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Stomping with the Angels

Stomping with the Angels

“Keep listening to music, it gets you through everything. I promise.”
Mitchell Adam Lucker was born on October 20, 1984 in Riverside, California. When he was born, he came out screaming, and that is what he did for his career. Mitch was given a bass guitar once, but never really showed interest in it. He knew that he wanted to be in a band, but he didn’t know what he would do in the band.
When Mitch was younger, his older brother started a garage band. The band’s lead singer started not going to the practices. They decided to let Mitch sing. The band soon found out what an awesome voice Mitch had. He became the new frontman. The band broke up, then became Suicide Silence.
Suicide Silence went on their first headlining tour with their EP, without any record label. They took themselves all across the US and across seas, just to see what they could do for a year. Soon after, Suicide Silence got signed up with Century Media Records. They became even more popular after that.
Mitch recognised that without the fans, they wouldn’t have a band. He did the best he could to show it. He would stop to take a picture with every fan, make sure he got to every fan. One of his main quotes were: “Without the fans, this band ain’t crap.” Mitch loved every single one of his fans. Mitch had a really intense relationship with his fans, he treated each one with respect. He TRULY loved his fans.
Mitch lived life hard. He had no fear in his life; he lived life to the fullest. One of his favorite things was motorcycles. He liked them because of the danger that could come with them. One time his band’s members and another band’s members taped him to the ceiling of their bus; slowly the tape started to unstick. He then fell onto the floor of the bus.
Another time, Suicide Silence was playing at a European music festival. They had a few carnival rides, games, and a crane that you could go bungee jumping off of. Mitch knew that he wanted to do it. He asked the tour manager if he could do it. The band walked over to the crane and they were trying to figure out how they would tape it. Mitch got to the top and said before he dropped off “You only live once, so just go freaking nuts.” Then he jumped off, still taping.
Mitch loved his dog, Parker. His could have the worst show ever, then get on the bus, his attitude would change once he saw his dog. The band members said that the bond between Parker and Mitch was like no other bond they have seen between a human and pet. Parker would be in pictures and interviews. Mitch treated Parker like he was a child.
Mitch had a wife named Jolie. Jolie became pregnant and the band members thought: oh no, this is the end of the band. Well, the band continued. Mitch couldn’t believe that he was going to be a father, like a lot of people. He couldn’t wait until his child was born.
When Kenadee was born, Mitch was scared. He realized that raising a child was a big responsibility. Mitch changed a lot when his daughter was born; he had too. He had to dial down his life because he had someone to take care of; someone he cared a lot about. Mitch now thought about everything he did. He basically lived his life for Kenadee.
He said a few times when in a van, touring, “Slow down! I have a daughter!” He told the band that he couldn’t tour on two days, Christmas and Kenadee’s birthday. Mitch’s daughter was number one to him. Mitch got advice from one of his friends on how to be a father. Everyday he was not touring he would be with his daughter. Ever since Kenadee was born, he would always put her first.
Halloween night of 2012, Mitch Lucker went on a motorcycle ride. He was also under the influence of alcohol when he was riding. He drove right into a light pole. Mitchell Adam Lucker died the next day because of his injuries. Mitch was only twenty-eight years old, but lived a life longer than a eighty year old.
Suicide Silence made a foundation for Kenadee where you buy something from their merchandise store and the money would go to the foundation. They did a memorial show for Mitch where they got all these singers like Austin Carlile (Of Mice and Men), Danny Worsnop (We Are Harlot), Ricky Hoover, Brook Reeves (Impending Doom) and others. These people were Mitch’s friends and idols.
Mitch was buried at Harbor Lawn-Mt Olive Memorial Park. They decorated the light pole with Suicide Silence merchandise, flowers, and candles. Everyone that Mitch helped through his music, took part in remembering him and helping his family.
Mitch will be remembered and never forgotten. As the saying goes, “Legends never die”. Mitch will always be with us as long as we remember him. Here are some quotes to remember him by:
“You only live once, for a very short time. So make every second devine.”
“Everything’s filthy, but you know what? One day it’s not gonna be here. So just be glad you know what life is. You’re alive. Live.”
“I’d rather die riding 95 than live a life full of nothing but filthy lies.”
“I think just having a gift and being to do something creative and having people like it and enjoy it… I’m in a really, really cool place here. A lot of people try and do this and might get a little bit of success, but we’ve been lucky. We’re going to take that and try and go as far as we can with it and just do the best that we can.”

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  1. I liked this PPOW a lot because even though it was supposed to be about Mitch's life, it still described how he lived his life. I liked how you described that he did things because they were dangerous. I also enjoyed how you included how much he loved his daughter.