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Boy Frigid: The Origin

January 12, 1956
Diary of Renbar Bridger
Entry 146
To Whom It May Concern,
The powers grow stronger. Maybe moving to Alaska to pick ice wasn’t the greatest of ideas. It has triggered something inside of me. My mother had always said that her father had it, and that it skipped generations. I commonly have visions of him, and what his life was like with the powers. I can manipulate the cold and my new weakness is hot. When I get the chance, I will move my wife, Becky, and I to colorado to have a baby. I will make sure it is in the winter. That summer, my life will come to an end, but it’ll be worth it. Becky and I plan on having a child in the next twenty years. She doesn’t know my plans, but she does know of my power. She is the only one I can trust. My real worry is someday I will become a grandad. Therefore, there is a chance that my grandson or granddaughter could wield such a power as I do today. One day, I dream that this power will be used more than for picking ice. Maybe the power will never be exposed. To be honest, I was normal until I moved from the hot coast of California. However, if one day this power is wielded again, I advise you to use it wisely and responsibly. Remember, your situation is not always a choice, but your actions are.

Current Time
Grayson threw his bag onto his back as he lifted himself from the uncomfortable chair. Another terrible Algebra class down. He was the first out the door everyday, and that didn’t change today. On his way out the door, he’s shoved lightly from behind. There he was. The next shove came, causing Grayson to fall to the ground. Grayson’s childhood bully was different than others. He was 5’10 and about 210 pounds. The only difference from his bully to others is that his wasn’t stupid.
        Grayson retrieved his dropped things, in an attempt to ignore the assault.
“Get over here Bridger!” the beast of an eighth grader yelled. Now begins the pursuit. Grayson ran through the halls and past the gym. He span around the couples who definitely cheated every rule of P.D.A. and up past the football players.
The bully continued after him and had full intentions of leaving Grayson broken. Grayson scurried up the hall and slid under the swing door into the kitchen. The boy stood as a shadow to the cooks inside. He snuck into the freezer where he figured he would wait until the bell rang. He would be fine with getting a tarty if it meant he didn’t get beat up. The chilly air of the freezer began to hit Grayson the farther he traveled into the freezer. The frozen solitude wasn’t very big and contained a couple of lunch boxes, popsicles, and crappy fake school lunch foods. The boy checked his watch to see a time of 11:32, meaning that the bell would ring in less than a minute. Grayson smirked and rested his neck upon an icy shelf. He’d won again, the pursuit was over. At Least these were his thoughts, until he his eyes locked onto the sight of nightmares. A furious enlarged boy stood in the sights of Grayson. There he stood, 5’10 and 210. His hand grasped the handle on the opposite side side of the door where he stood.
“You lose Bridger.” he said as he slammed the door and trotted off to class. Grayson’s heart dropped and plopped at the bottom of his stomach.
“Oh no.” he pondered. Grayson hoisted body to the door, only gaze upon the horrifying sight of no handle on the inside of the door. The absence of a handle had quickly caused Grayson to panic. He went to the back of the freezer and grabbed one of the lunchboxes. He opened it to reveal a frozen banana, a water bottle, and a sandwich. “Great,” he thought “So many things to get the door open in this thing. He ran towards the door and began pounding and screaming for help. Surely the cooks would be in here at lunchtime, he just had to stick it out. He walked over next to his bag and unzipped the largest pocket. He yanked his coat from its resting place inside the bag among his notebooks. He threw it on and sat down up against the door. Grayson checked his watch. 11:39 was the time on the face. Why hadn’t the cooks began to prepare the food yet? Grayson shuttered under his jacket. His jeans and long sleeve shirt were fitting for the season of winter, but weren't exactly the “right choice” for sitting in a freezer. Colorado had rough winters, but they weren’t as bad as the winters in Alaska, according to Grayson’s mother. She had told him stories that were passed on by her mother, and how his grandpa had never been the same once living in Alaska. Grayson’s mind began to daydream for only a split second until a loud echoing sound came from outside the arctic box. It was the school intercom.
“Attention, all staff and students. Due to harsh blizzard weather, school will be canceled for the day.” screamed the principal's voice. Grayson’s mind spun and searched for answers. He realized that is why the cooks weren’t in the kitchen, and why no kids were coming to get there school lunch. He realized that no one would be coming. For the first time, Grayson realized he could die in his own school freezer. The idea stabbed Grayson, as he plowed his head into his backpack and began to shed tears. He shed those tears, until he didn’t have anymore to shed. The cold of the freezer slowly put Grayson under and would slowly and painfully kill him. The trampling and cheering of children and middle schoolers exciting the school were the last thing Grayson heard before completely blacking out.
Grayson’s eyebrows lifted the black from his sight. He slowly checked his surroundings. He was in a hospital bed, and his entire body stung, and was too hot for his own comfort. He found two people sitting in one a reclining chair next to him. His mourning mother, and his father, attempting to comfort her.
“Mom?” Grayson mumbled. The brightness in his mother’s eyes was like what you would see in a cartoon.
