself. What if they kill him? Where is he? Is he fine? Why did they take him. I couldn’t answer those questions so I got up out of bed and walked over to my closet. I stepped up onto my tippy toes and reached for a small folder, sitting on my shelf and pulled it down towards me. I read the front of the folder, it read “For my beautiful daughter, Ainsley.” It was from my real mother who told me to wait until I was ready to know everything, and I was so I opened it up and began to read.
To be continued...

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