Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Looking Into the Lies

Long Lost 2: Looking Into the Lies
*Previously on Long Lost*
Elizabeth was a normal fifteen year old girl with a normal life, well at least she thought she had a normal life. A few days before her birthday, her best friend left a note at her house telling her how she was stolen from her real parents. She also had a twin, her best friend, Tori told Elizabeth about her. Tori was waiting at Adventure Land for Elizabeth, before they went to New York City. They had gotten kidnapped by the people she thought were her parents and escaped then took all of their belongings out of their car. Tori and Elizabeth are now on their way to New York to find Elizabeth’s real family.
“Tori you need to tell me everything, about my real parents. Do you know anything about the-” Elizabeth passes out, she was just in the car there was no way her parents could do this, she got a suspicious feeling that Tori did it when she awoke the next day. During the trip she had suspected something about Tori. Then she would think that she would never hurt her. Elizabeth and Tori had been friends for as long as they could remember.
The girls were three hours away from New York. They were both tired and Tori had to drive. On the road, they saw two headlights; without thinking, Tori tried to swerve out of the way. There was a huge ringing in Elizabeth’s ear the next morning.
They were both in a ditch. Elizabeth had one broken leg, one fractured wrist and one shoulder popped out of place. She had bruises all over her body and she didn't know what to do. She couldn't find Tori.
Elizabeth thought to herself, why would Tori swerve she always knew not to? She was one of the best drivers that Elizabeth knew? She needed too remember who was driving the car. All she can remember is that she needed to get to New York and Tori was her best friend. She called 911 and they were on their way.
The ambulance got to the crash sight and they were looking for Tori but could not find her. They were talking too Elizabeth trying too find out why she was there. They needed to know her parents names and numbers. She could not remember anything. As the ambulance pulled up to the hospital, they got out and brought her to the ER.
“She has too much blood in her brain, we won't be able to save her.” Elizabeth overheard the doctors talking. As she awoke they put her back too sleep and brought her to an Operating Room. They got her into the room and opened her skull up so they could see the blood in the brain. She woke up while the operation was going on. The doctors started freaking out. They put her back to sleep.
After the operation she woke up. They didn't know what to do. She had internal bleeding in three of her organs. The doctors were right she would never survive. Three days later Tori showed up and she was perfectly fine. They got her a recliner in the room for Tori. The doctors started questioning her to see how the accident happened. She told them everything about the crash and her parents. Tori confessed about being part of the plan with Elizabeth’s “parents.” Tori got arrested five hours later.
After she got arrested Elizabeth had a seizure, she was crashing and there was nothing the doctors could do. Elizabeth died after the seizure. The doctors were mad they could not save her. After she died Lily came to the hospital. Lily was her twin sister. She found out about Elizabeth being in the hospital. She had seen pictures of Elizabeth before. She had gotten a tattoo on her wrist. It said Hakuna Matata, it was an infinity symbol out of birds. She got it two weeks before her birthday.
Lily didn't see the tattoo she looked on both wrist. She left the hospital and went home. Her parents didn't know where she had gone, they were worried sick. They started yelling at her for leaving without permission.
“It wasn't her that was dead!” Lily yelled in anger, and sadness. She started crying, tears of joy. Lily only found out about her sister a few hours before she went to the hospital.
“What are you talking about, you saw the body? How do you know it wasn't her?” Lily’s mother, Heather questioned. They all went outside and got into the car. They were on their way to the prison where Tori had been for the past forty-eight hours.
Lily’s parents got out of the car and went into the prison to try and talk to Tori. They didn't know anything about her, her friends or her family. They still needed to talk to her and question her.
They let them into the cafeteria and brought them too Tori. They saw a smile on her face, she knew who they were. She would have never imagined them coming and seeing them.
“I’m guessing you want to know about Elizabeth, sit down. Ill tell you everything you need to know.” Tori said as both parents sat down and she started explaining her plans and thoughts about everything.

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