Monday, February 22, 2016


For most people a hospital is a scary place, a hostile place. A hospital is a place where bad things happen. Most people would prefer church or school or home. But I grew up here. While my mom was on rounds, I learned to read in the OR gallery and play in the OR, I colored on old OR charts. A hospital was my church, my school, my home. A hospital was my safe place, my sanctuary. I love it here. Correction. Loved it here.

“No way!” said Cristina Yang shocked.

“Yes way,” said Meredith Grey.

“How are you going to tell him?” questioned Yang.

“I’m not… yet,” Grey said.


“I don’t know yet,” Meredith told Cristina.

Meredith told Cristina that she needed to go and do her rounds for the morning.
“I got to go,” Meredith says as running towards the stairs.

“Okay, let me know what he says!” Cristina says as Meredith fades away up the stairs.

Meredith works her way up to where she needed to be doing rounds for that morning. She was walking down the hall and passed a man that looked like a normal visitor. He stopped her asking where he could find Derek Shepard. She told him that he would be in his office.

The man just said, “Thank you,” and kept walking.

Meredith continued doing her rounds not thinking anything of this man but he was just a visitor with a concern wanting to talk and work out with Shepard. She just kept minding her own business and didn’t worry about him at all.

Cristina, on her way up to the floor that she would be working on, met the same guy that Meredith did on the elevator. He then asked Cristina the same question he did Meredith, “Excuse me, where would I be able to find Derek Shepard?”

Cristina replied, “On the east wing of the hospital.”

“Do you think you could give me directions?” said the strange man. 

“Um, sure,” said Cristina hesitantly, “You have to follow a couple of long hallways and take many different turns to get there. You have to go through a couple different sets of doors until you get to the long glass hallway. You then follow that hallway and take the other set of doors, right when you walk through those doors his office is to the right.”
“Okay, thank you,” said the man.

“Yep,” Cristina said with a confused look on her face, as the man walked out of the elevator.

Cristina found this man very suspicious and not very trustworthy. She gave him the directions to chief, Derek Shepard’s office because she thought the same thing as Grey did, just that he was a normal everyday visitor, that was completely harmless.

A little bit later that day an intern, Reid was in the supply room getting supplies for one of the patients that she was working with that day. She turned around and there was the man standing with a gun pointed right towards her head. She asked what he was doing in there. He was then asking her the same questions that he did Yang and Grey. Alex Karev, a resident at the hospital walked in the supply room right as the man shot Reid. The man turned around and shot Alex right in the side. Reid was unconscious, but Alex was still conscious and could get out of the supply room on to the elevator to get help. He was found on the elevator by Mark Sloan, the plastic surgeon, and Lexie Grey, a resident.

Sloan and Grey took Alex into a room and got supplies to help cover up the wound. They got it covered up and after a while they were all ready to go again. They all walked out of the room. They went to go to the floor where many people were so they could help evacuate them from their rooms and get them to somewhere, where they would be safe. Some of the nurses and doctors that were still in rooms with their patients just hide as well as they could so they could hide from the shooter.

Miranda Bailey and her intern was in a room with a lady. They noticed that the shooter was on the same floor that they were. The intern hid in the bathroom, the patient stayed covered up with the blankets over top of her. Doctor Bailey slid under the patient’s bed. When the shooter came in the room and uncovered the patient, but she acted like she was asleep, so he wouldn’t bother her. The shooter went into the bathroom and found the intern. He pulled him out of the bathroom and shot him.

Shrieking the intern fell to the floor. Miranda Bailey, was laying under the patient’s bed. The shooter eventually pulled her out from underneath the bed. As the man asked her if she was a surgeon or nurse, crying she lied to him and told him that she was a nurse. He left her alone and left.
Meredith and Cristina were on the same floor as the man was, and they were extremely scared and hid as well as they could in a supply room. The man was looking everywhere on the floor to see if anyone was there, except he didn’t check the supply room where the two were hiding in. The man ended up leaving the floor that they were on and going to the main floor that many people were waiting on to see if their loved ones were okay. Sloan, Little Grey, Lexie, and many other nurses were on this floor helping patients and loved ones. The man ended up shooting a nurse that was standing at the end of the nurses station, and leaving and moving on the the next floor. 

The gunman finally got to the floor that he could Dr. Shepard’s office. He still didn’t know the way to his office. He found a long hallway to walk in that he figured may lead him to Shepard’s office. As the gunman approached the hallway, Shepard was walking the opposite direction towards him. The man asked him, if he knew where to find Shepard, Shepard then scarcely told the man that he was Chief Shepard. 

The man took his gun out and pointed it at Shepard. Derek was trapped.


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