Monday, February 22, 2016

Trinity and I

Trinity and I
When I first met Trinity I never expected us to be friends like we are today. Trinity has long blonde hair and brown eyes. The first time we met was when I went to my first Taylor Swift concert in 2007.  From that day on Trinity and I have been best friends. Trinity now lives in Colorado, but she comes back to Iowa to see her dad. I try to spend as much time as possible with her when she comes back. I love spending time with Trinity.
When we were little I would go to her house in the country, and we would go sledding, and her dad would drive us around on a 4-wheeler. Her mom, Tabatha, would make us hot chocolate. Trinity had a huge room in her old house. I thought that her room was awesome. She used to have lots of animal on the farm that she lived on. One time she had an ostrich, and it tried to bite me once.
As Trinity and I got older, her mom, brother and her moved to Shelby. We had a routine that after school she would come to my house after I got home, and if she did show up I knew that she had homework. We hung out all the time. We always hung out with her brother and Jason’s son, Ethan. Ethan and Tanner, Trinity’s little brother, would hang out with us and we would have fun.
After two year of living in Shelby her family moved to Elk Horn. I hated seeing them moving to Elk Horn, but they would have a bigger house there. The first time I went there, she gave me a tour and I really liked the house. It was super big and in a nice place. That night I spent the night, we went to the gas station and got junk food. It was a lot of fun. I went to her house in Elk Horn a lot. I went to a Elk Horn basketball game and I was wearing an AHST T-shirt.
One time before I was going to Texas, we went to get our nails done and go out to eat. When we went to get our nails done we were so excited and Trinity had never gotten her nails done before, and I told her that it was easy and that she would love it. We walked in and my mom said that we can only get them painted and not plastic tips. We got our toes done and our nails done. She loved it, and we ended up getting the plastic tips and we both got them pink. After that, we went to Chili’s, and we had chip and salsa. We both had a chip and we took a picture.
Last year, Trinity and I went to Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs. We dared each other to run through the water. She went through the water and so I did too. I was mad, but we took pictures before we ran through the water.
We decided to go camping one time, and we took Jordyn Jason’s daughter, Ethan Jason’s son, Chloe Jason’s youngest daughter, Jason, my mom, and myself. Also, Trinity, Tanner, Tabatha, and Brian, her mom’s, boyfriend came along. After we packed the stuff that would fit into the truck, it felt like it took forever to get there. The first thing that we did was we went on the trails, Ethan went through water, and got  his shoes wet. After that Jason got food poisoning, so we got to stay an extra day.
We all walked to the to the swimming area of the lake, which was all the way on the other side of where we were at. We were at the swimming area, we dared Ethan to go into the water and he did it. We walked back and went to the part of the lake we were right by. It was a boating ramp, and we walked on the ramp and went in the water. Then we went to bed, and in the middle of the night Jason and Ethan woke everyone up. We all messed with the fire and then eventually went back to bed.
In the morning we went back on the trails, my mom texted me to come back and eat breakfast. The girls and the boys had a fight over which way to go so we raced. The girls won, we had breakfast burritos and we ate all the bacon. Then we were going to go swimming, so we all went over to the swimming area, but Tanner stayed back.
When we got to the swimming area there we snails in the lake so we didn’t want to go in. Then Jason said he would swim across the lake. We cheered him on and he got about half way and he turned around. Tanner wanted to go with Jason across the lake. He was afraid of swimming and he had floaties on his arms.
Last year Trinity came back from Colorado, she came to my house and she told me that she had a boyfriend. His name was Cadear, we had called him and texted him that whole night. I teased her the whole time she was at my house. When I told her that I need to go to the mailbox, she made me wait almost a whole hour so that, she could get ready to walk to the mailbox. After that we went to the library and we met Maycee there. It was raining the whole time we were walking to the library and we had gonen stuff at Casey’s before that too. While we were walking, we had to jump over a lot of mud and mud spaces trying to get to the library.  We also went to Chloe’s t-ball game that day.

I have had a lot of fun with my best friend, Trinity. I can’t wait to have more memories with her.

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