Tuesday, February 23, 2016



“Hurry up! We got 90 seconds to get the money and get out of here, or we will have the whole state of  Texas on us!” says Lance as sirens were blaring everywhere.
“Wow! There has got to be at least $100 million cash in here!” I yell.
“It is the biggest bank in Dallas!” Lance replies.
Lance and I quickly shoved money into the trunks of our cars. It is a race against time. We are robbing the biggest bank in Dallas.
“30 more seconds!” he announces.
I finish packing the last of the money and yell, “I’m ready to leave!”
“OK, Kane. You’re the driver, so I’m following you.” he says.
“I put directions in your GPS. If all goes as planned that’s the way out of the city, but if not, be listening to you walkie-talkie because I’ll tell any changes in our route.” I tell him.
He gets into the cars and start the engines, and they shook the entire room. He then drove out of the bank parking garage, and we are off. We fly down Main Street, and we are met by two cops, so we make a sudden right turn.
I grab the walkie-talkie and say, “Danggit, Lance. We just left the building and we are already off course. Do you know this city well enough to get out of it?”
He replies, “Yeah, well, kind of. I’m gonna head south until I’m out of the city. Then we’ll go from there.”
He takes a sharp left, but I keep going straight. Three blocks forward I take a left, and head straight for two blocks, and take a another left.
“Hey Lance, how are you doing?” I say. I wait for a response, but I don’t get one. I then take a right and I am back on track. I start to worry about Lance because there are lots of cop cars and helicopters. I was scared because I don’t have Lance with me. He always knows what to do, but for all I know he has been arrested or killed. I just start drove until I was out of the city into this small town in West, Texas with a motel.
I keep calling out on the walkie-talkie, but there is still no reply. I didn’t sleep much that night because not only because my best-friend could be dead, but I am wanted in the whole state of Texas.
The next morning, I wake up and I hide the car in a scrapyard about a mile away from the motel because I bet they might have the car in their records. I walk back to the motel and sit around the walkie-talkie and finally fall asleep.
I wake up to something on the walkie-talkie that sounds like Lance.
I run over and ask, “Lance is that you?”
“Yeah it’s me. Where are you at?”
“I’m over at some motel in a small town called West, Texas. Where are you?”
“I’m south of San Antonio, almost to Mexico. Some guys here say they can get me across the border, but it will cost.”
“That’s fine,” I replied, “We are millionaires.”
“We’ll meet in Lancing, Texas. It’s about an hour away from San Antonio.” says Lance, “It’s a long drive. See you soon.”
I run to the scrapyard, and hop into the car. As I’m driving through town, one of the local police start chasing me, and that turned into the whole town on me. They weren’t anything like the police in Dallas, so it was pretty easy to escape from them.
Now that I know my car has been recorded, I know I can’t go through San Antonio because that would be bad. That makes this drive even longer.
I make it to Lancing without anymore trouble, so I get back on the walkie-talkie.
“I’m in Lancing. Where do you want to meet?”
Then a random man says, “Your friend is at the warehouse downtown. Come with all the money, and make sure you aren’t being followed.”
I enter the warehouse, and Lance is strapped to a chair, covered in blood. I pull out my pistol and out of nowhere come about 20 gang member with different weapons. I run to cover and start fighting to save Lance. I look up and count 17 gang members. I shoot one. 16. Then I just go from there. 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. The last one was the one taking cover behind Lance. His foot was open, so I shot him. He fell down to the ground screaming in pain, so I took a shot and killed him.
“You OK?” I ask Lance.
“Better than I’ve ever been.” Lance joked.
“Well, how are we going to get to Mexico?”
“We’re not.”
“Why? Are we just gonna hide until this whole thing blows over?”
“No, you’re under arrest.” Then cops came in from every direction of the building.
“You betrayed me?” I asked in disbelief.
“I was never with you. I was sent from the CIA to take you down.”
“Wow, after all we’ve been through?”

“Doesn’t matter now, does it?”

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  1. This was a very good PPOW, but the story could have been longer and more detailed. I would think that you should make a next one and continue it.