Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It was a normal day in Iowa and I was sitting in a big bay window in the corner of my house. I noticed something unusual in the corner of my eye and when I looked over I didn't see anything. I thought that was really weird so I go outside to feed my dog Tank. When I walked out the door I slipped on a piece of ice and blacked out. I woke up to a ringing in my ear and I was laying in a puddle of blood. I couldn’t move It was like I was paralyzed.
When I got up I was in the back of a Cadi what was going in an outrageous speed. I would guess about 90, 95 miles per hour. I try to pop the trunk but it wouldn’t budge. I looked around for something to get me out of here. While i’m looking I scratched my hand on something. I hurt so bad but I didn’t yell because I didn’t want them knowing I was wake. I don’t know if there were more than one person in the car.
Then I remembered that there is a cubby hole from the trunk to the cab of the vehicle. I need to decide if I should open it. When I was just about to I thought what if somebody was sitting in the middle of the back of the cab.
Then when i’m about to open it I heard the guys say.“I think we need to pull over he’s got to be waking up anytime now if he isn’t already.
“We will when then next exit comes up which will be in about 5 miles” The guy in the front seat said.
“Well while were stopped I want to go to the bathroom and get some Mcdonalds.”
“Oh. Ok. You want to go to McDonalds with a person in the trunk that we kidnapped about two days ago.” said angrily.
Wait did he say two days, I’ve been out for two days.
“Alright so we are about five minutes away.”
I have to get out of here, so I start to look for something to cover my hand so I won’t bleed out. while I’m looking for something to cover my hand. Then I start to feel that the car is the slowing down. I start to freak out and I finally found a four way tire bar and I smash it into the trunk 3 times before it finally broke open and I noticed before I jumped that they were screaming and yell.
“Hey wait what is he doing Slow down we have to go get him.”
All I see is them breaking and a car coming right for me I get up and start to run away but I wasn’t fast enough, so I dive and my waist down got hit by and semi and I get up and I wonder how I didn’t get hurt from the jump or the semi. I was so confused, but I knew I needed to get out of this place so those guys don’t catch me.
When I get far enough from them I decided to take a breath and find out where I am. I look around and see a green sign I know it’s one of them that tell you where the closest towns are. It wasn’t faced towards me so I walked around and found out that the closest town was Chicago, Illinois. Well at least I know where I am. My goal is to get home.
It’s March 22, 2017. It is two days till My birthday. The one thing I forgot to do is check if I had my phone and I do, but it’s cracked so bad. I call my and she said she is in the hospital. I called my dad and said he doesn’t want to leave my mom's sight. I asked him what happened and he said he was at work and mom was on her way home from the business trip in Chicago. I just thought what if it was the people who was after me maybe there after my family. Well back to the story somebody T-boned her and then mugged her after the accident.
I felt horrible my heart was in my toes it was so sad. I wonder what I did. Well after I thought about it for What if it wasn’t something I did. I called my dad and asked if he gambled a lot. He said well yes.
After that I thought what if this was all his fault. Maybe he owed somebody money. What if he didn’t pay him his money. That person has to be a monster. Why would they hurt our family. Why didn’t they just hurt my dad. They probably thought to hurt who he loves the most. He does so many things for our family it’s unreal he pays our bills he pays for our food he works eight to ten hours a day he does everything for this family.

What would we do without him. Mom would have to work more. After this I don’t know if she will ever work. By choice or forced not to. I’ll probably have to get a job and help out with the bills. What would we do.  I still Can’t believe that dad would put us into a big predicament like this.

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