Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Long Night

  Long night
Hey you crazy kids, you wanna hear a story about a big party that turned into a riot?
Of course you do. It started like this, there once was these tree friends, Mark, Bob, and the one with class, Bill. These boys were green, lene, partying machines, if you count Mincraft. These boys weren't very popular in school. They were having a hard time being popular. They had this dream of throwing a huge party and getting everybody in the school to come.
No one in the school really knew who they were, but that was all going to change in one, huge  night. They talked to there friend Bill about throwing it at his house because he had a pool, and because it was his birthday, the decided on his house. They debated on what to give Bill for his birthday, and they decided on the best present ever, girls. They were all Juniors in high school, so they party had to attract other teenages, and as sad as it is, alcohol was the key to its success.
Bob hooked them up with that, so now all they need is to spread the word. The group had Mark go around the hole school. He was handing out fliers, got beat up a few times, but that's why we had Mark hand them out. Bill had his parents go out for a romantic cruise for a week, that he won from eating fifty boxes of cereal, which is an entirely different story.
They went to the store to by all the stuff, and then got to the house and started decorating.
It was 9:45 p.m. and they started to get worried to see if anybody was going to come. Around 10:56 p.m., a ton of people showed up, in one large, rowdy group. Before we knew it people were breaking stuff, and there was blue jello in the swimming pool. No one cared about the jello, because a whole group of hot babes were in the pool.
It was very fun for about two hours, but then some of the school bullies started to show up. Mark tried to get them to leave but he got beaten to a pulp. As Mark tended to his wounds,  we tried to ignore them but they started breaking stuff. Bill got fed up, and he went up to his room and got a baseball bat. He chased the bullies away, and as he turned around, everybody started cheering. After an hour, the number of party-goers went from 155 to 370. The hole backyard was full of people, and people no one knew started to show up.
Bill was playing ping pong with some people, and met this really old guy, who looked to be around fifty years old. He said he heard about this party through the radio. Bill went down to talk to his friends that were talking to some girls. They told him that they did play it on the radio. Bill was very mad and tried to shut the party down, but every time he got up on a table they all cheered and made him play a drinking game. It started to get overwhelming, and now there was about 850 people at his house. He tried to force people out of his house but then it didn't end up very well. Someone was driving his dad's car, and drove it into the pool. There were freshman spray painting on the walls, using some gang unknown signs.
Everybody was mostly in the front of the house on the street. Thank god someone called the cops, but that's where things went really wrong. These people were throwing beer bottles. and started fighting the cops next thing Bill know there's a flaming cocktail thrown at his house. There was a fire and people started cheering. Bill started throwing water on it but that didn't help. The fire department showed up and spared the house down with water. Bill heard shooting and he just took his friends and ran. They passed out in a baseball field and had huge headaches.
Bill talked to them about how much trouble he was in and how it got outta hand. At the end of the statement, Mark added “ Ya but that blond doe!”

We punished him in the arm. We all slowly walked home Mark and Bob got off the hook. I was the one that got all the charges. My parents were disappointed and my mom was crying.
Bill's dad Just shook his head and said i didn't think you had it in you. Over all the crying and they arger bill didn't regret a thing because he was popular.        

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  1. This is a very interesting PPOW. I like the way your wrote it, there was a few spelling errors, but a very fun and adventuring PPOW.