Monday, February 22, 2016

Nios Faide

Today is the day-the day I had always dreamed of. Today I was going through The Tunnel like many other drifters before me. the Tunnel is a long winding tunnel running under the Sticks. In order to go to the other side one must go through the Tunnel, but only the drifters may enter it.  
As I was walking towards the entrance I could hear the voices of many Keepers. Finally I reached the clearing and walked to stand before the tunnel. As I was walking, I looked around and saw my sister Takisha. After today I would never see her again, as she was a Keeper and would never leave the Annulus. I looked away from her before sorrow could fill me, and continued walking to the mouth of the tunnel. With a deep breath, I stepped into the shadows.
I had been walking for hours without a single ray of sunlight, and only the light of my lantern. Then I saw a branch in the tunnel, and I knew that I had to choose, so I turned to the left and started to travel down the new path. The sound of footsteps filled the tunnel, and I stopped and whipped around. Peering into the dark I saw not the monster I thought I would, but a dog; with a relieved sigh I turned around and continued on my way. The dog followed me.
“Go away,” I told the dog looking it in the eye, but instead of turning around and walking away it jumped up and licked my face.
“Hey,” I yelled at it, “Don’t do that.” realising that the dog wasn’t going to leave I let it come with me and continued down the path.  
Light! Up ahead I could see light! I gave a yelp of joy and started running towards it. When I got to it I could see that it was the other end of the tunnel, but no one was here. Had I gone the wrong way? Maybe I should have gone to the right instead, but I didn’t want to go back into the tunnel, so I looked around. I was in a clearing surrounded by trees as far as I could see. With a start I realized that I was in the Sticks. I could see mountains over the tops of the trees and decided that, that was the way I must go for I was told that Nios Faide was on the other side of the sticks, and if I wasn’t going to go through the Tunnel I would go through the Sticks.
I turned around to see if the dog was still there and it was, “ I guess you're coming with me” “Aren't you”
“Well if your coming you need a name,” I thought for a moment and decided on the perfect one.
“I’m going to call you Ares.”  Ares yipped happily and liked my hand, and I decided that he liked the name. Turning I started towards the mountains. I walked until the sun had sunk behind the mountain and my feet ached. My stomach rumbled as I sat down, and I realised that food was going to be a problem; seeing as I had none. Dismissing my hunger I went to sleep.
My face was wet. Ares had woken me up and the sun was just starting to rise. Ares yipped happily and jumped up to lick my face.
“Stop!” I laughed at Ares. “Your so gross.” I dusted myself off and started walking towards the mountains.
As I was a walking I spotted a blackberry bush and ran towards it with a new hop in my step. I reached the bush and started shoveling blackberry's into my mouth. I fed a few to Ares, but he didn’t seem to like them very much. I would have to find something for him to eat before we reached the Nios Faide or as some people like to call it the other side. I moved on from the berry bush and walked towards the sound of the stream. I scooped some water into my mouth, and saw that there was fish in the stream. I wading into the stream and tried to catch one, but I slipped and fell into the stream. I pulled myself out and grabbed a stick and sharpened the tip with the knife I keep in my boot. I waded back into the stream and tried to stab the fish. It took  me a couple tries, but I soon got the hang of it and caught three.    
I collected some wood and started a fire, drying myself off and cooking the fish. When they were done I skinned them, and gave two too Ares, and kept one for myself. After Ares and I had eaten I got up and started walking. It was late in the evening and I was hungry again, so I got out some of the blackberries I had collected and ate them. I started to look for a stream, but I didn’t find one before it had turned dark, so I just laid down, ate the rest of my blackberries, and went to sleep.
I woke up the next morning as the sun was rising, woke up Ares, and started walking. I reached the mountains at midday, and started climbing. I had been walking for ages, and it was starting to get dark, but I couldn’t sleep with all this wind, so I started to look for shelter. All the sudden I heard Ares yip, and rock break off of the mountain side.
“Ares!” I screamed fearing that he had fallen. “Ares!” I scrambled over to where he was last, but night had fallen and I couldn’t see anything.
I walked along the cliff edge and called for Ares. As I was walking the rock under me fell taking me with it.
I woke up in pain hearing Ares’ whimpers. I pushed myself into a sitting position looking around for Ares.
“Ares,” I called. I heard rocks moving behind me, and Ares emerged from the rocks.

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  1. Very good, Nora! You did a good job of explaining everything that happens. You kept it going very smoothly. The idea of the rock falling underneath was a great idea.