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Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia. Grace’s dad, Jack Kelly, won three olympic gold medals in sculling. Her mother, Margaret Kelly, taught physical education at the University of Philadelphia and was the first female coach for women's athletics at the University of Philadelphia. Her mother was also a beauty queen and model. Grace had two older siblings, Margaret Kelly, John Jr. Kelly, and one younger sister Elizabeth Kelly. Her older brother, John Jr. won the James E. Sullivan Award for the countrys top amature athlete. Her family was very wealthy and well known.
Grace went to a very prestigious catholic girls school. She modeled in many fashion events with her mother and sisters. She was the lead role in the play “Don’t Feed the Animals” . Grace was in many school and local plays starting at the age of twelve. Before Kelly graduated she decided she wanted to pursue her dream of acting. Even though her parents disapproved, she applied to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. When she had applied, the school had already met it’s semester. She was lucky enough to have scored an interview with the administrator. While she was in school she worked part time as a model to help pay for bills. Then finally in 1950, all of her hard work had payed off.
Director John Ford noticed Grace on a screenplay and automatically knew she would be a star. She soon flew to Los Angeles to audition for many productions. In 1952 she was signed a contract for her first big role in the film Mogambo. After succeeding in Magambo, directors from all over the country was noticing her. She starred in T.V shows, movies, and musicals. She was the leading role for five films and starred in many others. Grace became very involved with the world around her.
In 1955 she met Prince Rainier third, the prince of Monaco. After only three days of meeting Grace and her family he proposed. She said yes and the family started planning. It was being recognized as the “wedding of the century”. Sadly, the marriage meant the end of Kelly’s acting career . The wedding was very religious. It costed an estimated 2 million and over 20,000 people lined the streets of Monaco to witness it. A few years later, they had three children. Their names are, Caroline Princess of Hanover, Albert 2nd Prince of Monaco, and Princess Stephanie of Monaco.
Grace soon became involved in charities and social events. She put her money to good use and volunteered and donated money to third world countries. She traveled all around the world. Grace was awarded for her good deeds and was a spokeswoman for many social events.
Even though she was now the princess of Monaco, her acting career was not fully over. She performed in many small stage productions and movies. In 1962 she played the lead role in the movie Marine. Then in 1977, she played a role in the movie The Turning Point. Grace then decided it would be best to retire from her acting career. When she had free time, she volunteered and read poetry at the Children of Theater street.
Grace Kelly passed away on September 13, 1982. While driving back to her home in Monaco, she had a stroke. In result, she lost control of the car and drove into a steep valley. She suffered from brain damage, fractured ribs, and collarbone. Her husband decided to take her off of life support, and she soon passed after. Grace lived an exciting life.

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