Monday, February 22, 2016

The Four Friends

The Four Friends

It was mid to late March when it all happened. There was a small fire in the science room, and the alarms were going off. Everyone just kept talking and playing games on their phone. Then one of the teachers, Ms. Hangover, sent a snapchat of a fire in the science room, and everyone started to panic. The school was soon evacuated, and everyone left the building. Clary, Sarah, and Mary all meet by a tree next to the swings and when Erin came running out crying and yelling at a teacher. Clary, Sarah, and Mary ran over to Erin and asked what was wrong.
Once Erin calmed down, she told everyone that she left her phone in her locker, and the teachers wouldn't let her go get it. Clary, being the sensitive one, tried to calm down Erin. When Clary was helping Erin, Mary being the stubborn one was in a deep argument with a teacher trying to get inside to get Erin’s phone. When everyone wasn't looking Sarah snuck into the school. She ran down the hall and stopped at Erin’s locker.
Since she didn’t know the password, she kicked the locker so hard it popped open. Sarah was the one who could care less if she got in trouble. Everyone knew that you couldn’t win an argument with her, and that you should never cross her because she will find out and end you. Once Sarah grabbed the phone she heard the sound of a tapping foot. She turned around, and there she was, Mrs. De. She was the strictest of all the teachers and staff.
Sarah smiled, and Mrs. De grabbed her arm drug her outside. When Clary, Mary, and Erin saw her they all smiled and looked at Sarah with a face that said of course she broke in. After a stern talking from Mrs. De, Sarah smiled and walked over to her besties. They all laughed and right when they were about to ask questions,Sarah gave an evil smile and pulled out Erin’s phone from her boot. That night everyone had a sleepover at Mary’s house.
Mary’s house was a cute little rustic like cottage on the outside and had rustic modern interior. Everyone was sitting on the floor and were playing the card game “Chatty”. The goal of the game was not to be the last talker. Everyone drew a card and then asked each other the question written on the card. If you didn’t answer, or if you ran out of time you were out. Erin usually won. Then again she did know every strategy and always knew how to cheat on any game.
After a few rounds of “Chatty”, they switched to B.S. or gambling with skittles. Sarah typically won because she had the best poker face. Clary was alway the first one to fall asleep so in tradition, she was pranked. This time they did the shaving cream and feather prank, but since she could not find the shaving cream they used toothpaste. After Clary cleaned the toothpaste off, it was around 11:00 p.m. so they all want to bed.
That morning they all woke to the sound of rocks hitting the window and laughter. All of the girls walked over to the window and looked out. As they suspected Jace, Chad, T.J., and Alex were throwing rocks and hiding behind a tree. Sarah, who didn’t want to be woken up at 3:00 in the morning, opened the window and yelled at them.
“You know we can see you, right?”
After that the boys came out in the open and yelled back
“What are you doing at Mary’s house, do I sense a sleep over?”
“Yes, you do, and if you don’t go away you sense a strong pain in you face from my foot, got that,” Sarah said in a tired grumpy tone.
Jace being the leader of the group came forward and threw a rock right at Sarah and she caught it. Sarah now smiling looked at Jace’s horrid face and said
“ Thanks for the amo, but I prefer hand to hand fighting.”
Sarah whispered something to Clary and she nodded. Sarah who was now wide awake was getting dressed as Clary kept the boys talking. Sarah had put on a pair of black skinny jeans and a sparkly silver tank with a leather jacket. She slipped on a pair of black leather high heel shoes and was sneaking down stairs. When she opened the door she saw the boys and with a the rock in hand threw it right next to Jace’s face.
“ Dangit, I was so close. How did it look from up there girls?” Sarah looking up at the windows asked in a sarcastic tone.
The boys now standing there with no color in their faces looked at Sarah then to Jace who was standing there thinking if he should run or stand there. Sarah, walking towards Jace and the boys looked like she was enjoying seeing them in fear. She looked to the window and said.
“ Hey, do you have a coin Mary? I’m thinking heads I let them leave, tails I give them five-second head start. Does that seem fair?”

Sarah was now looking at the boys, who were slowly staring at Jace. After, a minute Mary announced she had a coin  and then tossed it out the window to Sarah. Sarah was now standing right in front of Jace flipped the coin and before the coin landed the other girls were getting dressed and heading down stairs to Sarah. Sarah covered the coin and when all the girls were by her she moved her hand revealing the coin was tails. The boys were all white now and looked like ghost. Clary stepped forward and announced that since there were only four boys and four girls, but since one of the girls was Sarah and they woke her up, so she was extremely mad. Clary offered them a three second head start, and if they didn’t leave, they would be sensing the pain in their faces. When Clary said two the boys were running. Since they were all wide awake now they went to the nearby gas station called “ Fill Up.” As they were walking, Erin saw something shiny. When she bent down to pick it up, it started to glow. All the girls, now fascinated by the object, started to pass it around.When Sarah grabbed it she felt a small shock, then all she could see was blackness.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your story and I hope you right more, so I can find out what the mystery object is. I like the personalities that you gave your characters. I also liked how Sarah broke into the burning school just to get Erin's phone.

  2. I like your PPOW a lot. I liked the part when Sarah caught the rock. I think you did a good job of showing the girls' personalities. I also liked the way you ended it.