Monday, February 22, 2016


Summer is drowning it’s final breath.
I can smell the Autumn in the breeze.
The smell of pumpkins.
And sunburnt leaves.
The Leaves are red.
The Leaves are green.
They are falling from the tree.
They’re orange.
They’re brown.
They are all kinds of different colors.
Kids running around.
Piling up the leaves.
Jumping into the piles.
And screaming of laughter and joy.
It happened while we were sleeping.
Snow was falling.
Snow was blowing.
School was cancelled.
And kids were outside playing.
Sledding down big hills.
Building tall snowmen.
Having snowball fights.
And the cold temperatures showing their breath.
Coming inside for hot chocolate.
And keeping warm in front of the fireplace.
Snuggled up with a fuzzy blanket.
And that is why I love winter.
The long cold winter is melting away.
Through the mist the sun is shining.
Grass is growing.
Birds are chirping.
Butterflies are soaring.
Calves are being born.
Soon the river will be flowing again.
It’s rainy and muddy outside.
The flowers are blooming.
Easter is coming.
Warmer weather coming.
Kids are going outside in jackets and hoodies.
Kids enjoying the Easter candy.
And that’s how you know Spring has come.
School’s out.
Sun’s out.
The pool is open.
Water is splashing.
People are snorkeling.
The swimming suits are out.
The beach is open.
And people are on vacations.
Softball and baseball are starting.
Skin is getting darker.
Searching for shade.
Night’s get longer.
Flip flops are out.
Kites are flying.
Stars are shining bright in the sky.
And the tanlines will soon fade.
It’s more than a sport.
It is more like a passion.
Dirt and bruises are in my fashion.
The wind up.
The pitch.
Defense is scrambling for the ball.
Crazy parents are in the stands.
Intense coaches waving their hands.
The swinging of the bat.
The contact of the ball and the bat.
Running the bases.
A ball in my glove.
This is the game that I love.
I Feel Like
I feel like being happy.
I feel like being outdoors.
I feel like playing softball.
I feel like playing volleyball.
I feel like watching TV.
I feel like listening to music.
I feel like being better.
I feel like doing nothing.
I feel like being me.
Family is always there.
They always come around when we need their help.
We fight and argue everyday.
But at the end we are always better.
Because they are our closest friends.
The love we have is mutual.
Even though we never show it.
The ups and downs may come around.
But as family we always get through it.
My family is the world to me.
And they could never be replaced.

They are all I have ever wanted.

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  1. I really like the softball poem! It makes you seem like you are right there watching in the crowd; It was very descriptive.