Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finding out the Truth

Long Lost 3: Finding out the Truth
*Previously on Long Lost*
Elizabeth had been living a lie her whole life. She was kidnapped by her real parents, and they never found the kidnappers, Elizabeth and her friend, Tori had recently been on their way to New York. While on their way, Tori swerved off the road, and they got into a car crash. Tori replaced Elizabeths body with someone else's before they were going to the hospital. She knew it was risky, she was suffering from many injuries Tori wanted to be a doctor so she knew what to do. The girl Tori replaced Elizabeth with died in the hospital. Elizabeth’s twin sister, Lily had gone to the hospital too see the body, she later found out it wasn't her.
*The Kidnapping*
If we steal these babies we will have to live a lie our whole lives, everyone we've ever loved, or ever communicated with will die!” Exclaimed Jodi, one of Elizabeths kidnappers.
It will be okay Jodi, I promise, we will eventually live a normal life.” Answered Derek climbing up into a window to get the FBI agentsdaughters. Heather and Alex had been in the FBI for six years. Their parents were in the FBI, and retired when they joined. They had Elizabeth, and Lily a little less than eight months ago. They were unbelievably happy with life.
*Present Day*
Elizabeth was in a cabin, a cabin in the woods. She had been there since the car accident. She was there with someone, it wasn't Tori. She had no clue who it was until one night when she was sleeping.
You need to get up right now!” Yelled the other girl in the cabin. Elizabeth still had a lot of pain from the crash.
Who are you?Elizabeth finally asked as if she was dying. She was angry and afraid she would be hurt.
*Back to the kidnapping*
Jodi and Derek were climbing up the gutters into the twinsroom. They got into the room, Lily wasn't there. They were both in a panic trying to figure out where she would be.
I can't do this anymore, shes just an innocent baby, she needs good parents!” Jodi said as she was looking for the baby Derek picked up Elizabeth.
Do you remember why were doing this?Derek questioned as if Jodi had forgotten.
Well, yes I couldn't forget I’m not able to so you wanted to steal two innocent babies! I can't do this, it will make me go insane, stealing an innocent child.” Jodi said as she was frantically pacing around the room.
We can-Elizabeth started crying as Derek stopped talking. “Take the baby now! Jodi we need to hurry!” Derek continued to yell at Jodi. Jodi grabbed Elizabeth and jumped out of the window.
*Present Day*
Elizabeth and the girl from the cabin got up, and left the room they were in. They went upstairs, they saw a hidden door. They saw supplies that would last them two weeks, there were guns, food, water, and blankets with pillows.
Should we take the supplies? Elizabeth quickly asked, the girl immediately replied with a yes.
My name is Blanca, you can just call me B for now, but we need to hurry so let's grab the stuff and go.” The girls left the house in a hurry.
I know who kidnapped us, lets go to the police about this!” Elizabeth saw a car driving by, they asked for a ride and were headed to the police station. They were at the police station, they caught Elizabeth’s “parents” they were locked up for good. Elizabeth was reunited with her real family. They adopted Blanca, they had an amazing life. Well, until lily was released from prison, and came to find her. Tori was looking into where Elizabeth was living, she found her. Tori had been anxious to get her hands on Elizabeth, and kill her. Elizabeth's fake parents got out of jail three months after Tori. Tori was waiting for them and got ready to kill Elizabeth. They went into Elizabeth's room one night, got their guns out. They all shot her at the same time. They went to prison and were never released. Elizabeth's family was devastated, they never thought they would get out. When Tori got out, Elizabeth went to see her, that's how she knew where she lived.

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