Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A New World

A New World

I woke up to my alarm clock ringing. I reached over and turned it off. I looked at the time to see that it was 5:30. I checked my phone to see a text message from Evan. ‘Autumn, we have to talk when you get to school.’
Why did we have to talk? I thought of a million different reasons as I got ready. I went outside to wait for the bus when I got a phone call. It was from Evan.
“Hey, where are you?!” His voice yelled through my phone.
“I am waiting for the bus,” I replied. I looked around to spot my bus coming towards me.
“Okay, when you get to school, we have to talk.”
“I know Evan, I saw your text. What do we need to talk a-” I started to say, but he hung up.
I got on the bus and went to my seat. I fell asleep to the soothing sounds of my music. I got suddenly jolted awake by the bus screeching to a stop. I sat up to see that we were at school. I thought it was kinda weird that it would suddenly stop. Maybe something was wrong. I got off the bus and headed for the school.
I got in the school and searched for Evan as quickly as possible. He was in the lunchroom as always. I went up to him.
“Okay, what do you-” I tried to say, but he pulled me out of the cafeteria to the gym.
“Autumn, there is something wrong with the world today.” He told me, “We have an assembly for no reason. I kinda have a bad feeling about it too.” He looked at me with concern in his eyes.
“I am sure that it is some speaker or something. You don’t have to worry,” I said, trying to comfort him. Before we knew it the bell rang. A voice from the intercom came to life.
“All high school students report to the high school gym. Thanks,” Evan and I moved to the very top of the bleachers. I glanced at him; he had an expression that looked like he saw a ghost.
“Evan, why do you look so afraid?” I questioned him. He pointed his finger to a figure. I was paying so much attention to him to even notice it. There were eight figures, two of them at each entrance. They looked like their faces were skulls; they had two horns that come out of their head, and they also had these staffs with a weird symbol on it.
“Oh my gosh… Evan I know what those things are. They are Shadows,” I said to him staring at them. He looks to me in surprise. “They are people from F.E.A.R. I never thought this day would come…” I said in wonder. They are real, that means…
“Good morning, students! I hope you are having a great day. Today we have a speaker. Please welcome, Korse!” There was around of applause from our students.
“We have to get out of here,” I told Evan. He glared at me, then nodded his head.
“How?” he asked, “They are guarding every door. Maybe we should wait.” So, we stayed.
“This world is going through some changes now,” Korse said, “We have to alert you. Our incorporations are going to keep you safe, happy, and protect you from the cruel things of the ‘outside world’. I am the top man for the Better Living Industries (my incorporation)’s  S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Unit. B.L.I. helps people stay happy. We work with F.E.A.R, they are here to protect you.
We are going to hand out booklets explaining what we are, why we are here and other info.” I looked through the packet. It shows us the Zones of the United States. The Zones are areas where there are no life basically. I didn’t know that we are now put into Zones. Right now we are in our town, Avoca. Then, a few miles out, Zone one starts.
The booklet also talks Draculoids. They are part of B.L.I. They are your everyday cops basically. Dracs look like they are vampires (hint the name). They are a rank lower than S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W’s. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/Ws protect Battery City. They wear a white mask with B.L.I.’s symbol as their face.
It also talks about how we can’t breathe the air anymore because it is toxic. They created a dome like thing that goes over the major cities, but you can’t see it. The only way you can get out is if you have a pass card. The rest of the cities are now ruins.  
“Evan,” I said to get his attention again, “I know when we can try to escape.” He looked at me, deep in thought.
“After school?” he whispered.
“Yes.” Korse was now looking at us in a death glare. I shifted slightly.
“B.L.I. and F.E.A.R. are working together in hopes of that running the United States together will be easier with two mega corporations. We have planned out everything. You will be the safest you have ever been. We will track down and capture all of the people that go against us. We call those people the Legion of the Black and the Killjoys.
We are here for you and always remember: Keep Smiling.” Korse finished. Then he turned and walked out of the gym. I looked at Evan, and he gave me a confused look.
The principal told us that the rest of the school day was canceled. Evan and I grabbed our stuff and went to the doors like everyone else. We had to wait in a long line because everyone wanted to get home too. While waiting, I saw Draculoids handing out pills and making everyone take them.
“Evan, those are Draculoids” I said pointing at them, he nodded. “Don’t take the pills. They turn you into zombie-like creatures.”
We got up to the Dracs. I grabbed my pill, pretended to put it in my mouth then dropped the pill so it landed in my shoe. Evan did the same. They checked our mouth’s to see if we took them; they let us go afterwards. They are such fools I thought.


