Monday, February 22, 2016

The Forest

The Forest
I was going on a business trip. I had worked for a car company in Canada, and I had to fly there. I had lived in Europe  so it was going to take about four hours so not very long. I checked in jumped on my plane flew out of the port. It was a huge plane so it had the little screens on the back of the seats. I started the flight by watching a movie called the necklace, it was kinda good but it wasn't the best. I had my son next to me and he had gone to sleep after he was done with all of the little drawings all over his tray table my food had just come when I looked out the window and I saw an island, and than I heard a scream.
The nose of the plane had started to go down. The plane had hit a  really tall tree and the nose of the plane snapped off and flew the other direction. The plane hit the ground and I hit my head in the back of the seat and I blacked out. I woke up it was dark, I was in the middle of the plane and there was a man standing in front of me. He was gray and had black lines going all over his body and he was holding my son. I started to get up than I felt something hit me over the head.
I woke up it was right at dawn and the sun was shining in my face, I got on my feet and looked around. I was still in middle of the plane. I went to the back of the plane, and there was food all over the place but a lot of it had been tossed on to the floor and splattered about. I picked up a bag that I had found under the seat behind me, and put some of the food in it and ate the rest. I turned and started to walk to the front of the plane there was a body, it was one of the worked that had served food on the plane. There was a plane axe that I had seen on the wall when I got on, but in it was in her head. I heard a loud scream and then saw an ash covered man running at me on all fours, I reached down grab the axe out of the woman's head and as it jumped at me I swung and hit it across the head It hit one of the plane chairs beside me and with a  loud yep and then bled out on the chair. I jumped out of the plane and ran to beach just in case any other things came to check the crash out. As soon as I got there I saw a yacht rammed up on a rock. I heard another screech, and out of fear jumped in the water and started to swim to the yacht.
I pulled myself up onto the boat and went down to the little room in the boat. There was a lot of food lying around but most of it was rotten, the only things that weren't were some cola and a couple energy bars that were kinda stale. There was also a little cassette player on table and whenever I played it would seem to give me energy. It was started to get dark and there was a little bed in the back of the ship. There was a body next to the bed but it didn't smell and I was to tired to care, the next day i was going to head out.
I got up and it was only seven o'clock and I was wide awake I grabbed my bag  walked out and grabbed some rope cause I thought I was going to need it.  
I got to the land and started to walk along the beach, and saw some huge cargo containers there were a lot of broken circuits and wires. I picked a few up and continued down the beach, and there were these grass and wood hut that looked like huge tents. I got closer and saw one of the things sit next to a body that was hanging over the front of the hut thing. As I got closer I saw that the thing was eating a body that had fallen down from the hut. I went around the hut. Walking slow right up behind the thing , and smacked it and the head with my axe, It didn't make a sound it just fell on its side and died. when it fell it dropped its club. It was a head on a bone with two heads around the head, it was gross but it was probably useful against the things. there was a cave sitting right next to the camp it had a rope going down into it, but it was getting dark and I needed find a place to sleep. there was a land bridge going across the river and I saw these little hut that were off the ground. I went there and made a little bed I used sticks and rabbit fur and then settled down for the night
I got up to a loud scream, I peeked my head out of the door and saw a thing getting attacked by a gator. I waited about 15 minutes until the gator had killed the thing. I went back into the hut and decided that the thing were cannibals so that's what I called them.  

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