Tuesday, February 23, 2016

CoD Squad

It all started on a snow day, it was a very disgusting day out and all day I just snow blowed. Until my mom got home for lunch. I asked her if I could get Call of Duty Black Ops 3, she knew that I wanted the game really badly, so I think she got a little a hint to say yes. She said I don’t care and that was the best moment of the whole week.
I got on my PS4 and I went to the Playstation store and I bought it, but then I looked at the download speed and at that rate I wasn’t even gonna get to play until the next day. I was mad and then it started to get littler and littler. That day I forgot that we were going to rearrange my room and I couldn’t unplug the system because then the download would stop. My dad got home and we started to work and he realized that it was going to be really hard to complete it but we did.
Later that night when we got my room arranged and I was laying in bed I saw it get done and I instantly jumped up and looked at it and said to myself that I was going to be able to play a couple games. Then I looked and saw that the multiplayer had to install. My stomach dropped, I was so mad I just jumped into my bed and I almost started to sob. I texted people the rest of the night kept myself busy and tried not to look at my monitor. I fell asleep later that night.
I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason i'm pretty sure it was my dog licking me in the face, but anyways it still wasn’t done and I went to sleep fast. When I woke up in the morning I saw it was done. I jumped out of bed and took the fastest shower that i’ve taken in my life. I got all ready for school then I hopped on my PS4 and played 1 game. I ranked up my Kuda really quick I got a couple of levels on it. Then my mom took me to school. It was a boring day except after school when I went to the wrestling meet. After that I went right home.
When I got home I hopped right on my Playstation and I started to play. I was leveling up so fast, but then again it was really low levels so you level pretty quick. I played an extra 2 hours then everyone else. Then when everyone else got on it was one of the best moments of my life. I got an invitation from the Cod Squad. I joined the lobby a lieutenant level 8. They accepted and treated me like one of their own. We played a couple games and maxed out my Kuda that night.
When everyone got off it was pretty late, so I went straight to bed, when I woke up that morning I wanted to play so bad but I couldn’t because I already slept later than I should. I went to school and luckily it was a Friday. I got home and hopped right on the PS4 again. It was great because it was double xp weapon weekend, which means I would have to play a lot so I can get my guns up. I started to play and I was doing good and I didn’t want to stop but then I got distracted the rest of the night. I tried to play a couple more games but they just weren’t as good and I didn’t have my full focus so I just stopped for the night.
The next morning I had to go to a basketball tournament it went well, we ended up getting 2nd and we all played a little rough. That night was pretty fun because I had Leland over and it was blast you could only imagine what we did. Thats right you guessed it we played Call of Duty. We played for a majority of the night and we also went down stairs to work out a little bit. It was more fun than intense, actually it wasn’t intense at all. I had a blast. We went up stairs and Leland recorded me rage when I died he sent it to some people and it wasn’t embarrassing at all because they need to know that I get serious about that stuff. We went to bed that night feeling pretty good.
The next morning we had to get up early because I had to go to my sister's volleyball tournament, after we dropped Leland off we went to McDonalds, sorry Leroy. Now I slept on the way to Omaha and it was boring you couldn’t even imagine but I was there and there for one reason and one reason only. To get new shoes, and I did I got KD 8. I love them and they look sick to. When I got home I had to go to the girls practice because the next day they had to play the hardest team yet. That got over pretty quick.
When I got home I went and sat on the couch to watch the Super Bowl. I wanted the Panthers to win but that didn’t happen. At halftime I went upstairs and I played more video games and I was ranking up hard core I was moving up in the world or I should say the gaming world. I didn’t really watch the rest of the Super Bowl because I got distracted by my games.
The next morning I got up and my mom told me there was a 2 hour late start. So I went back to bed. My phone kept on vibrating and I started to get a little rattled so I just looked. Next thing I knew it was my mom. I got yelled and she gave me chores. The reason she gave me chores though is because we had no school. That means Call of Duty all day. I ranked up a 10 levels that day and it was great. I played with the Squad all day we played objective so we had to work as a team and we worked really well together and it was awesome we were all laughing and having a good time. I got yelled at by my mom that night but that's okay. I got on that night and I played for a good 4 hours, I couldn’t get off until I got the combat knife unlocked and I did. It was a good moment and I was happy. I made a paint job for it and I got off.
I was hyped for the rest of the night and then when I got in bed I texted I had some flaming hot cheetos and a Gatorade. It was a good day and I love the new Call of Duty and i'm gonna go play it again tonight until i'm forced to get off.

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