Today has been a weird day. Ever since I saw the “Shadow” thing Autumn called it, I have been freaking out. I kinda knew she could shed some light on this whole thing. I can’t believe what two bands thought up became real.
Autumn and I went straight to her house after school. She had a new house because
Shelby became a ruin. She unlocked the door and we went inside.
“This is a nice house,” I said. She looked around.
“Yah, it is.” She replied, then noticed a note on the kitchen table. The note read:

Dear Autumn,
Sweetheart, I am in Zone 6 right now with the Fabulous Four and the Wild Ones. We are waiting for you. Once you get out of the dome, we will come and get you before they get you. Be warned, once you hit the toxic air, it will feel like acid getting poured all over your body.
I hope to see you soon. I love you!

I felt so happy that we have connection on the other side. It feels like a weight has lifted from my shoulders. I looked over at Autumn to see if she was okay. She didn’t seem to have an expression on her face. She walked into a different room, and I followed her.
We went into what looks like a bedroom. I looked around the room and spotted a big case; Autumn also spotted it. We walked over to it. Autumn found a found that said “open me”, so she did. Inside was a large drawing. It was life sized, and seemed to be Autumn.
“Hey that looked a like you!” I said, a little too happy.
“Yah, are you excited much, Evan?” she questioned, looking back at me.
“No, it is just a really good drawing,” I replied. Autumn laughed a little and nodded. We were staring at the picture when we heard a song start playing. Autumn picked up her phone. After a few minutes, she hung up.
“That was my mom, she said that the drawing is what I am going to look like once I hit the toxic air.” She explained. I nodded, and walked near the picture. It was an awesome version of her.
“I think the best way to describe the picture is a mixture of the Prophet and Party Poison,” Autumn said. I remember her saying something about those characters, but I can’t remember now. I saw her looking at me.
“Well,” I asked, “Are you ready?”
“Ya, let’s get this over with.” She replied. I saw a card behind the suit case. She took the picture out and behind it were some supplies that we might need.
“Looks like we have almost everything.” She said, closing the suitcase then picking it up.
We walked out of the building and the first thing we saw was a Droid roaming the streets. A Droid is a robot worker in B.L.I. They go around, cleaning the city. Keeping everything clean. We walked for about twenty minutes when we found what looked like a vending machine.
“Hey, Autumn, here’s a vending machine.” I said, walking up to it.
“That’s not for food you know.” She said, “It’s is a vending machine for ray guns.” She put the pass card in it and a ray gun came out.
“Wow.” I said. I turned around and was face to face with a Shadow.
“Do you have permission to be out?” The Shadow asked, with his voice sharp like a razor.
“Yes, we do.” Autumn said.
“Let’s see…. You are lying.” He said, looking at a device in his hand. “I have no authorization to prove it. You are going to have to report the Control.” He grabbed Autumn by her sleeve and started to pull her. The next thing I knew, I saw a white light and a pew sound. I saw the Shadow hit the ground, then it turn into a dark fog cloud and drifted away.
“What happe-” I started to say when a chain went around my throat. I started to choke. I realized while being choked, I was being pulled away. Autumn noticed and pulled her ray gun out and was going to shoot him but another light beam hit her gun out of her hand. My vision started going in and out, then I felt darkness overcome me.

I saw my own cousin be choked by a Draculoid and taken away by a freaking Shadow. Today has not been my day. I ran away the moment that he was taken away.
I walked for what felt like hours until I reached the exit from the safe haven of inside the dome to the deadly toxic world beyond it. I stood there, deciding if I really wanted to be a Wild Killjoy my whole life, or if I wanted to be a creature made by B.L.I. and F.E.A.R. I decided that I would rather be a Wild Killjoy. I figured that hopefully we would do a rescue mission for some of my family members and friends.
I put the pass card in the slot and the door opened with a red light and a beeping sound. I walked out on the dome. Once I hit the air, I took a deep breath then pain when all over my body. I fell to the ground. I started tossing and turning, closed my eyes, screaming out in pain. I opened my eyes to see a figure. I realized who it was and my body tensed up. The figure was….

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