“My baby boy!” she yelled as she wrapped her arms around Grayson. Her tears meet his bed, but he didn’t mind. Grayson’s father smiled from ear to ear, with water beginning to fill his eyes. A nurse came in the room and looked upon us with awe. What happened next was unexplainable for Grayson. His eye sight flickered to a similar scene. Hanging above him was a women who had the same body shape as his mother. When he looked at her face, he noticed the familiar face of his grandma, but in a much younger year. He looked to where the nurse had been standing to see another nurse, with the same expression, but a different person. The nurse had on an outfit that was one that would be worn by a nurse during an older time.  Grayson soon realized that he was in a flashback. He blinked and was back into his “normal self”. The nurse quickly left the room to go talk to someone about what he had witnessed. Grayson knew exactly what the nurse was going to say. The nurse would tell whoever that it was impossible that he lived. Grayson didn’t feel the same way he did before the encounter at his school. He was different, way different.
That night the Bridger’s were told that Grayson must stay in the hospital for a few more days or even weeks depending on how Grayson healed. Grayson laid awake while his parents quickly fell into slumber after their long day of stress. The sting of heat in his body had been bothering him all day and was not going away anytime soon. Ignorantly, Grayson quietly pulled the IV from his arm and arose from his bed. To his surprise, his body wasn’t sore. He scurried over to his sorry excuse for a “closet” and slipped into his favorite shirt and red hoodie. He placed his baseball cap upon his head backwards so his hair would stick out above the snapback. Just how he liked it. He slipped his jeans on secured him with a belt and walked over to the window. He looked back at his parents. He grinned and thought how thankful he was for them and how they knew exactly what he wanted to be wearing when he walked out of this place. He looked back at his reflection in the mirror. His mop of straight brown hair came out of all sides of the hat. His green eyes reflected brightly above his groups of freckles which rested upon his cheeks.
Grayson opened the window quietly and kicked out the screen. He didn’t know what was driving him to do all of this, but he needed cold and fresh air. He shut the window behind him and left a little crack to make sure he could get back in. He had made sure to crank the heat all the way up in his room before leaving, so he could make sure that the draft wouldn’t awake his parents and cause them to be aware of his absence. His toes balanced on the windowsill above the two story building. He was on the third floor of the hospital. Grayson nervously giggled, and decided he should just forget about it and go back inside. When he turned to go back inside the window, his foot slipped, and he began to fall down to building. Fear overtook Grayson as he closed his eyes and put his hands under him to embrace the harsh fall onto the concrete 30 feet below. Instead of plunging to his death, air came underneath Grayson’s arms and he began to levitate above the ground and slowly placed himself on the concrete of the parking lot. Another flashback came, of a man doing the same exact thing, in the same exact way. It had only lasted a second before Grayson regained his thoughts. He didn’t understand how he was not dead right now. The cold of the snow blowing in the wind swept through his body and made him feel very rich inside.
Grayson quickly began to experiment in the cold of the night. He found the ability to create perfect snowballs at the snap of a finger and build snowmen with a blink of an eye. He began building snow monsters and making them come to life and fighting them as if he were some kind of gladiator. He began skating through the streets on just his white nike tennis shoes, and up and down the main streets of the town. No one was around at this time of night in this kind of weather, and it was very peaceful for Grayson. Something had happened to him, and he loved it. While catching snowflakes on his tongue on top of a building, he watched a man walk towards the electronics store and doing what appeared to be picking a lock. He knew he might possibly be able to help this man if he needed it, or stop something from happening. Grayson jumped from atop the building and looked inside the window. He quickly realized this man was robbing the store. Grayson froze the lock on the door which the thief had locked behind him upon entering the store. The lock clicked and Grayson quietly sneaked in. The man did not notice him as he snuck behind the main counter and scurried toward the store’s phone. The boy dialed three digits into the phone: 911. He then laid the phone down and let in ring. He formed several snow balls from outside the store, he then froze the snowballs so they were ice. Grayson was now ready to approach the man. He slid right at him while screaming, unleashing his emotions. This very much startled the man, causing him to launch himself backwards. Grayson hoisted the snowballs at the man's head causing him to be knocked out cold. The boy dragged the man to front counter and froze his hands to the counter. He made sure to leave a note for the police. He realized he had to label himself, so he just came up with something on the spot. The note read-
Caught him trying to thief on this arctic night
-Boy Frigid
Grayson walked out of the convenient store and left it unlocked as he watched a police car travel his way. He disappeared around the corner and headed back toward the hospital where he knew his parents would devastated if they woke up and didn’t find him there. A random thought had come into his mind on the way back to the hospital that night. Remember, your situation is not always a choice, but your actions are.
“Boy Frigid?” he asked himself, “Heck, why not”?

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